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When entrepreneurs start hiring employees in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping, they may struggle at keeping those staff members. And while it is not always possible to keep every single person that they hire, business owners also need to understand why employees stay at a job, and why they leave. When they understand this, they will be able to foster an environment that will help keep employees happy and not wanting to leave their job.

One of the first things that business owners should understand, is the biggest reason why people leave is because they do not like their job. And the biggest reason why they do not like their job is because they do not like the management or their boss. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners have the largest role to play in helping employees like their job.

It is very important for business owners to understand that fostering an environment of respect is the very first step to helping employees like their boss. This does not necessarily mean the employees have to be best friends with their boss, but if they can respect the entrepreneur, then they will at least work hard and try hard for them. For example, a business owner should work hard at modelling the behaviour they want to see in their staff. This means if they are going to ask their staff to work early or stay late or even coming on the weekend, they should be doing it first. If they want their staff to do a specific job that is unpleasant, they should be doing that job first. This is an important aspect of setting culture right away in business. What this is going to do, is not only help ensure that employees are seeing the type of behaviour that is going to be expected, but it can also help them decide if this is the right environment for them.

The next thing that business owners need to understand, is that while it is always going to make life easier if employees like them, that is not always realistic to think that all employees are going to like them all the time. Therefore, business owners should not be afraid of disagreements because this is a healthy part of any relationship especially a growing business. Edmonton bookkeeping says progress without friction is fiction. And ultimately, having that culture of respect, means that employees can get over disagreements without feeling resentment.

The next thing that a business owner can do, is ensure that they have values that are being consistently communicated. Again, so that employees can understand if this is the place where they want to spend their time. Ideally, Edmonton bookkeeping says a business owner should communicate these values for the very first time with potential staff at the job interview. Therefore, they know what is going to be expected every single day that they come to work, and if those of the values that they are going to feel good working towards.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Do Employees Stay At Their Job

Many business owners do not even understand how difficult it is to find and keep the right staff in their business before they become entrepreneurs says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, 23% of all businesses that fail say that the reason why their business failed was because they were not able to find or keep the right people. While finding great people is one challenge, it is all up to the business owner on what they are going to do in order to keep them in their business.

One of the things that a business owner needs to understand, is how an employee stay motivated to keep their job. One of the most beneficial things that an entrepreneur can do, is to give all employees a compelling mission. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this should be a common and unifying goal for all employees, no matter what their role is in the business. People generally want to know why they are doing what they are doing, and having a common mission can be something that they work towards. For example, at Spurrell and Associates, their mission is to help business owners succeed. Therefore, every person that works in that office, no matter what job they are responsible for doing, can understand that they are all contributing towards helping business owners succeed.

Another thing that helps keep employees engaged and motivated to stay in their job, is when they are able to see growth. Either growth of the business or growth themselves. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is important that business owners see the results of their hard work. When there able to clearly see how the hard work that they have put into the business has affected the business, that increases their job satisfaction, and can keep them motivated. Ultimately, when people succeed, they enjoy completing their work more.

Also, Edmonton bookkeeping says that employees should know that being able to grow, and accomplish more is important. In a business owner can help their staff achieve more, accomplish more tasks learn, and grow, that can help them stay engaged in the business as well. If a business is able to help their staff grow, they will most likely stay engaged, and want to see what else they can accomplish. This is especially beneficial, if a employee is able to also be rewarded with that growth, even if it is just in a different job title, or new duties. Ultimately, employees want to feel like they are making a difference, and that they are growing and contributing to something. Therefore, when they see that growth of themselves, they will want to stay in the business, to see how much more they can grow.

Ultimately, it is up to the business owner to set the environment that is going to help employees want to stay. And, if they end up leaving, a business owner will be able to know that it is not because they did not do their job at keeping employees, it is just not the right fit for them. By knowing this, a business owner can attract and keep the best people, knowing that the people who left were not destined to help them grow their business.