Incorporating is one of the best ways to limit personal liability on your new business venture and often required to do business with some customers. If you need to get incorporated quickly and don’t want to deal with complex registry forms or a high priced lawyer just yet, we have you covered. Our detailed standard articles of incorporation have been developed in coordination with top CPA’s and tax attorneys. By incorporating through us your articles are likely to be setup in a manner that will allow tax minimization strategies down the road, without having to incur the cost of amending your articles of incorporation. Best of all, we don’t charge extra to get you incorporated, it’s included in our monthly fee, as our goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients rather than just make money on initial setup fees.

Bi-Weekly Bookkeeping

At Always Bookkeeping, as the name suggests, we are always bookkeeping! Small business owners’ decisions can have a big impact on whether or not the business will survive. In order to help our clients make informed decisions, we make sure their books are up to date and accurate. Our team of professionals will check in with you every two weeks to make sure to correct any anomalies on your financial reports while everything is still fresh in your memory! We also give you a chance to ask any accounting-related questions you may have with respect to the financial reports.

One of the main reasons a small business fails is it runs out of cash. By having the bank account and credit card accounts reconciled, you can avoid potential NSF fees and angry employees and focus more on running your small business.

You are able to manage your cash better by having confidence that your books reflect your actual cash balance. At Always Bookkeeping, we reconcile your cash account bi-weekly ensuring that any outstanding cheques or deposits are reviewed with you to ensure that your financial statements are always up to date.

Always Bookkeeping will provide you with interim financial statements biweekly. We understand that not all business owners get easily excited with numbers. As such, we create interim financial reports that are easy to understand, relevant to your business, and are able to show you your business’ performance. Other bookkeepers may blind you with how many accounts they can create, but at Always Bookkeeping we focus on providing easy to understand reports so you can make the right business decisions efficiently.

Bi-Weekly Payroll & Annual T4s

Payroll can be so overwhelming, especially for a small business owner who is ready to hire your first employee. At Always Bookkeeping, we have a team of professionals that are knowledgeable in employment standards, source deductions remittance, ROE, and more. All you have to do is provide your employee information and timesheets, and we will take care of the rest. We can provide you with information templates and tax forms that you can use for your employees. Pay stubs are provided biweekly to your employees along with the source deduction reports per pay period. This way, you do not have to wait till the last minute to pay your remittances.

At Always Bookkeeping, we are also able to assist you with employees that do not quite meet your company’s values or that decide to move on to something else. We are able to issue a Record of Employment in a timely manner for each employee that leaves the company. Since we have experience in payroll and human resources, we can also provide you with informative insight on how to deal with any human resource situations that may come up.

Since we have the payroll file already, you do not have to find someone else to do your T4s! We will help you file your T4s using our accounting software to make sure the T4 filings and remittances are aligned with the CRA records. You can also rely on our support for a payroll audit, if necessary.

GST Filing & CRA Audit Support

Dealing with CRA is not the easiest thing to do for a business owner. Often, these tough calls have something to do with GST filings or audits from the CRA. With regular bookkeeping, you can be assured that your GST filing requirements are met and done by the CRA deadline. This also provides you the chance to track your GST payables on the interim financial reports you receive. We can coordinate with your accountant to ensure filings are made on time. Or better yet, we can file the GST for you!

At Always Bookkeeping we also will give you support for any audits that the CRA issues to your small business. Any receipts required to defend your filing can be readily available in our digital receipt storage software if used regularly. With our experience from working at a CPA firm, our team is more than qualified to handle your GST and audit needs.

Basic Proprietorship or Corporate Tax Filings

At Always Bookkeeping our team has experience in preparing and filing T1 personal tax returns for proprietorships. We are also able to file T2 corporate tax returns for small businesses that make $50,000 or less per year, so you can avoid expensive accounting fees while you are just getting started.

For corporate clients that make over $50,000 per year, Always Bookkeeping ensures that your bookkeeping is up to date to allow your accountant to rely on a quick response when your yearend approaches. As your books are done on time and bank reconciliations are done on a regular basis, your accountant can expect that your books are ready when they start the yearend process. Your accountant can be provided access to your accounting software so they can use the file anytime they need. As we check in with our clients regularly, the chances of errors on the books are minimized. This way, your accountant can devote more of their time on minimizing your taxes and audit risks rather than correcting errors.

At Always Bookkeeping we will incorporate the adjusting entries from your accountant when the year end is completed. This will ensure your bookkeeping reports are consistent with the yearend reports from your accountant.

Quickbooks Online software & support

At Always Bookkeeping, we use the QuickBooks Online accounting software which decreases the potential for duplicate entries from multiple backups. Quickbooks Online is an online-based accounting software that can be used anywhere by multiple users.

Quickbooks Online has a mobile version of the software so you can carry the digital copy of your accounting software anywhere and use it anytime you need it. At Always Bookkeeping the Quickbooks subscription is included in your low monthly fee.

Hubdoc digital receipt storage & automated statement download software

Always Bookkeeping will provide you with an online receipt storage software that will help you retain your receipts, important documents, and bank statements with ease. You don’t have to worry about keeping boxes of receipts that have the potential to get lost or damaged over time. Using the online-based program of Hubdoc, you will be able to save a document by taking a photo of the document and saving it to Hubdoc. And forget about killing trees and printing your statements, Hubdoc will help you automatically download your statements straight from the source the moment the bank releases them, thus avoiding the hassle of scrambling to gather statements for regular bookkeeping or yearend.

Hubdoc has a mobile version of the software so you can carry the digital copy of your documents and statements anywhere and access them anytime you need to. At Always Bookkeeping, the Hubdoc subscription is included in your low monthly fee.

Bi-Weekly scheduled phone updates from locally based bookkeepers

At Always Bookkeeping, we have bi-weekly scheduled phone updates from locally based bookkeepers. The work done on your file is not done offshore in a third world country and all of our bookkeepers work out of our Edmonton office. We schedule our phone updates in correlation with your bi-weekly bookkeeping so that we can deal with any issues or questions that you might have right away.

Quarterly group business growth strategy coaching sessions

At Always Bookkeeping we understand that the most common barrier for growing your business is the inability to attract enough customers. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of developing a marketing strategy based on feelings rather than data. Our experience has taught us that there are proven systems that work across multiple industries to grow small businesses. Every quarter we host complimentary in person group business growth strategy coaching sessions for our clients. As most so called “marketing experts” are failing to grow their own businesses, we partner with proven marketing experts, to ensure you get the best information in a crowded digital world.

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