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No matter how much an entrepreneur wants to keep employees that they have forever says Edmonton bookkeeping, it is not possible for them to keep their staff forever. In fact, is actually one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs will face in business today. Industry Canada says that 50% of all businesses will fail, and 23% of those businesses say the reason why their business failed was because they were unable to find the right staff. In fact, business owners need to be prepared for how long staff that they do find are going to stay in their business. While the average used to be just under 5 years, Edmonton bookkeeping says that currently employers should expect to keep staff for 2.3 years before they move on.

Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs are creating an environment to encourage staff to stay as long as possible, to minimize that staff turnover time. However, many business owners believe that the way they build do that, is by simply avoiding conflict, and making sure the employees are happy at all times. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is not effective, because the reason why businesses are not keeping their staff, is not because they are butting heads with their staff.

Business owners need to understand that in order to foster long-lasting relationships with employees, they need to create an environment of respect and modelling the values that they say are important to the business. The way that they can do that says Edmonton bookkeeping, is simply by working very hard, and modelling the exact behaviour that they would like their employees to have. This means working hard, coming in early or staying late, and demonstrating that the values that the business says important, are being upheld. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the more consistently the business owner can display that behaviour, that deeper they employees are going to respect them.

Even if a business owner and employee do not like each other, which is can happen from time to time says Edmonton bookkeeping. Even if they do not like each other, having a foundation of respect means that they can still work together. Also, when an employer and employee respect each other, disagreements are not going to completely derail the relationship. In fact, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners need to understand that disagreements are a normal and regular part of growing a business. And if business owners want to avoid all confrontation, they will not be successful in business.

Therefore, business owners need to be very aware of when their staff are not acting in the way that they have been modelling and communicating to them. When they are able to hold staff accountable, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they are going to deepen that respect. It might cause friction to initially hold them accountable, but ultimately, it will not only inspire deeper respect between that employee, but all of the employees of the organization as well.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Do Not Employees Stay Forever

Business owners should understand that learning what they have to do in order to inspire employees to stay is very important says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why, is because many entrepreneurs struggle with finding and keeping staff. By learning what they need to do to keep employees, is very beneficial. However, business owners need to understand that they should only be expecting their staff to stick around for about 2.3 years, is another reason why extremely important that they keep staff for as long as possible. To minimize the amount of turnover that they are going to have.

Staff that are motivated, and know that they are accomplishing their goals will be more happy, and more motivated says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, one of the first things that a business owner can do that is specifically going to impact how motivated employee is, is by giving all staff and important and compelling reason why they are doing what they are doing. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is not only means that they have to tell staff what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, but why is going to get them to work hard, and accomplish goals.

The next thing that a business owner should be doing, in order to help motivate their employees, is by helping them understand that what they are doing in the organization is actually effective says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why business owners need to do this, isemployees will be highly motivated by knowing that they are making a difference to their organization. When a business owner can communicate that in a group as well as one-on-one with their staff, they can encourage their employees to continue doing their jobs, because they are actually having an effect on the success of the business. When employees know that they are actually helping a business owner accomplish their goals, they have a lot more job satisfaction.

Ultimately, one of the largest motivating factors that a business owner can give an employee, is the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their skills. Edmonton bookkeeping says that when business owners are able to give their staff opportunities to become better, they find this growth a motivating factor. They are less likely to leave an organization, because they are able to develop their skills. Not only that, but they are also helping a business owner grow their business, because the more skilled of business owners employees are, the better chance that a business owner has and growing their business as well.

When business owners are able to inspire their employees to work efficiently, because they have a reason why, they are actually making a difference to the organization, and because they are able to grow themselves, Edmonton bookkeeping says they will create a team of employees that do not want to leave. By knowing what is important to employees, business owners can create a respectable environment, where employees feel like they are making a difference.