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Fun mistake that business owners often make when they are hiring in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping is thinking they’re going to choose a great person based on interview questions. So many business owners are trying to pick the best interview questions, that will allow each candidate to think outside the box. Business owners do this because they think that the more unusual the question is, will allow them to pick which candidate is going to be the best for their business. Unfortunately, this is flawed because the problem is not with the interview questions it’s with the candidates themselves.

Business owners need to realize that not all candidates are going to be a good fit for all businesses. In fact, only some candidates are ever good for some businesses. Edmonton bookkeeping says that when business owners realize this, they needs to change what they are doing in order to find candidates that are a better fit. They can do this by avoiding shortlisting resumes, and figuring out which candidates to interview. By inviting all applicants to the interview process, business owners take the guesswork out of looking at resumes and trying to make educated decisions about the candidates.

This is extremely important to note says Edmonton bookkeeping because 85% of all candidates lie on their resumes. This is why resumes are a very poor judge of what candidate would make a good fit in a business. And ultimately, resumes are skill-based documents, and business owners should not be hiring candidates based on skill because skills can be taught but attitude cannot. Therefore, business owners should be hiring on attitude as well as adversity quotient. By hiring people that are going to work towards the businesses goals, and overcome obstacles is going to be far more valuable than any skill that a business owner might want them to have.

It’s also very important that business owners keep in mind that they need to be regularly sharing the values and goals of the business so that it’s top-of-mind for all staff members. This way, when a business owner hires on attitude, all of the employees will be able to clearly understand what’s the goal, mission, and vision of the business is. When they have the right attitude, and they are working towards a common goal, a business-owners staff will be able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

Business owners also needs to understand that they are going to have to continually look for people in their business since I’ve been 10 bookkeeping. This is either because business owners never know when one of their staff members is going to give their notice. But also, in order for a business owner to meet the right amount of people, they have to always be looking. There for business owners should ensure that they are hosting regular group interviews, so that’s why I can always be prepared for when they met needs to hire a new staff member.

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It is one of the more important things for business owner to do to ensure that they have did people is change the way they are interviewing says Edmonton bookkeeping. Many business owners still conduct one-on-one interviews because they don’t know any other way to interview. However this is one of the most inefficient ways to find people, because not only is it a giant waste of time, but it doesn’t actually lead a business owner to finding better people. There are much more efficient ways to find people, and when business owners learn this, they will be able to increase the quality of people that they are interviewing as well.

Business owners should look for the right attitude in their candidates, so effective immediately business owners can simply stop looking at resumes. Edmonton bookkeeping says that resumes are really just a document that outlines the skills, and business owners should keep in mind that skills can be taught to any employee. They should hire on attitude, because attitude cannot be taught. By hiring staff that have the right attitude, business owners will have a team of go-getters, who are willing to put in the work to accomplish the mission and vision of the business.

Not only is attitude important, but shared values is also important says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, business owners should be looking for employees who share the values of the business. How they are going to do this says Edmonton bookkeeping is going to be by sharing the values at the interview stage. Ideally, a company’s values should be somewhat polarizing. That is to say they should not appeal to everybody. this way, the candidates that share those values will be drawn in. And candidates that do not share the values will not want to pursue employment. Not only is it important that a business owner communicates those values, but they actually live those values so that when employees get hired, they know that it is more than just lip service, that it’s something that everybody is expected to live by. When all of the employees are living the values of the business, a business owner will be able to ensure that they are able to accomplish the mission and vision of the business.

Business owner should also keep in mind that while employees do value the wage that they earn, wage is not the most important aspects of the job says Edmonton bookkeeping. As long as employees are going to make a living wage, and they would rather work for an organization that shares the same values that they do. Therefore, a business owner can hire extremely dedicated employees when they share the values of the business which is another reason why business owners should be sharing those values early on oh, such as during the interview stage.

When business owners are able to increase the quality of candidates that they get, they will ultimately be able to hire better staff, and that’s going to help them accomplish their strategic priority by implementing this and their business, business owners will increase the quality of people that they have so that they can accomplish more in their business.