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Even though moving expenses can be claimed on people’s personal tax return says Edmonton bookkeeping. People should not make the assumption that simply because they moved, they are able to claim these amounts themselves.

In fact, Canada’s revenue agency has several requirements that people must meet in order to be able to claim their moving expenses on their taxes.

One of the determining factors is if a person has moved at least 40 km closer to their workplace. This does not need to be due to a brand-new job, or a promotion. It can just a person who wishes to spend less time traveling to work. And more time with their family.

However, it is very important that they keep in mind that it is not the total distance of the move. It is the fact that they also have to be getting 40 km closer.

The next requirement that they must satisfy in order to claim their moving expenses. Is that they need to ensure that it is a domestic move. If they are moving from outside the country to Canada. Even if they had previously lived in Canada. Or are a Canadian citizen. This is not a valid moving expense.

They also have to ensure that they are not already getting reimbursed by anybody else. Whether it is their boss at their company that is reimbursing them. Or if they are business owners and over a corporation that is going to pay them back.

After all of those requirements are met. Canada revenue agency also requires that if they had owned the home that they are moving away from. That they sell it before they claim their expenses. And if they are unable to sell it. That they be able to provide documentation proving that they tried selling it.

Once someone has met all of the requirements to be able to claim their moving expenses. Edmonton bookkeeping says there is actually a maximum amount that they can claim. So even if a person has amassed a large having expense. That does not necessarily mean they are going to be able to claim the entire thing.

In fact, the amount that they can claim is limited to their net income. However, one thing that they can keep in mind is that if they have not reported a full year of income. Canada revenue agency allows them to carry forward their expenses to the next year.

This means if they stand to make more money in the next year. It might be more advantageous for a person not to claim their moving expenses in the current year. But wait until they have more income reported. So that they can claim more expenses as well.

Because of how complex this issue is. It might be the most advantageous for us and who is going to claim moving expenses. To hire and Edmonton bookkeeping company. Who will be able to navigate the tax laws for them? So that they can end up claiming the most moving expenses that they can. So they can get the best tax benefits.

What Can We Do For Edmonton Bookkeeping?

If a person is going to claim moving expenses says Edmonton bookkeeping. And they know that they are eligible because they have met all of the requirements. They then need to understand what classifies as a valid moving expense.

This is important because there can be a wide variety of expenses that a person might not be aware of. And there can be limits on other expenses keep them from claiming is much as they think they are entitled to.

While many people understand that they can claim the fuel that they purchase while they are moving. As well as claim the meals and their accommodations during the move. There are even more traveling expenses that they are able to claim on their income taxes.

For example, if they needed to increase their insurance the move. Or if they needed to do some routine maintenance on their vehicle. Such as tires, oil changes and engine tuneups. These can all be considered vehicle and travel expenses on their income tax.

And while many people are aware of the temporary living expenses that they can claim. Such as having to stay in a hotel once they arrive at their new location. Because they are scheduled to take possession of their home the following day says Edmonton bookkeeping.

People need to keep in mind that they can only claim up to fifteen days of temporary living expenses. So if they have more than that. They may not be able to claim all of them.

However, there are some expenses that are quite surprising. And can help a person maximize the amount that they are going to claim. Some are called incidental costs. And can include things like utility disconnection and reconnection fees. As well as the costs associated with getting a new driver’s licenses or identification cards. With their new address on it.

Even if a person was unsuccessful in selling their home before they moved. And they had to hire a real estate broker. Once there home sells, they will be able to claim the real estate brokers commission. In addition to that, any legal fees or registration fees they incurred out of the sale of their home can be considered a moving cost.

The person did not sell their house immediately. In addition to the cost of hiring a real estate broker. People might incur a variety of costs associated with the ends. Including paying for the property taxes, utilities, and landscapers to come in and of the lawn before the sale of the house is complete.

Because of how many different expenses there are. Especially ones that people might not think are valid moving expenses. The hiring Edmonton bookkeeping company. People can ensure that they claim as many of their expenses as possible. So that they can end up getting the best benefit of claiming these expenses on their income tax.