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When entrepreneurs are able to hire the best Edmonton bookkeeping for their business, they can find themselves not only saving money, but being able to make better financial decisions any time in their business. Since half of Canadian businesses fail, only 11% of those businesses ever reach out to seek professional help. The hiring a great bookkeeper in their business, business owners can beat those odds and succeed where others fail, because they are saving money and getting better financial information about their business.

How does bad bookkeeping cost business owners money asks Edmonton bookkeeping. When business owners hire an expensive bookkeepers, they often end up with poor work that needs to be redone, often redone by their accountant which ends up costing them additional accounting fees in addition to the bookkeeping fees that they had to pay for in the first place. Also, and expensive bookkeepers and to take additional amounts of time to complete a task that an experienced bookkeeper would need, and most bookkeepers charge by the hour, which ends up costing the business owner additional money. Also if bookkeeping is not done promptly and on time, business owners may file taxes late, which can trigger penalties.

Edmonton bookkeeping also asks how hiring an hourly bookkeeper can affect the cash flow in their business? The less skilled a bookkeeper is, the more time it is going to cost of a business owner to have them work on their financial files. That means, the more a business owner is going to have to pay on a monthly basis. Also, by having an hourly bookkeeper, a business owner will never know month-to-month how much that bookkeeper is going to charge them. And always bookkeeping, they charge their clients monthly, and it never changes so business owners will find that it is much easier to budget for.

Business owners should also understand that if they get bad information from an unskilled bookkeeper, that can lead entrepreneurs to make bad business decisions. The reason for that is because unskilled bookkeepers might provide incorrect information. Business owners gets interim financial statements that are wrong, business owners are not able to use those financial statements to make great business decisions. Or, the use those financial statements, and they learn farther on down the road that their business decision was a bad one based on the lack of information that they had at the time. Since 50% of all entrepreneurs close their business down, 29% of those failed entrepreneurs said that they failed because they ran out of money. This is a contributing factor to business owners running out of money, is making poor financial decisions because they did not have all of the facts.

Business owners should definitely understand that hiring unskilled bookkeepers can not only cost them more money in a increased fees and additional accounting fees, it can be hard to budget for and can ultimately end up costing a business owner their business if they make bad financial decisions based on incorrect financial statements.

When business owners are looking to hire a bookkeeper for their business according to Edmonton bookkeeping, an entrepreneur needs to understand that the quality of bookkeeper that they hire can factor greatly into then making great business decisions, that can positively or negatively impact their business. Since 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in business but for their 5th year, helping entrepreneurs make best financial decisions should be an extremely important priority.

Business owners should understand that the bookkeeping industry is not regulated at all says Edmonton bookkeeping especially compared to the accounting industry. While bookkeepers have to adhere to the law, there is actually no governing body to the bookkeeping industry. Therefore, virtually anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper. Anyone with a basic knowledge of accounting software and some math may be able to call themselves a bookkeeper no matter how much or how little experience they have. However, and always bookkeeping, the entire team all has public accounting office experience and some of the team are going to school to get their chartered professional accounting degree. They are all experienced in understanding what accountants are going to need and what a business owner will need to operate their business. The team at always bookkeeping known all of the questions that a business owner needs to be asked and are fully aware of the situations their clients will face making them an extremely well versed team to help entrepreneurs.

Another question that business owners should take into consideration says Edmonton bookkeeping are what qualifications do bookkeepers need to have in order to operate? The answer may shock some business owners that they actually need no qualifications at all. Therefore, when business owners are hiring a bookkeeper, they should be asking pointed questions about what kind of accounting experience the bookkeeper has, how familiar are they with accounting software and how many years have they been doing this, and to explain what a balance sheet and income statement is, so the business owner can get a general feel if the bookkeeper knows what they are talking about or not.

A common problem that many entrepreneurs find when they hire a bookkeeper is they can never actually get a hold of them on a regular basis. However, at always bookkeeping they ensure that they are speaking with their clients on a biweekly basis. Sending reports, and then calling their clients to discuss those reports. While twice a month may seem like a long time to spend discussing bookkeeping, if entrepreneurs understand how important accurate information is in the operating of their business, they might be more amenable to speaking with their bookkeepers. Entrepreneurs should also be aware that they do not need to be speaking to their bookkeepers for hours at a time, and the more familiar the bookkeeper gets with their file, the shorter the time gets. Business owners should set aside 5 to 10 minutes twice a month to learn about their own businesses finances.