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In order to help ensure that a business owner is able to not only attract, but keep great employees, Edmonton bookkeeping says they need to understand what their employees are looking for as well. In fact, half of all businesses that start up in Canada will fail, and 23% of those failed businesses will say that staffing problems was the reason why they failed. In fact, Jim Collins, who is the author of 6 business books including the best seller good to great wrote in one of those books: those who build great companies understand the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It is the one thing above all others: the ability to get and keep enough of the right people.

In order to help business owner ensure that they are keeping staff, they also need to understand what that staff is looking for in their job experience. When a business owner can figure that out, they are more likely to keep their employees. In fact, business owners are sometimes surprised to realize that people do not quit jobs, they quit their bosses. Therefore, finding out what is important to an employee, can help ensure that they are happier work, and less likely to find fault with their boss and leave a job.

While it is not always necessary for a business owner to require their employees to like them. Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is easier when it is that way. However, business owners need to realize that liking someone and respecting someone are 2 different things. Not everyone gets along with each other, and a business owner will find it is impossible for everyone to like a person all of the time. However, building a relationship with the employee based on a foundation of mutual respect is going to be an important aspect of having a great relationship, no matter what happens in the business.

In order for a business owner to create that mutual respect, they need to first be modelling the behaviour they wish to see in their employees says Edmonton bookkeeping. This often means working hard, and modelling that behaviour to employees. Staff will be able to see if an entrepreneur is actually working hard or not, and that will help them form an opinion about their boss. If they are working hard, and consistently demonstrating the values of the company, that can help the employees feel respect. Therefore, having a relationship based on respect, means that a business owner can end up having disagreements with their employee, or hold them accountable, without derailing the entire relationship.

Business owners can help keep their employees, when they realize that it is very important to build a foundation of respect. By starting off the relationship with respect, means that even if they do not like each other all of the time, they are going to be less likely to lose an employee over that disagreement. Therefore, a business owner should creates that foundation of respect, even before they have their first staff member higher, so that it can become 2nd nature to model that behaviour early on.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Do Employees Want Out Of Their Work Experience

In order to help employers find out what their employees want out of their work experience says Edmonton bookkeeping can help a business owner keep staff. The way this works, is when they find out what is important to their employees, and then being able to provide that to their employees, they will end up keeping their staff for longer than they would if they did not give employees those things.

This does not mean that what they have to give their employees are catering to their every want, or avoiding conflict says Edmonton bookkeeping. But what helps keep employees happy in business may be surprising to many business owners.

The first thing that business owners need to understand, is that what keeps employees happiest, is knowing that they are actually making a difference in their work. No matter what the job is, or what the environment is, employees gain motivation from understanding that they are making a difference to their employer. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should communicate regularly and often to the employees about how they are making a difference to their business. This does not have to be are shattering or very significant things, but even being told that their hard work was noticed and appreciated can go a long way says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Ultimately, a business owner who gives their staff opportunities for growth and learning, will find that that can also be a huge motivator. When employees realize that they can learn new skills, grow and take on new tasks at work, they can enjoy their work more, and put more effort into it. They also will realize that the more that they are able to achieve, will give them a goal to get, improving the quality of their through the ranks of the company, they can end up being highly motivated to accomplish tasks work as well is Edmonton bookkeeping. Ultimately, if employees are given the opportunity to grow.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are giving employees opportunities to grow, and letting them know when what they do makes a difference says Edmonton bookkeeping. Finally, giving their employees a compelling reason to do what they do, can be an extremely motivating factor as well says Edmonton bookkeeping. People want to have a reason for why they do what they are doing, not just how to do it well, but why. By giving them a powerful why, can help inspire them to work very hard.

When business owners understand what employees want to get out of work, they will be much more likely to work hard, be happy, and not leave an environment that they feel appreciated and effective.