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Many business owners struggle to find great employees for their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, it is one of the top three challenges that entrepreneurs face. Industry Canada did a survey and found that 50% of all entrepreneurs in Canada failed within five years. When surveyed, 23% of the failed entrepreneurs said that’s the reason they failed was because they were unable to attract or keep quality employees in their business. But how important this is, business owner needs to learn the best ways to find great people for their business.

One of the most important things for entrepreneurs to realize, is that the traditional way of finding staff, through a one-on-one interview is fundamentally flawed. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this only works for large corporations that can devote the time to this because they have a full-time HR departments. Since most business owners are small entrepreneurs, they typically don’t have the resources to make one-on-one interviews work. Therefore, the alternative is for business owners to utilize group interviews. Many business owners have never experienced this for themselves, which is why they are unfamiliar with this technique. Not only can It help find the right people, but it is quite I’ve been easier on business owners Time.

The first thing that business owners needs to remember when it comes to doing a group interview is they don’t have to short list all of the resumes that they get. In fact, they will simply send a group interview invitation to every single applicant who applies. This way, business owners not only can increase the amount of people that they are meeting, they don’t have to waste time upfront figuring out who should come to the interview. The next thing that business owners should do is ask each applicant to bring their resume to the interview. If there are a variety of questions they want to ensure that the candidates answer that they don’t want to take time in the interview with, they can ask the applicants to bring that piece of paper as well. This way, if the candidates don’t show up with their questions and their resume, they are immediately out of the running.

Business owners needs to understand that not every single applicant who is invited to the interview will show up and that’s okay. Edmonton bookkeeping says that whoever does show up well allow a business owner to start judging them based on their attitude and the way they act in the interview. Anyone who doesn’t come to the interview, comes late, or does not bring the required paperwork, are immediately out of the running. Business owners will be able to make very quick judgments of who are likely to be effective in their workplace.

By moving away from the less effective one on one interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners can not only meet more candidates, but meets them quicker, and have a better idea of if they would be a good fit for their business or not.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Who Should Entrepreneurs Hire in their Business

In order for business owners to be able to find the right staff, Edmonton bookkeeping says they need to meet an average of 100 people first. This can be incredibly difficult to do with a traditional interview, which is why business owners needs to change the way they are meeting potential employees. By changing the way they do this, business owners can end up with a higher quality of worker, and workers that believe in the mission and vision of the business, and are willing to help work hard to help ensure that a business owner meets their goals.

One of the first things that business owners need to keep in mind is while employees have an importance placed on their wage, wage is not necessarily the most important aspect of the job. Edmonton bookkeeping says that employees also place a lot of value on any vacation that they get as a part of the job, as well as the benefits that they get with the job. In fact, many employees will opt for a lower wage if they can get more vacation time or benefits. Another thing for business owners to keep in mind, is that if all things are considered equal, employees want to work somewhere where they believe in the mission and vision of the business, and wants to help the business succeed.

With how important it is for business owners to find staff that care about the mission and vision of the business, business owners needs to be communicating this early and often. Ideally, the first time that an employee hears about the values of the business should be in the job interview says Edmonton bookkeeping. Not only that, but when the employees are hired, they need to see that the business owner is actually living those values as well. It is not going to build a good company culture if a business owner does not live by the values they say they hold dear. Therefore, business owners needs to lead by example and communicate it often.

The next thing that a business owner needs to do is lead by example not just in values, but in tasks as well. Business owners needs to show their staff that they are willing to do every single thing that they are asking it their stuff to do, and are willing to do it first says Edmonton bookkeeping. When they lead by example with everything whether it is taking care of a job, emptying the garbage, or following through with their commitments with clients, business owners need to be aware that their staff is going to see and judge them on their ability to do this. Therefore it’s very important that business owners keep this in mind and Lead their team through example.

Finding the right people in a business can be very difficult says Edmonton bookkeeping. But when business owners live the values that they say are important and share the values as well as mission and vision with their staff, everyone can Natalie work towards that common goal, but be inspired by it as well.