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It is very important that a business owner leads their team by example says Edmonton bookkeeping. If they do not, there is no way that the staff will live up to the expectations of the business owner. When entrepreneurs learn that their staff are going to match the efforts and match the example set by the business owner, they will then be able to lead by example, so that their staff will do what the business owner would like them to do.

One of the first ways that is important for business owner to lead by example says Edmonton bookkeeping is by showing up on time every day. Especially if the company culture values punctuality, if a business owner does not show up on time, neither will their staff. However, if a business owner shows up to work not just on time every day, but is there early and already working hard, they will inspire their staff to also be punctual. The same thing with working late. If a business owner is constantly working late in the business, on the occasional times that they have that requirement of their staff, the have a better chance of having their staff agreed to staying late when they see that the business owner has already been doing it.

Another way that a business owner should be leading by example is when it comes to sick days says Edmonton bookkeeping. And while no business owner should ever expect their staff to come to work when they are actually very ill, it is also very common for staff to call in sick when they do not particularly feel like working that day. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if a business owner shows up to work every single day, new matter how they feel, even when the staff members can see that they are not feeling the greatest, it will cut down on the frivolous sick days that staff are taking. This leading by example is extremely important, and a business owner will be able to inspire their staff to do the same things if they are willing to do them first.

Another way that a business owner should lead by example, is by being willing to do all of the tasks in a business, no matter how hard they are, or how undesirable they are. If it is a complex and difficult job, by doing it first, and showing the staff that they are willing to do it, will encourage the staff to do that task as well. This is very important as an entrepreneur scales up their business, and starts delegating tasks, if they have already shown their staff that they are willing to do the difficult things first, then their staff will be willing to have those difficult tasks delegated to them as well.

By inspiring their staff to work hard, a business owner will be able to grow their business, knowing that their staff are ready willing and able to do the things that are necessary, so that an entrepreneur can concentrate on growing their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Will Staff Do What Business Owners Will Not Do

Many business owners do not realize that they can take a great team, and to kill that teams motivation says Edmonton bookkeeping. And how business owner would kill that teams motivation, would be through leading by bad example. Business owners will never get their staff to work harder than they do, but their staff will match their effort, and will match the tasks that a business owner themselves are willing to do. Therefore, if a business owner is not working their hardest, they will never inspire their team to do the same thing.

When way that business owner should lead by example, is by doing things that are below their pay grade to set the tone. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if a business owner is not willing to do things like clean a toilet, or take out the trash, there never going to inspire their staff to do it. Staff do not want to feel like they are doing things that are beneath them, so therefore if a business owner can lead by example that every task is important, they can expect their staff to follow suit.

A business owner might make the mistake that the can show up to work on time, or take as many days off as they want says Edmonton bookkeeping. And while it is going to eventually be possible for a business owner to step back and be an owner instead of the CEO in their business, they need to understand that there is a long road of hard work ahead of them. They need to first grow their business to needing a team, and then inspiring that team to work hard for them, and then eventually scaling up their business, by delegating tasks that team. Once they have a great team in place, that are working very hard and passionately, only then can a business owner starts to take a step back, and not have to run their business like they are the CEO.

Business owners need to understand that one way that they are going to be able to inspire their team, is by treating them with respect. This means communicating effectively and respectfully regularly. If a business owner is constantly yelling at their team, this staff is not going to communicate respectfully either. Are if they are communicating with the business owner themselves says Edmonton bookkeeping, or if they are communicating with their coworkers, or if they are communicating with customers. If a business owner is leading by bad example, and communicating poorly with their staff, the customers are ultimately going to pay the price, and an entrepreneurs business is going to suffer.

It is very important that entrepreneurs lead their team by example, working hard themselves, and modelling all the behaviour that they wish their staff to participate in. By leading by example, and doing the difficult things first, a business owner can inspire the team to work hard, and eventually be delegated tasks that an entrepreneur will need them to take so that they can grow and scale up their business.