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Entrepreneurs are facing a huge challenge by starting their own business and Edmonton bookkeeping is no exception to that rule. Industry Canada says that half of all entrepreneurs fail within five years of opening their business, and 23% of those entrepreneurs who fail say that the reason why their business failed was they were unable to find the right staff for their organization. Even though this is such a huge problem in business today, many entrepreneurs are still using the conventional interview method to find people for their team. Not only is this an effective, it also does not help an entrepreneur find the right fit for their organization, and its business owners added time disadvantage. Instead, businesses should implement the group interview strategy in order to ensure they always have the right people working for their business.

One of the first things that business owners will find in a group interview according to Edmonton bookkeeping, is that they do not have to spend hours of their time reading resumes, and making a shortlist of people to contact. By simply sending an interview timeslot to all applicants, business owners are saving significant amounts of time. The reason why business owners should do this is that it is very difficult to tell the right person for the job is based on the resume alone, and ensuring all applicants show up to an interview to meet them in person is a much better way to determine the suitability of each candidate.

It also saves significant amounts of time, because an entrepreneur does not have to worry about fitting candidates into their schedule for an interview, and they do not have to worry about setting aside one hour of interview time per candidate. Instead, they simply have one timeslot every single week devoted to the group interview, and will be able to meet as many people that shows up. Whether that is two people, or twenty says Edmonton bookkeeping.

The recommended number of people to meet before making a hiring decision is one hundred. The group interview becomes the only viable way that an entrepreneur is able to meet hundred people before making that decision. Another benefit to the group interview is that by having an interview every single week, entrepreneurs are developing a pool of suitable candidates, for the eventuality of needing to replace an employee, or hire more employees because their company is growing. If an entrepreneur simply waits until they have the need, they are always at a time disadvantage to fill that spot.

By having a pool of suitable candidates at all times means that whenever an entrepreneur needs to fill the spot in their organization, they will have a group of great people to choose from. This means that they can fill that spot quickly, and with the right fit. If using conventional interviews, business owners would be starting the process after their employee gives notice, which has an entrepreneur always playing catch-up. Group interviews are a great way for business owners to ensure that they have the best people in their organization at all times.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Why Conventional Interviews Do Not Work

When a client walks into the Edmonton bookkeeping company always bookkeeping, they know that the company has the best employees, to deliver the best kinds of service at all times. The reason why, is because this is one of the companies that has changed their hiring practices from conventional interviews to group interviews in order to ensure that they have the best staff at all times. Ensuring a company has the right employees can significantly increase their chances of succeeding in business, as 23 % of failed entrepreneurs say that not finding the right staff was the reason why their business failed.

A group interview is very efficient, because entrepreneurs get to meet a large amount of candidates at the same time. Through conventional interviews says Edmonton bookkeeping, a business might forget the first applicants that were at the beginning of the interview process, by the time they get to the last candidates. At a group interview however, an entrepreneur gets to see everybody at the same time, which allows them to easily be able to compare everybody at the same time.

At a group interview, the entrepreneur should start off by reading the job posting to ensure that everybody who has shown up is there for the right reason. The next important step is to read all of the company values. This should draw in the people who share those values and can help the people who do not share those values from proceeding further. It is very important that entrepreneurs ensure that there company values are written in such a way that it is not designed to appeal to everybody. If the company values are polarizing, they will attract the people that share those values, while ensuring that the wrong people who do not share the same values will want to seek further employment.

After reading the company values, the entrepreneur should ensure that all candidates have as much time to ask any question they wish. This can save significant amounts of time since many candidates may have the same questions, so having one person ask, can save an entrepreneur from having to answer the same questions over and over in conventional interviews. Also, one question may inspire another question in another candidate. Candidates should feel free to ask as many questions as they want so they can have all of the information they need in deciding if this company is the right fit for them.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that finally, they should ensure that they ask one question of the candidates. Make sure it is the same question for each, and to ensure that the type of question that is being asked is going to tell the entrepreneur a lot about the candidates and if they will be a good fit for the organization. If they keep the type of answer they want to hear in mind, they will be able to easily identify candidates when they say the answer the entrepreneur wishes to hear.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that by implementing group interviews, a business owner can increase the quality of applicants to their organization, and meet the number of people they need in order to find the one who will be the best fit for them. All companies should move towards group interviews, in order to ensure they always have the best people hired.