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There are several things that entrepreneurs needs to keep in mind when growing their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. Not only will they needs to have a well-thought-out business plan. And the business plan needs to have a marketing plan. But an entrepreneur also needs to know what entrepreneurial myths exist. So that they can avoid them at all costs.

For many entrepreneurs might not realize there’s so many untruths out there. But it makes sense when a person realizes, that business owners have tried many different approaches in order to be successful. Therefore, knowing what some of the most common misconceptions are. Can help a business owner be prepared to avoid them.

One of the largest missed that entrepreneurs often believe is that their product or service needs to be perfect before they start selling it. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is not true for several reasons. And one of those reasons is because there’s no actual measurement for perfect. Which means a business owner can be perfecting their product for weeks or even months with no end in sight.

However, business owners don’t know the point at which they should start selling their product or service. Because they don’t know when it’s good enough to sell. By aiming for a minimal viable product. Can help. Edmonton bookkeeping says what a minimal viable product is, is the most inexpensive and quickest product that an entrepreneur can get to Market and start selling.

They need to make sure that it is good enough to sell. But not worried about it being perfect. The reason why, because as they sell products and services to their consumers. Those consumers will give feedback that will help an entrepreneur continue to refine the product.

This is actually cheaper than market research. And can help an entrepreneur start to generate Revenue which will help give them the resources they need to continue to develop their product or their service.

If a business owner was working on making their product perfect. Edmonton bookkeeping says they might end up running out of resources before they actually sell anything in their business. Forcing them to close their doors before they even generate a single sale.

That’s why it’s so important that business owners understand what a minimum viable product is. And start selling it. They don’t need to wait for Perfection says Edmonton bookkeeping. And they don’t need to wait until they have an entire product line to release.

Starting with one product, and generating Revenue can be enough for an entrepreneur to start growing their business, while improving their product at the same time.

When business owners learn how to do this says Edmonton bookkeeping. They will be in a much better position to succeed then if they hadn’t sold a single product in their business. Therefore, learning what a minimal viable product is. And that it can be cheaper than market research. Can help entrepreneurs gets their product to Market quickly. And abandon the idea of trying to have a perfect product.

Large corporations refine their product on a continual basis. And this method has served them well. So there’s no reason to believe it won’t work for entrepreneurs.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why These Business Myths are Not to Be Believed

Even though business owners must continually be learning says Evanton bookkeeping. They needs to be able to figure out what is fact in business and what is fiction. This can actually be incredibly hard. Because entrepreneurs need to do things differently then what state is often done as an employee.

Therefore it can be difficult for business owners to be able to figure out what are some great pieces of business advice that they should Implement in their business right away. And what pieces of advice should be completely discarded as useless.

One of the most prevalent business myths that many entrepreneurs have is that they can increase the cash flow in their business if they simply stop paying bills, payroll or taxes for a month. This seems like it would be wrong from hearing it said out loud. But when entrepreneurs start to run their business, and cash starts getting a little bit low. It’s understandable how business owners think that this is going to be a solution.

How it will work, is as a business owner will either not have enough money to pay all of their bills. Or they worried about what’s going to happen when they pay all of their bills but they don’t have any more money in their Bank. Edmonton bookkeeping says in order to ensure that they always have money. An entrepreneur will avoid paying their suppliers, their staff or even their taxes.

This is an incredibly risky thing to do says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because an entrepreneur will put their business at risk when they try to implement this. Not only will negatively affect the reputation. But it will also cause friction with their supplier who may refuse to supply the business anymore. And it can upset their staff, who have their own bills to pay. And many of them will walk off the job.

However, the largest trouble that an entrepreneur gets into will be if they stopped paying their taxes. Edmonton bookkeeping says the penalties from Canada Revenue Agency are Steep and demands to be paid back quickly. these penalties can be so financially crippling to a business, that it forces them to close the doors to their organization. Therefore, business owners should not use this method to increase their cash flow.

In fact, Edmonton bookkeeping says that as an entrepreneur, a business owner needs to realize that they will need to be the one that doesn’t get paid when their business is in a cash crunch situation. And while business owners don’t want to avoid getting paid. He needs to realize that it is their Duty as well as their responsibility to pay the people that they have an obligation to.

Instead of trying to increase their cash flow by not paying bills. Business owners Should learn how to read an interim financial statements SMS and bookkeeping. And then they will be able to understand when they have enough money to pay their bills. And when they need to increase the revenue of their business. They can increase Revenue through several methods including marketing and collection calls.

But a business owner needs to understand that if they’re having cash flow issues it’s a revenue problem. And fixing the revenue, will help them be more successful not just in the short-term. But it will set them up for success for their future as well.