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Claiming income tax as a proprietor can help minimize the taxes that a person has to pay say Edmonton bookkeeping. Why this might be important, is if a person has earned any income in the past year that was untaxed, and they want to minimize the taxes that they have to pay on it. Also, a common situation is when an employee realizes at the end of the year, that their employer has not been taking the source deductions off of their paychecks properly. Regardless of the reason, people who have earned income that is not yet taxed can claim that they are proprietors on their tax return in order to minimize the amount of taxes that they have to pay to Canada revenue agency.

Many people are not sure what a proprietorship is, and why they should claim that on their personal taxes. Edmonton bookkeeping says that a proprietorship is an unincorporated business, and it remains legally attached to a personís property, and there tax requirements. That means, that a proprietorship must file their taxes alongside the business owners’ personal taxes. The reason why a person would want to claim that they are proprietors on their taxes is that it can minimize the amount of taxes that they have to pay on any untaxed income they earned. Instead of filing it personally, and paying whatever personal tax rate they will need to pay, they can claim a proprietorship, and claim a variety of business and personal expenses to minimize the taxes that they can pay. Therefore, the reason why a person would want to claim that they have a proprietorship is to be able to minimize the taxes that they pay.

One significant way that they can minimize taxes as a proprietor says Edmonton bookkeeping, is by utilizing income splitting with their spouse. Depending on how much on taxed income a person earns, and how much money their spouse also earns in a year, they can strategize to figure out how much income each person is going to claim, to minimize the amount of taxes. They are going to want to ensure that no one person is bumped up to new tax brackets, and this can be exceptionally beneficial if the spouse is not earning an income at the time. If this is the case, they may choose to allow the spouse to claim the entire untaxed amount, in order to keep the taxes as low as possible.

Another great option that businesses have that are proprietors, is that they can actually claim noncapital losses in their business. Edmonton bookkeeping says that not only can they do this going forward, but they can also carry losses backward up to three years. Which can allow them to strategize on which year they would like to carry their lost two, in order to help them claim a loss on the years that will allow them to get money back on their taxes? By doing this, they can significantly minimize the amount of taxes that they have to pay.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Claiming Taxes As A Proprietor Can Do

One reason why a person might want to claim their income taxes as a proprietor says Edmonton bookkeeping, is if they have earned any untaxed income in their business. They might want to claim that they are a proprietor in order to minimize the taxes on that amount, but they also might want to claim as a proprietor in order to benefit from being able to claim a variety of expenses on their taxes, in order to pay less taxes.

Many people wonder what the minimum threshold is for claiming proprietorship on their personal taxes. Luckily, there is no minimum threshold which means anyone that has earned any amount of income ever in the previous year can use that to claim proprietorship on their taxes. If they have ever accepted money that is not been taxed can count towards this. It can be great for people who work occasionally as a massage therapist or hairdresser from home, but it can also count for people who housecleaning occasionally for friends or family or someone who has shoveled snow for a sick neighbor and accepted a small sum of money for it. This can be enough to claim them as a proprietor.

As a proprietor, people are able to claim a variety of business expenses. The business portion of any travel they have done, rent from their home-office, mileage as well as meals and entertainment. They need to ensure that they are keeping extremely good track of all of their expenses, including receipts and notes on those receipts. They also need to keep a very specific mileage record, including things such as the date of travel, the purpose of their travel, the entire distance is driven, as well as where they were coming from and where they are going, because Canada revenue agency has rules on how they can count that mileage. It must be business-related, it can not include commuting to and from work, so the more details a person keeps, the better.

A person will also be able to claim capital cost allowance on their vehicle if they are using it for business purposes, and any additional equipment that they purchased in order to do their job. This can help people get money back, which can count against the taxes that they need to pay Canada revenue agency.

They can also claim a variety of personal expenses on their personal taxes says Edmonton bookkeeping. If they have a home office, they need to calculate what the square footage of that home-office is, and then calculate what percentage that home-office is compared to the rest of the house. They can take that percentage and claim that amount of their utility bills, phone bill, Internet bill condo fees, property taxes and rent or mortgage. This cannot create a loss for a proprietor, they can only claim is much as they earn, but this can be the tipping point for helping a proprietor completely minimize the amount of taxes that they have to pay on their personal taxes.