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The reason why it’s more important than ever that business owners are learning new interview techniques says Edmonton bookkeeping is because the average amount of time that employee is it stay in a business is rapidly decreasing. A couple of years ago, the average employee was staying with their employer an average of 5 years. However, currently that average is down significantly to 2.3 years. Therefore, business owners should be prepared for a higher turnover and their business than ever before. In order to cope with this High turnover rate, business owners needs to change the way they are interviewing, so that they can interview better as well as faster.

Most business owners interview candidates using a one-on-one interview technique. This is typically because this style is the only style that many business owners are aware of. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says it is only effective if a business owner has the time to conduct several one-on-one interviews. Since small business owners typically can’t, this is usually the style of interview that large companies with a dedicated HR department can do. Therefore, business owners needs to come up with a different solution for their business.

The biggest problem with one-on-one interviews symerton bookkeeping is that it takes so much of an entrepreneurs time. They need to spend time going through each resume and making a short list, then they need to take time calling the people on the shortlist and setting up interview times. Then they need to actually take an hour out of their day for each candidate. And that’s not going to guarantee that all of the candidates show up, which is going to waste even more of the business owners time. This is incredibly wasteful of time, and it’s ensures that business owners can only meet very few candidates at a time.

A great alternative is for business owners to start hosting a group interview. Group interviews are very efficient because a business owner can meet as many candidates as well show up in the same hour it would take them to only meet one candidate. End it also ensures that a business owner can meet an incredibly large amount of people as well. Maybe two or three people will show up to the interview, maybe they will have 20 or more. A business owner should be meeting up to a hundred candidates before they find the one right fit for their business. Therefore group interviews are an effective way that business owners will be able to achieve this goal.

By changing the way they interview, business owners will be able to make a better judgment call on who to hire in their business, and be able to higher the right staff member. If they hold ongoing group interviews whether they are hiring or not, if a business owner unexpectedly has a staff member give notice, they are already prepared to replace them with a high-functioning, very good replacement immediately.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Will Your Staff Stay Forever

Despite a business owners best efforts at keeping all of their staff, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners need to face the reality that they’re never going to keep all of their staff members forever. Even the most positive employer and employee relationship is going to end at some point, and it’s going to end when the timing is best for the employee and not the employer. Therefore, business owners need to be prepared for this eventuality at all times.

Even if a business owner hires the best people who love their job, business owners need to keep in mind that as an employee, their time with the job is limited. Maybe they will work two or three years, maybe five years, maybe 10 years or more. But when the timing is right for the employee to leave they are going to do so. It might be because they have an illness or got into an accident, they might be starting a family, they might be retiring or have a spouse that got a promotion that’s taking them out of the city. There’s a wide variety of reasons why even the best employees with the most positive relationship with their employer is going to end from time to time. Therefore, business owners needs to be prepared for what they’re going to do to replace their employees when that eventuality happens.

Business owners need to ensure that they are hiring on attitude as well as adversity quotient and not skill. The first thing to remember about resumes is that 85% of candidates lie or at least embellish the truth on their resumes, making them a poor judge of what kind of worker a person is. But a resume only tells about Steve skill level of the employee, and not there attitude or adversity quotient. Business owners will be much farther ahead to hire workers that needs to learn skills, but who have the right attitude, who are going to be happy to be there, who wants to work hard and we’ll tackle any challenges that they are given head on. There for business owners should be looking for attitude and adversity quotient in there potential new employees, and be ignoring skill for the first a bit.

When business owners are conducting group interviews, they should look at how the candidates interact with each other and only if they like what they see, should they be looking at the candidates resumes. When they like the candidates, and look at the resume they should see if they would make a suitable staff member for the business and if they don’t see what they needs to have on the resume, they can move on to the next candidate. This way, business owners will have a much better idea of the attitude of their potential new staff members.

By changing the way they find staff, business owners can increase the quality of Staff members that they get. By being prepared for the eventuality that staff members going to leave at some point, business owners can be conducting ongoing group interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping. Then, they can be prepared 4 if a staff member is going to leave, my being able to replace them with an equally as good replacements.