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There’s an extremely sharp learning curve when it comes to growing a business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And the better an entrepreneur can do these things, the more successful their business will be. In fact, many entrepreneurs struggle with this and fail because of it.

Business owners should keep in mind the high failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada. While 15% of all entrepreneurs will fail in their first year. Half of all business owners will be out of business by the time year five comes along. The most common reasons why entrepreneurs are failing is because they are running out of money. And they are also not finding the customers for their business.

There for business owners needs to learn how to Market their business effectively. So that they can find enough customers to increase the revenue of their business and grow. This requires a solid business plan with a marketing aspect to it. And business owners must work as soon as they open the doors to their business to bring this plan to fruition.

One of the first business misconceptions that’s entrepreneurs should not believe is that they will be able to grow their business forever based on word-of-mouth referrals. While Word of Mouth referrals are important says Edmonton bookkeeping. They are also not a viable way for an entrepreneur to grow their business.

Word-of-mouth referrals are a great indication to a business owner that they have fans of their products and services. Customers who enjoy the business so much, that they want to share it with their family and friends. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that in order for a business owner to grow their business, they need thousands of leads. And they won’t be able to consistently do that on Word of Mouth alone.

However, Edmonton bookkeeping does say that business owners should understand the value of Google reviews. They harness the power of word-of-mouth referrals. And merge it with the effectiveness of online advertising. And since 88% of all consumers look at a business’s Google reviews before they make a purchasing decision. It is extremely powerful And should not be discounted as effective.

In fact, even word-of-mouth referrals will look at the Google reviews prior to making their purchasing decision. Making using Google reviews and importance marketing strategy. All they have to do, is ask every customer who is happy with the customer service they received to leave a Google review.

If they create a script for every employee to use when that customer is finishing their transaction. This is going to be a viable way for a business owner to help turn leads into customers. And significantly grow their business.

Open doors learn what they should believe as well as what they shouldn’t believe. They’re going to be far more better off in their ability to grow a successful business says Edmonton bookkeeping. By continually learning, business owners will be able to know what today needs to do to be successful.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What Business Owners Need to Learn

Helping entrepreneurs succeed can be as simple as helping them understand what they should not believe about business ownership says Edmonton bookkeeping. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what business owners should be doing to grow a successful business. And a lot of them are not true. Therefore, business owners should learn what the untruths are. And what they should be doing instead to grow a business.

If business owners think about these misconceptions, they will realize how wrong they are. But they are powerful because they sound very plausible. Therefore, it’s extremely important for business owners to understand what they should not be doing in business so that they can focus on what they should be doing.

One of the first things that business owners often believe, is that in order to increase their cash flow. It’s okay to not pay their bills or taxes in a timely fashion. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this one sounds like it’s ridiculous on the surface. But the number of business owners that are using this method to grow their business is incredible.

They believe that if they don’t pay bills, they will have additional cash in the bank that they can use for other things like growing their business. However this is an extremely dangerous way to grow business and is actually far more likely to end up and destroying a business rather than growing it.

Not only will businesses get a poor reputation if they don’t pay their suppliers or their employees in a timely fashion. But they could be causing distress to their employees, who have their own bills to pay such as rent and car payments. As well as buying food.

But if an entrepreneur was to fail to pay suppliers such as fellow entrepreneurs like themselves. They should imagine what it would feel like if their own customers did not pay them in a timely fashion. And what kind of damage that might do to their business.

They might not end up having any more employees, who would likely quit says Edmonton bookkeeping. And their suppliers might refuse to have that business as a customer any longer. Because of their inability to pay bills on time.

Something else that business owners should take into consideration before they implement this strategy into their business. Is if they are not paying taxes. The trouble they will get in with Canada Revenue Agency Will trump every other problem they will have. Not only are fines Steep and penalties twist for entrepreneurs who are failing to pay taxes. But it’s can put them under a mountain of debt so large, that it affects and entrepreneurs ability to function.

If an entrepreneur gets hit with penalties and fines from Canada Revenue Agency. They often will be forced to close their business. Simply because they’ve run out of money.

Therefore, not paying bills or taxes is a very poor way for entrepreneurs to increase the cash flow of their business. Edmonton bookkeeping suggest that if entrepreneurs are experiencing a cash crunch. That they either do some collection calls. Or engage in some revenue-generating activities such as increased marketing as well as increased cold calls to generate more revenue for their business.