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If business owners start their business, thinking that they are going to be able to get their staff to do all of the difficult things that they do not want to take care of, they may be in for a surprise says Edmonton bookkeeping. While it is very important that a business owner has staff that are going to be able to do many activities so that an entrepreneur can scale up their business, business owner needs to ultimately lead by example, because their staff are not going to be doing what the business owner will not. In fact, Jaco will neck who is a retired Silverstar Navy seal was quoted as saying, the most fundamental and important truths at the heart of the extreme ownership: there are no bad teams, only bad leaders. Employees are going to step up to the same level of effort that the business owner puts it. If they do not want to do some tasks, neither will anybody else.

One of the first things that a business owner needs to realize, is that leading by example, and expecting the staff to put in the same level of effort includes showing up on time. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it will be impossible to get employees to show up on time for work, if the business owner does not lead by that example. Especially if a business owner is consistently late, not only does that not lead by good example, but the employees have absently no incentive to get to work on time, simply because they will not be caught by the business owner coming in late. Therefore, it is extremely important that an entrepreneur understands that in order to get their employees to show up on time, they need to be just as consistent and timely.

The next thing that a business owner should lead by example is with sick days. While nobody expects anyone to show up to work while they are truly sick, if a business owner starts taking sick days because they simply do not feel like being at work, they should expect their employees to follow suit says Edmonton bookkeeping. If a business owner shows up to work every day, and pushes through feeling gross in order to ensure that their work gets done, then their staff are going to be hesitant on taking sick days as well. If a business owner wants to minimize the culture of people calling in sick because they do not feel like being there, then they need to ensure that they are there every day as well.

When a business owner understands that their employees are going to put in around the same level of effort that they do, then a business owner will be able to put in their maximum efforts, so that their staff will do the same. If a business owner does not put in the maximum effort every day, there is no way that they can expect their staff to do the same. In order to inspire their staff to show up every day, and put in the best effort, a business owner needs to do the same. Ultimately, no one is more passionate about their business then an owner, and when that shows, their employees follow suit.

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Business owners should understand that building a team is going to be one of the most important things that they do as a business owner says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, 23% of failed business owners said that the ability to recruit, and retain the right staff as the reason for their failure. It is extremely important that business owners not only attract the best people, but they inspire the best people to do their best work. That is only possible when a business owner works hard, and leads by example.

A business owner also needs to understand that if they are short tempered with their staff, their staff are going to be short tempered with each other, and with customers as well. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is a very important thing to note, because a business owner should always want their staff to treat customers with the utmost respect. Therefore, a business owner needs to be mindful of the words they say, and the way they treat their staff. Staff ultimately want to feel valued and respected at work, and when they can do that, business owners will be able to inspire their staff to treat each other and their customers in the very same way.

A business owner also needs to understand that they must keep their promises and keep their deadlines in order to show staff that it is important to do so. If a business owner ends up pushing off meetings with employees as planned, then staff are going to not adhere to important deadlines either. Why would they get their work done on time, when the business owner is not going to be around to ensure that it is done correctly? Therefore, if a business owner wants to ensure that their staff are honouring the deadlines, not only do they need to ensure that they are meeting with their staff prior to that deadline, but there also checking with their staff, and ensuring that they have all the tools that they needs to get the work done on the deadline says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Ultimately, a business owner needs to communicate their passion for their business, and communicate the vision and mission of the business. They must do this not just once says Edmonton bookkeeping, but communicated regularly and often. If it is admission and a vision that is big enough and exciting enough to inspire the business owner, by communicating that passion and excitement, the staff will see that, and take it up as important to them as well. By doing this on a regular basis, business owners will be able to inspire their staff to care about the mission themselves says Edmonton bookkeeping.