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50% of all entrepreneurs fail in business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And 23% of those entrepreneurs that fail said the reason why their business failed was that they were unable to hire the right team for the organization. A big part of that reason, is the way entrepreneurs have been taught to hire people in their business. Typically, an entrepreneur will not start looking for new employees until they received notice that one of their employees is leaving. Now, an entrepreneur must do their job, as well as find a replacement for their staff. This puts them under pressure, they often end up making a decision on who to hire not because they are the best fit for the business, but because that employer is out of time and needs to fill the spot immediately.

Business owners should stop thinking about the conventional way of hiring staff. Edmonton bookkeeping says the conventional way is to wait until an employee gives notice, advertise for that position, receive resumes, and read each one at a time. After an entrepreneur has shortlisted all of the people that they want to interview based on reading all the resumes, they now have to contact each applicant, schedule in a different interview time for each of them, hope they show up, and spend an hour of their time interviewing each one. If the applicant does not show up, that means an entrepreneur has wasted their time. Also, it can be very difficult for an entrepreneur to remember every single applicant from the start to the finish, if they have interviewed ten people, are they remembering the first two as well as the last two? Then, an entrepreneur must make the decision, not really knowing if there truly going to be a good fit for their organization, but feeling like they have to hire someone so that they can fill the spot before their employee departs.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that there is a lot of things wrong with that model, including wasting a significant amount of the entrepreneurís time in reading resumes, scheduling interviews and then interviewing a large number of people. Instead, business owners should switch to a group interview model, in order to find the right people for their organization. Statistics have said that an entrepreneur needs to meet one hundred people before they can meet the right person for their organization. The only way that it is possible for an entrepreneur to see a hundred people is with this group interview model.

One of the keys to this, is an entrepreneur must not wait until they have a job opening, but ensure that they have time set aside every single week for group interview. What this does, is it ensures that regardless of when an entrepreneur might need to hire someone, they got a great pool of candidates to choose from says Edmonton bookkeeping. Employees often leave the organization when the timing is right for them, and not right for the organization, so by having a great pool of candidates to choose from, an entrepreneur can always be prepared.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Implement Group Interviews

In order for entrepreneurs to have the right amount of candidates to choose from if they need to hire someone in their business, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should implement a group interview in their business, in order to ensure they are meeting the right amount of peopleís that if they have a job opening in their business, they can fill it easily, and without pressure.

By having a weekly group schedule interview, regardless of if there is an opening in the business or not, an entrepreneur can ensure that their meeting the right amount of people that they need in order to find the best. Since there are never sure of when an employee is going to give notice, they should always be prepared, knowing that any day they might need to fill that spot. Whether an employee gets sick, retires, or finds a different opportunity, an entrepreneur should always be prepared.

For every applicant they have, an entrepreneur should send them the invitation to the group interview. Rather than reading every single resume that comes across their desk, and wasting a significant amount of time, Edmonton bookkeeping says an entrepreneur should only be reading the resumes of the applicants they are truly interested in. They should ensure that in the invitation to the interview, the let them know that the interviews going to start promptly, and latecomers will not be allowed to interview. This sets a precedent to the applicants that the workplace will not tolerate tardiness, and if an applicant is going to be late to an interview, chances are they are going to be late to the job as well.

A business owner should be communicating the values of the organization to all of the applicants, keeping in mind that these values should be polarizing. Edmonton bookkeeping says that by having values that do not appeal to everyone will help narrow the pool of interested candidates down, only attracting the ones that also hold the same values. After reading the values, an entrepreneur should allow the applicants to ask whatever questions they want. This can save significant amount of time since many candidates have the same questions, and can also trigger other questions as well.

At the end of the questions, an entrepreneur should ask just one question the same one to each applicant. Make sure that the question that they are asking going to tell the entrepreneur enough about the applicant that is going to allow them to make a decision. Edmonton bookkeeping also recommends that entrepreneurs keep the type of answer that they like to hear in mind so that when an applicant answers the question the way the entrepreneur would like to hear, they will be able to identify that person immediately.

At the end of the group interview, and he applicants the entrepreneurs interested in should be invited back to the business for a job shadow, so an entrepreneur can see more of the applicant’s personality, work ethic and skill set. If there is no immediate job opening, an entrepreneur can keep this person in mind for future openings, and have a great group of people to call upon when the need arises.