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When business owners understand how many other small businesses fail in Canada, Edmonton bookkeeping says that may help them understand how important it is to generate revenue for their business right away. In fact, Peter Drucker, who is the author of a 39 different business books was famous for saying nothing happens until someone sells something. Therefore, business owners needs to take into consideration how important it is for them to start generating sales and their business as quickly as possible. 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs will fail, and the number one reason why is because they can’t find customers to buy their products or services. This is not because business owners don’t have a market for it. But because they were unsuccessful in figuring out how to Market to them. Therefore, it can be an extremely important activity for business owners to figure as quickly as possible.

How business owners will be able to do this, is by figuring out what their differentiation factor is. What this is says Edmonton but keeping is what makes them different than all of the other businesses that provide the same or similar products and services. They may not have the same differentiation Factor as all of their competition, but they will be different than all of their other competition for one or more Reasons. By making a list of all the ways that they are different, a business owner can come up with a list of ways that’s their business is different than the rest.

What they should do with this list says Edmonton but keeping is figure out the two or three items on that list that they want to focus on and do to an extremely high level. The reason why, is because when they attract customers who are looking for a business that is different than what they’ve experienced, they’re going to have the experience of seeing those differences to an extremely high level, and be impressed by that says Edmonton bookkeeping. When they figure out what types of customers are impressed with those differences, they can start marketing to those types of customers, and figuring out how to reach them.

This differentiation factor is extremely important. Since business owners are not going to be able to over deliver on expectations in all aspects of their business. By exceeding expectations in these two or three areas can help create raving fans for their business specifically. This way, business owners will be able to be unique on the market, and attract their own customers, ones who are looking for something different than what they have already experienced says Edmonton but keeping.

The sooner business owners can do this, the sooner their sales pitch no longer becomes forced, pushy or even aggressive. By simply explaining to their ideal and likely customers why they are different, and then exceeding expectations, business owners will be able to sell products and services, and then attract more ideal and likely customers because those customers that have our happy will spread the word.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Is a Businesses Differentiation Factor

One of the mistakes that business owners often make is thinking that they can sell to every single customer that walks into their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And by trying to be everything to everyone. Not only is this not possible, but it’s also exhausting. It will leave a business owner feeling like they are failing, and not being able to focus on customer service or their clients. Therefore, business owners needs to figure out why they wants to be different than their competition, and then do those things to an extremely high degree. When they attract customers, it will be because they are looking for those differences, and they will be unhappy that they haven’t been able to find it yet.

By focussing on what makes them difference and doing that well, can help ensure that business owners will be able to find their customer base more easily, then by trying to Market to every person says Edmonton bookkeeping. No matter how broad their business is, or how well like their product maybe, they are never going to be able to have every single customer buy from them. For an example, as inoffensive as ice cream is, not every customer that walks into the business will like ice cream, will like the price point, or will want to buy. They might be lactose intolerant, or maybe watching their sugar intake. Therefore, business owners need to understand that not everyone is going to be a customer and that’s okay.

Many entrepreneurs often avoid the sales aspect of their business, because they dread being a salesperson. They often get into business for themselves says Edmonton bookkeeping, because they are extremely good and passionate about the product or service that they sell. They don’t want to have to sell products. However, nobody is as knowledgeable or passionate about their product or service than the business owner who created them. Therefore, business owners needs to be that sales person. But it doesn’t have to be salesy, meaning it doesn’t have to be pushy or aggressive. When business owners are able to identify who their ideal customer is, and what problem they are solving with their purchase, business owners simply have to be a conduit of information, sharing that information with the ideal customers that walk through their doors.

The sooner business owners are able to do this in their organization, the sooner they’re going to be able to generate Revenue in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. When they do this, they will be able to significantly overcome the number one reason for business failure, which is not being able to find their customer base. When business owners are able to easily overcome this obstacle, they will be able to be more likely to overcome the 50% failure rate that Canadian businesses face.

The sooner business owners are able to identify who their ideal and likely buyers are, the sooner they’re going to be able to generate that Revenue. If a business owner thinks that they can wait until halfway through their year, or wait until their first year anniversary to do this, it may be too late says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because 15% of businesses fail before their first year is up. Making it extremely important that entrepreneurs do this as quickly as possible, ideally before they even open the doors to their business.