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As we are in the age of entrepreneurship, Edmonton bookkeeping believes that we should move away from the conventional interviewing process and lean towards a newer form of interviews which is a group interview. As entrepreneurs are building their brand and business, they tend to look for the right team which can be a daunting task at times, knowing that 23% of businesses fail due to not having the right team it is crucial that you select the right team as you embark on your journey as an entrepreneur. This implies that you need to have interviews to select the right people and in doing so we believe the group interviews is the best approach to doing so.

During group interviews, we tailor the time around the business owner as opposed to a single interview for one individual in the conventional route. It is said that we usually need to interview a hundred people before right finding the right candidate. Being a small business owner there is a lot of different things that your focus on, therefore having the time to find the right candidate can be a difficult task. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping believes that having group interviews is the best process for finding the individual. There are a lot of advantages in this process, use a list of your time and you see more people. You get to see the different characteristics of individuals such as, their punctuality, their willingness to ask questions, and you get to compare their qualities and person all of the same time.

Having group interviews eliminates the repetitive questions that areas during the interview times, at the same time it enables the individuals that are getting interviewed to ask the right questions to open up the conversation. At this group interview, you get a chance to find out more of the businessís core values, and more about the company history. On the other than, this opens up time for the entrepreneur interviewing these individuals to ask one question to determine whether or not the candidate they would like to select is in the crowd. Edmonton bookkeeping finds this approach eliminates any unwanted employees and allows you to determine which employee are worth bringing in for a shutter shift.

Once brought in for a shutter shift, the potential employee gets a chance to see the ins and outs of the new business. This is also an opportunity for the business owner to determine whether or not this new individualism fit for the company, while at the same time reflecting punctuality the individual has to show up on time and show the core values that were listed at the group interview. If for any reason any old employee decides to put in a two-week notice, there is already a pool of potential employees entrepreneurs can pick from making it less difficult to find a new employee. Group interviews are more efficient way to find the right candidate for the position you are looking for and out of risk of less time process.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why You Should Do Group Interviews

Edmonton bookkeeping believes in the teachings of many different philosophers as well as authors, such as Jim Collins author of six books he states that ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for inadequacies of the wrong people. Worse, they can driveway the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustratedîî. With that being said, finding the right employee can be a difficult task especially in Alberta as people are constantly looking for jobs the number of resumes that you handed to companies can be deftly difficult to take in.
During group interviews, it enables the business owner to weave out through the potential candidates for the position while minimizing the amount of time it would take to go through each candidate separately as opposed to doing it all at once. During the conventional route, irrespective to just interview one person a given time and I can minimize the amount of time you can put towards other things as you grow your business. During your group interviews, there is a time where all of the potential candidateís come and you get to see who has they called on time and who was new job. During this time, you get to as questions and you receive answers all while you get to learn the core values of the company.

In return, the business owner asks one question to each candidate that pulled up to the interview. Edmonton bookkeeping believes that this approach allows the entrepreneur to find out whether or not this candidate is fit for the position. Once selected for the position, the potential candidate comes in for a shutter shift and they get to see how the job is in person as a shadow someone that has been working for some time. This opportunity allows both parties to see if this is the perfect job for the individual.

Edmonton bookkeeping also believes that having group interviews allows the business owner to have a greater chance of hiring more individuals if the opportunity presents itself where one employee presented to read the notice and they need a new employee they have a lot of different places they can pull from. As opposed to, a conventional way where there is only one person at a time where they can select from this allows variety and more opportunity as well as an increase the efficiency rate by having less time with one-on-one interviews and more time with multiple individuals at a time. With that being said, this enables entrepreneurs to leave the old mentality where you give of your time and focus it on one person rather than a lot of people giving up their time to meet your standards and time.