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There are many things that business owners are tasked with prior to opening their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. That they can often feel overwhelmed with the share magnitude of everything that they have to get done. However, one of the things that business owners should avoid doing is giving up on creating their business plan. Simply because it can help them succeed.

In fact, business plans are so effective at helping entrepreneurs succeed. That entrepreneurs that have planned are 50% more likely to grow their revenue. Then business owners without a plan at all. This is likely because having a plan means that an entrepreneur will have had to formulate their idea into a goal says Edmonton bookkeeping. As well as specify what steps they need to take on a daily basis in order to accomplish that goal.

Therefore, a business owner should understand that we how important and necessary these plans are to helping them succeed. Although, while it can be overwhelming. Business owners can look at the business plan in smaller sections. In order to complete the plan a lot easier.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that when business owners look at their business plan in smaller pieces. They can create a plan on how they are going to accomplish each section. First, by understanding what sections need to be completed by them. And which sections they can outsource.

A great example of something that they can outsource is their cash flow projections. While a business owner would likely spend a significant amount of time on this. The matter how much time they spend. It is less likely that they would come up with accurate or realistic numbers for their business plan.

However, an accountant will be able to come up with an accurate cash flow projection quickly. And the more realistic in the numbers as well. And if an entrepreneur is using the cash flow projection in order to set goals in their business, they are going to want to ensure that the projection is as accurate and realistic as possible.

And while business owner should establish the number of revenue groups they have in their business. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that it is no more than three. But business owners do not have to have three if they do not have the need in their business.

However, a business owner should not worry themselves with creating precise revenue categories. Because their business will likely not have enough data points in order to need precise revenue categories yet. And typically, small business owners in general do not need to worry about this. It is more than official for large corporations such as large restaurant chains. That will need to figure out the direct cost of French fries versus onion rings for example.

By looking at what they should focus on. What they do not need to. Can help make the business plan a lot more achievable says Edmonton bookkeeping. Which will make people a lot more likely to complete the plan. And having a great document that is going to significantly help them succeed.

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Business owners need to understand how important completing a business plan is the success of their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. While half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in business. Entrepreneurs with a plan are also 50% more likely to succeed. Entrepreneurs who do not have a plan at all.

Because of those statistics, a business owner should be convinced that creating a business plan is an extremely good investment. If they are wanting their business to succeed. The reason why it is so beneficial. Is because it allows business owners to take their ideas of business ownership and put them into measurable goals. And figure at what they need to do each day in order to accomplish them.

A great place for business owners to start when they are ready to create their business plan is by starting with their mission and vision statements. Not only because this will help an entrepreneur figure out truly what their business is going to be good at. And who their ideal and likely buyers are. But also, because this is going to help focus the rest of the business plan.

A business owner can start by writing out a list of all of the things that make them different from their competition says Edmonton bookkeeping. Once they have this list, they should look at it and take three things that they either do extremely well. Or the three things that they want to focus on excelling in.

When they realize that every customer that purchases a product or service is doing so because they are solving a problem they have. What makes them different, is also going to be what draws customers to their business. And will be what helps an entrepreneur solve their customer’s problems.

Therefore, once an entrepreneur has that figured out. Reading their mission statement can come next. Because it is a short, one-sentence phrase that explains how the business solves their customer’s problems.

Once an entrepreneur has a mission statement. Coming up with the vision statement is next step says Edmonton bookkeeping. And how the vision statement is different. Is because it will have goals attached to it. The goals must be specific, measurable and time-sensitive.

Edmonton bookkeeping says business owners should work to ensure that their mission statement and vision statement are both just a single sentence long. That it can be easy to remember and communicate as well. Once an entrepreneur has their mission and vision statements. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the rest of the entrepreneur’s goals can often fall in line. Because they have the unifying vision for their business.

Once an entrepreneur has their vision and mission statements. They can focus on the rest of their business plan. Including defining revenue groups, figuring out direct costs and overhead costs. As well as calculating the revenue per transaction and pricing lists. Once they focus on one aspect of time. It can be much less intimidating to finish the rest of their business plan.