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One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do to ensure their success according to Edmonton bookkeeping is to make a time block to schedule. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In order to ensure that entrepreneurs have enough time in their day to accomplish all the strategic priorities of their business, creating a schedule with all of the time set aside in the future for all the most important activities is a key to them getting done.

The biggest thing that entrepreneurs need to know the difference between, is a schedule ended to-do list. A to-do list is a list of all of the tasks that need to get accomplished in a day, with no actual plan on how an entrepreneur is going to do it. A schedule, on the other hand, is a calendar, with time set aside for all of the most important tasks that an entrepreneur needs to do. Not only does this ensure that no tasks get forgotten about, but also that there is time set aside for each one. When scheduling, an entrepreneur should ensure that there creating time blocks long enough to get each task accomplished, in order to minimize the switching of tasks. Not only will this ensure that tasks get done, but it can also ensure that an entrepreneur is working at maximum brain capacity as well.

A business owner should ensure that every hour in their day is scheduled, starting with the time they start work and ending with the time they leave work. Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs need to ensure that they adhere strictly to this schedule, in order for it to work. That includes when they plan on arriving at work, and ensuring that they leave work on time so that they can focus on their family.

The next thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind, is that not every day needs to look the same. They should ensure that all of their most important priorities are scheduled first, especially the recurring tasks, and its a good idea to ensure that all of the most focused work happens in the morning when their brains are at their peak performance. However, aside from that, every business in every industry going to have a schedule that looks different from each other.

By adhering strictly to the schedule, an entrepreneur can make a determination rather quickly if this is a schedule that works for them, or if changes need to be made in order to ensure that everything can get done. If an entrepreneur finds that they are modifying the schedule too much during the workweek, it may need to change. If an entrepreneur changes the schedule if it does not work, they will eventually be able to settle on a schedule that works best for them, and their business.

By creating an efficient schedule, entrepreneurs can ensure that they work hard, and can get all of their most important tasks done. Making a schedule ensures that not only does a business owner not have to commit everything that they need to do to memory, but they’re also making room in their time to get all of the most important tasks accomplished.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Scheduling Matters

One local company, Edmonton bookkeeping discovered how important schedules were when they found that they were working hard every single week to accomplish their to-do list, but not actually accomplishing any of their most important priorities. Having a list of all of the things that need to get done is quite a bit different than creating a schedule with a plan on how an entrepreneur is going to complete that list of things to do. Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of scheduling and ensure that they have a time block schedule in place in their business.

A time block schedule will ensure that an entrepreneur knows exactly what they are going to do as soon as they get into work. A schedule ensures that there is a routine that has been created for maximum efficiency, ensures that all of the most important tasks have a time in which to get completed. It is important that entrepreneurs ensure that the time blocks are not too short, to ensure ample time to accomplish everything, while at the same time avoiding the problem of switching tasks too soon, and never actually finishing anything. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that our time blocks ensure an entrepreneur can work at their most effective brain capacity while allowing enough time to complete the task at hand.

It is also very important that entrepreneurs set aside time for staff meetings. Staff meetings are especially vital to communicate effectively with the team. This is an important way to ensure that the staff has the opportunity to talk to the business owner, and asked all of their most important questions so that they are not constantly interrupting the business owner throughout the day. Also, staff meetings are a great way to build the culture of the business. It is not enough for an entrepreneur to communicate the values of the organization once, they need to do it consistently, which become possible in a regularly scheduled staff meeting.

In addition to a definite start time and finish time, entrepreneurs should also be scheduling a break. Edmonton bookkeeping said that they found that without it breaks scheduled for lunch, work started to suffer in the second half of today. Business owners are often so busy, and if there is no time set aside for them to take lunch, they often will not. Therefore, ensuring there is a lunch break scheduled can ensure that entrepreneurs are taking the much-needed timeout to give their brain arrest, and nourish their body.

Creating an efficient schedule can take some work, but the outcome is that they have all of their most important priorities scheduled, that entrepreneurs can get everything done that they need in a day. This means, that an entrepreneur will not be working late in order to finish the things that they thought they would be able to during the day. This way, all of the most important things that an entrepreneur needs to do in order to ensure that there accomplishing all of the tasks needed to grow their business have a time in which to get them done.