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Without a schedule, entrepreneurs do not have a structure to their day, in order to ensure all of their most important tasks get done according to Edmonton bookkeeping. They found that without a schedule for their office, not only were they not able to get all of the most important tasks done, but they even struggled to accomplish even smaller tasks. They found that simply by creating blocks of time in the future dedicated to everything they need to get accomplished in a day, not only were they getting those tasks done, but they were able to get even more accomplished in a day as well.

Scheduling does not mean that entrepreneurs simply need to write in their calendar all of their weekly and monthly meetings. Creating a very efficient schedule means that business owners should create blocks of time dedicated every day and every week to all of the things that need to get accomplished in business. Everything, big and small needs to have time set aside for it. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends entrepreneurs start with the most important tasks and recurring items. By placing those in a schedule, because they know when they are going to occur each day and each week, an entrepreneur can then start to fill in their schedule with other tasks that need to get accomplished.

Big, recurring scheduled items might be a weekly networking meeting, running payroll, and doing administrative tasks. An entrepreneur also needs to ensure that they are creating time in their schedule to do things like client work and quotes. Another important task to ensure make it scheduled regularly says Edmonton bookkeeping is the sales and marketing of the business. If this is not scheduled in on a regular basis, entrepreneurs often end up letting those things drop, as their business grows, and they spend more time on their clients. Unfortunately, when this happens, the business stalls in growth, because they are not spending time on sales and marketing. This causes an entrepreneur to be forced to spend even more time on sales and marketing, to regain the lost momentum. This start and stop method of marketing actually takes far more time for businesses then if they just created a schedule to work consistently on their sales and marketing.

It is also very important that business owners have enough time to accomplish each task, to avoid switching tasks too soon. This does two things: having a long enough time block means that an entrepreneur does not have to stop working on a task before it is done and switch to another task. This means they can ensure they are getting all of their tasks done by the end of their time block. Also, switching tasks too soon means that entrepreneurs are not using their brain efficiently, because all a brain works at its peak efficiency after twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. By having a long enough time block means that entrepreneurs will be able to work as long as possible at their peak brain capacity.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Schedules Are So Important

It is very important that entrepreneurs learn how to schedule their business according to Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why, is to ensure that entrepreneurs are getting everything accomplished in their business that they need to. As Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. If entrepreneurs do not have a plan in place on how they are going to accomplish everything on their to-do list, they typically will not be able to get everything done that they set out to do.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that the reason why a schedule is so important is that it can become very easy for entrepreneurs to work on things that are not strategic priorities of the business, or to work too long on a certain task without moving the next item. For example, when entrepreneurs fall into the habit of checking their email as their first point of business, they often do not ever stop working out of their email, because as they answer each email or emails come in. While ensuring someone is looking after emails is important, entrepreneurs should be focused on the items that are going to grow their business, and those items are not going to be found in an email inbox.

There are several ways that entrepreneurs can schedule, and as long as it works for them and their business, there is no absolutely correct way. However, Edmonton bookkeeping found certain things worked very well for them when they created schedules for their business. For example, the morning is best for independent, solo work. The reason why, is because employees can focus best first thing in the morning. By allowing them to work uninterrupted, means they are working at their peak brain capacity, for as long as possible. This is great for ensuring client work gets done. An entrepreneur can also use this time to ensure all of the strategic priorities for their business are getting looked after. An entrepreneur might choose to do sales and marketing, client quotes, or client work at this time.

The afternoon, on the other hand, is a great time for collaboration and client meetings. Ensuring there is a time set aside for collaboration means that people can work independently in the morning, knowing that if there are questions that they have, there will be time to ask them in the afternoon. Also, since brains will be working less efficiently, focused work less possible, so it is a good time to talk with clients and work together to get projects done.

By ensuring entrepreneurs have a great schedule not only for themselves but for their staff can ensure that everyone is right and efficiently and effectively so that a business owner can get everything done that they need, not just work for the business, work on the business to help them grow and be successful. By doing that, entrepreneurs can ensure that everything that needs to get done to benefit their business has a time set aside for it.