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A typical problem that many people face, is that they receive their financial documents at the end of the year such as theirT4A, only to discover that no income tax or source deductions have been deducted from that amount says Edmonton bookkeeping. As a result, they have to pay their taxes in the full amount when they file their personal taxes. People may not know how to do this, effectively, and think that they should just pay that tax on top of their personal tax return, but there is a way to do it in order to ensure they are not paying more tax than they need to.

The first thing that people need to understand is that anybody can be considered a proprietor. Any income earned that is not regular, taxed income. If they are an unincorporated contractor or any reason why it would have earned money, that was not taxed.

The next thing that people need to understand is what the difference is between a business that is a proprietorship and a business that is a corporation. Edmonton bookkeeping says that a corporation is a business that is its own separate, taxable entity. Not only is it separate, but it is also separate from the business owner, and it has its own unique tax rules. A proprietorship, on the other hand, is an unincorporated business, that remains tied to the business owner, as well as the business owners’ personal tax requirements.

The next thing that people should understand is there is no minimum threshold that they need to make in order to be considered a proprietorship. Any income that is not part of their typical income, and has not been taxed with source deductions, can count. This means that everything from an unincorporated contractor, to someone who has clients, come to their house, and pays them directly, such as a hairdresser, or massage therapist, those clients are not paying taxes, so all of that income that the person accepts is known taxed income. It can also include people who are exempting cash for doing odd jobs or occasional tasks for friends or neighbors.

Something else that people need to understand as a proprietor says Edmonton bookkeeping, that this does not necessitate them to collect GST. The only thing that requires a person to collect and therefore pass on the GST to the government is making over thirty thousand dollars or more than minimum amount, that is when they need to apply for a GST number and start collecting it. Before they reach that point, people donít need to worry about collecting GST.

When people understand how they need to claim that non-taxed income, they can do so efficiently, and in a way that is not going to trigger any additional taxes. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is important, and more people who make a non-taxed income should understand this, so that they can avoid paying any additional taxes On their personal tax return.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What To Claim On Personal Taxes For Proprietors

One reason why a person might need to claim taxes as a proprietorship, says Edmonton bookkeeping is if they realize that the end of the year that they had not been getting their taxes taken off of their income properly. They are now faced with having to pay a year’s worth of taxes, and unaware of how to do that efficiently or effectively. There are several things that people should keep in mind that can help them minimize the amount of taxes that they have to pay in that circumstance.

If a person has discovered that they have to pay back a significant amount of taxes that should have been taken off of the money that they received throughout the year, they can claim their taxes as a proprietor. This can happen at the same time that they file their personal taxes, and just requires an additional form is filled out at the same time. Instead of having the typical April 30 deadline which Canadians have to pay their personal taxes, as a proprietor, people get an additional forty-five days, making June 15 the date that they need to ensure they have their taxes filed by. Edmonton bookkeeping says that they should ensure that there filing on time, but if they owe the government any money, they went to start accruing interest on April 30. If they suspect they are going to owe money, they may want to consider making an additional preemptive payment, so they can avoid paying penalties or increased interest charges.

One benefit to this says Edmonton bookkeeping is that when a person is claiming proprietorship on their personal taxes, they are also going to have the ability to claim some personal and business expenses on their personal taxes. Examples of these expenses could be mileage from driving their vehicle, rent from their home office, the business portion of any troubles they have, as well as meals and entertainment. As soon as a person suspects that the right to have to pay additional taxes at the end of the year, they should ensure that they have an extremely good record of all of their business expenses so that they can claim it at their year-end.

Some examples of personal expenses that a person may be able to allocate to the proprietorship if that is how they are going to file, includes home-office expenses such as utility bills, condo fees, a portion of their rent or mortgage, and property tax. They need to be able to figure out the square footage of their home-office, and what percentage of the house that is. That is the percentage that they will be able to claim for those bills.

Edmonton bookkeeping says people should not worry if they have not had the right taxes taken off of their income, because there is options that they can utilize in order to help minimize the taxes that they are going to have to pay to CRA at the end of the year.