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Business owners have a big task ahead when they start employing people in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. The reason why, is because 23% of failed businesses say the reason why they failed was because they were unable to find the right people. Finding the right staff to work with is one challenge, but keeping those staff after they hire them is another. Therefore, business owners need to understand what helps keep employees happy in their work, so that they can ensure that they are not only hiring the best people, they can keep them as well.

Ultimately, employees are happy at work when they know why they are there, and they are working towards a common goal. Therefore, it is important that business owners are helping motivate their employees. The first way that they can do that, is to have a compelling mission for all staff to work towards. This is typically goal of the entire business that can be used to help give employees a reason why they are doing what they are doing says Edmonton bookkeeping. And no matter what level of employment that an employee is at with the business, having that compelling mission can help them all work in the same direction. By having a purpose for doing what they do.

The 2nd thing that an entrepreneur can ensure that they are doing, is ensuring that they not only have a set of standards and values, but that they are actually holding people accountable to those standards. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is often a natural reaction of employees to be immediately resentful if they are being held accountable. However, after that feeling of resentment is gone, it ends up fostering a relationship of respect. When employees know the expectations and boundaries, and that if they do not adhere to them that they will be called on it, will help ensure that they are adhering to those boundaries. While it is true says Edmonton bookkeeping that some employees will be resentful and quit, that should make a business owner believed, because they clearly rent the right people that were going to help them grow their business.

Ultimately, employees also want to feel like they are working to make a difference in the business. And they only want to work as hard as the employer is. Therefore, 10 bookkeeping says that it is very important that a business owner is working as hard, or harder than they are asking their employees to work. Business owners will find that their staff will work harder and respect the employer more if they work as hard as they expect their staff to. This is an important aspect of setting culture, can make a difference for a long time.

Ultimately, business owners need to understand that they are not going to be of the keep every single employee that they hire, and that is okay. By fostering a respectful environment, where everybody has a mission to work towards, and they know that there are boundaries can ensure that the rights employees stay. The ones that leave, were never destined to help a business owner or their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Motivates Employees

Setting the right culture for workplace starts even before the first employees hired says Edmonton bookkeeping. If a business owner wants to ensure that they are inspiring employees to stay in their job, a business owner needs to ensure that they do work ahead of time even before their first employee is hired.

The first thing that business owner needs to do, is ensure that they are setting an environment that is going to foster respect and boundaries with their employees. By communicating those values to each person even before their hired, can ensure that an entrepreneur is setting the stage, for what they should expect when they work there. And one of those things that business owner should be fostering in their business, is growth. When business owners desire to help their staff grow, not only are they going to be able to promote from within, but there are also going to help their staff achieve more.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that some employees might not want to be pushed, because they feel uncomfortable growing. This is okay as well. If people are pushed to grow and they walk away, the business owner is no worse off because they might have left anyway. Ultimately, not only is it beneficial for the business to have their employees constantly grow, but is also motivational for them as well.

When employees are able to grow and succeed, they can find that in and of itself huge motivator for why they want to stay in their business. When people start succeeding, they end up enjoying their work even more. Therefore, a business owner has so much to gain from pushing their people to grow, achieve and accomplish more in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Business owners should also understand, that during the natural course of business, either holding people accountable to their actions, or pushing them to grow might end up with friction. And in fact, progress without friction is fiction. Should be considered a normal part of success. However, an employer employee relationship can last as long as it is built on an environment of respect.

Business owners will ensure that they can keep staff if they love their job and respect their business owner. Therefore, it is up to the business owner to foster an environment of respect, and helping keep employees engaged at work. Ultimately, if a business owner does all of that and they end up leaving anyway, they can be satisfied that they did everything that they could to keep them, they ultimately were not the right fit for their business. Therefore, is up to the business owner to do it they can, but know that it is not always in their hands to keep every single employee that they have. And when they understand that, they can focus on ensuring that they have a great environment for everyone.