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Paying taxes is one of the most significant things that a person will pay for in their lifetime says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, the typical Canadian citizen pays 43% of their income on a variety of taxes. They spend 37% of the rest of the amount that is remaining on food, shelter and clothing. Since taxes are such a huge part of peopleís lives, it is no wonder that they are constantly trying to come up with ways to minimize the amount that they have to pay. One way that people may not have considered that can help to minimize the amount that they pay on personal taxes, is by claiming to own a proprietorship.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that anybody can be a proprietor, because the threshold to consider a proprietor, is anyone who earns income that is not already taxed. There is a variety of ways that average people can claim that they are a proprietor. Whether a person is in the independent and unincorporated contractor, earning their untaxed income for a living if a person occasionally takes in clients to their house to earn money such as a massage therapist, or hairdresser. Or if it is a person who is occasionally doing favors like house cleaning, or driving them to the airport for a bit of extra cash, all of these circumstances can earn a person the title of proprietor of their own business.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, they do not have to start paying GST to Canada revenue agency once they start claiming this income on their tax return. If they are in over thirty thousand dollars in a year, they will have to start collecting GST, but it will not be necessary until then.

In order for a business to claim their proprietorship on their tax return, they need to file their taxes along with their proprietorship paperwork. The only do an additional form, called a T2125. This is also when a person can get organized and gather together all of the various expenses both personal and business that they are planning on claiming as part of their proprietorship.

One thing that people should keep in mind says Edmonton bookkeeping, is that although they have to file their proprietorship paperwork along with their personal tax return, they do not have to adhere to the typical April 30 deadline that Canadians have for their personal tax returns. Canada revenue agency recognizes that proprietorships might need a bit of extra time and preparing their tax returns, and because of that they have an additional forty-five days, making June 15 the filing deadline for proprietorships as well as their spouses. Because a business owner of a proprietorship can have their spouse file the same way, this can help them utilize income splitting in their proprietorship

Edmonton bookkeeping says that when people consider the additional income that they earned as a proprietorship, they can change the way they file taxes which can help them save a significant amount of taxes.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Is The Minimum Threshold To Be A Proprietor

In order for a person to be able to claim that they have a proprietorship, in order to claim that on their personal tax return, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they need to just ensure that they have earned an on taxed income of any amount in the previous year. A proprietorship is essentially an unincorporated business, that is legally attached to the business owner, and therefore the tax obligations of that business owner. A corporation, on the other hand, is a business that is its own separate identity, separate from a business owner and has its own tax rules.

If someone has met the requirements of what it would take to file as a proprietor, they can then move on to the various expenses that there able to claim as a proprietor. Not only can people claim a variety of business expenses, but they can also claim some personal expenses as well. The business expenses that they can claim include meals and entertainment, as long as those expenses were used in a way of advertising for the business, the mileage that they incurred in their business, that does not include commuting to and from work, rent from their home office, and the business portion of their travel. The personal expenses that they can allocate to their proprietorship say Edmonton bookkeeping includes a variety of home-office expenses such as phone and Internet, utility bills, condo fees, property tax and rent or mortgage. How a person might calculate that, is by figuring out how much space their home-office takes, the percentage of that square footage to the rest of the house, is the percentage that they would use to calculate the percentage that they would be able to claim of those amounts.

Another benefit for people who are claiming that they have a proprietorship is that if they have a vehicle that they use for business purposes, they can claim a percentage of the amount that they drive for business on their capital cost allowance. Edmonton bookkeeping says they can even do this, if they have any equipment that they have purchased to use in their generation of income.

Many people wonder when they need to start claiming of their business as a corporation instead of a proprietorship, and while there is no minimum threshold that they need to meet in order to incorporate their business, there is many things that they should take into consideration. One of the first things is when a business is earning about fifty thousand dollars and a year, it no longer is beneficial tax-wise to continue to operate a proprietorship. However there is many secondary benefits of incorporation, that business owners should consider. It can help them protect their registered tradename, it limits the liability they have in their business, and enables business owners to be able to get their own WCB number. There is many benefits to incorporating, but until the business owners are there, they can always ensure that they are using their proprietorship, to they maximum advantage.