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Entrepreneurs need to understand that no matter how good their employees are, they will not stay forever says Edmonton bookkeeping. Even the most positive employer and employee relationship has a time limit on it. And even though an employee may not foresee themselves going anywhere, employees leave great businesses for a variety of reasons including accident or illness, starting a family, their spouse getting transferred, or retirement. Therefore, even as positive as a relationship might be with an employee, business and owners need to ensure that they are regularly finding a new source of employees should one of their employees decide to leave.

Business owners often work is so hard finding the right fit for their business, that it can be very overwhelming to think of one of their employees leaving. However, nowadays more than ever, business owners have to face the facts that employees are leaving businesses more now than ever before. Edmonton bookkeeping says that with the entrance of Millennials into the workplace, businesses should expect an average employee to stay for about 2.3 years. Very good employees often will stay longer, but business owners can’t count on that all the time. They must look for the best employees, and keep looking in case one of their staff does leave.

Business owners need to ensure that they are regularly looking for staff members, because when their staff leaves, it’s going to be when the timing is right for them, and not when the timing is right for the business owner. Therefore, if business owners have regular interviews, no matter when it might be that their staff member decides to leave, an entrepreneur will already have been meeting several potentially suitable candidates. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet a minimum of a hundred people before they find one suitable candidate. Therefore, ongoing group interviews is an effective way for business owners to see the maximum number of people in hopes that they don’t have to look very hard or very long to find their next replacement employee.

Ultimately, business owners should be looking for staff members who have the right attitude says Edmonton bookkeeping. They are not always going to align with their desires, but if an employee has the right attitude, business owners will be able to ensure that they have the rights frame of mind when it comes to company culture. Even if a business owner does not see eye-to-eye with their employees, the right attitude means the employee will respect the business owner and that is of Paramount importance.

When business owners find the best way to hire new staff, they will no longer dread losing an employee, which might end up with them holding on to staff longer than they should. Buy knowing what to look for and Holding Group interviews can help ensure that business owners are prepared to have the best staff possible in their business. Another benefits to having ongoing group interviews is that if business owners are not happy with the staff member, they know that they will have suitable candidates showing up on a regular basis.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Will Employees Stay Forever

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make when hiring employees is reading resumes says Edmonton bookkeeping. While 85% of job Seekers either outright lie on their resume, or embellish the truth, it is not the most effective way to find an employee that a business owner is hoping to forge a very long lasting relationship with. However that being said, business owners also need to keep in mind that no matter how excellent their staff is, there’s virtually no way that they’re going to keep all of their staff members forever. They needs to find a way to replace good staff members with equally as good candidates, so that they can continue the growth of their business, no matter who leaves the organization.

Business owners need to ensure that they are looking for candidates that have the right attitude. Attitude, and adversity quotient are some of the most important qualities that business owners should look for. A business owner can always teach the right candidate how to do specific jobs, or teach them a certain skill that’s needed. However, if a business owner has hired an employee that has all of the best skills, but is argumentative and refuses to follow directions, they are going to cause more problems in the business then they are going to help solve.

It’s very important not to once an entrepreneur has good staff in their business, they need to help continue to grow company culture. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners can do that by repeatedly talking about the values of their business. Not only that, but an entrepreneur also must demonstrate those values in order for employees to follow suit. If a business owner says they value punctuality, they themselves need to be punctual. If they say that’s the value following up on commitments, a business owner must make all of their commitments. A business owner must live the values as well as repeat them often enough in order for the company’s values to take hold in those employees. The rights staff with the right attitude will pick up on these cues and grow the company culture. That’s why it’s so important that business owners hire on attitude.

Business owners also need to keep in mind that employees don’t necessarily value rate of pay at the highest. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is very important, because this is what employees do to pay their bills. However, employees also value things like benefits, vacation and they also value working at a place where their values align.

Ultimately, business owners need to ensure that when they are hiring, they are hiring on attitude, but they are leading by their own example. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners shouldn’t expect their staff to do things that they won’t do. Therefore, business owners needs to have the right attitude, the right adversity quotient and live the company values that they seek to uphold. Only when they can do this, business owners will end up being able to have the company culture that will allow them to grow their business effectively.