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Many entrepreneurs may not understand how significant the problem of not being able to find the right staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, CB insights reviewed essays from failed entrepreneurs, and they found that half of all entrepreneurs that open businesses in Canada failed, and 23% of all the failed entrepreneurs indicated that the contributing factor to their business failure was not being able to find the right staff for their business. There is an easy way for entrepreneurs to combat this problem, they just have to be willing to schedule a group interview every single week in their business.

Many entrepreneurs question the value of scheduling a group interview every single week when they are not necessarily hiring, but Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is extremely vital in helping entrepreneurs meet the sheer number of people required to find the right one fit in their business. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet a minimum of a hundred people before they find one good candidate for their organization. By keeping an eye out for suitable candidates all the time, entrepreneurs are maximizing their chances of finding that one right person.

Also, it can help the current staff members be assured that they are never going to have to work with poor people because the business is always looking for the best people. Also, it can help poor performers either pull up their slack or leave the organization because they know they will eventually be replaced when the entrepreneur finds someone suitable to replace them.

Also, Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is very important for entrepreneurs to realize that even giving up in our every week for group interview is going to end up taking far less time than conventional interviews where they have to review every resume, and then interview potential candidates one on one as there able to slot them into their schedule. Therefore, business owners can keep in mind that group interviews are an efficient way of meeting a significant amount of people to help them find the best fit for their business.

In order for entrepreneurs to start the process, they just need to time block that group interview timeslots and advertise for applicants. Instead of reading every single resume that comes in, entrepreneurs simply can invite all applicants to the group interview. Applicants will be asked to bring a resume, and once an entrepreneur has met all the applicants they can then read the resume of the people that they are interested in.

By maximizing the number of people that an entrepreneur is meeting on a regular basis, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners are increasing their chances of meeting the right person in the right fit for their business. Even if they are not hiring immediately in their business, they are developing a pool of people that they can call on if the need ever does arise unexpectedly in the future.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | What An Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Group Interviews

If business owners are only employing conventional interviews, they may find that they do not have enough time to meet enough great candidateís, that they end up hiring the wrong fit for their business to avoid being short-staffed says Edmonton bookkeeping. However, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that hiring the wrong fit is worse than being short-staffed. However, if entrepreneurs implement weekly group interviews, they will be prepared for any occasion that they will need to hire someone whether an employee gives notice, or they are experiencing a growth in their business.

Since entrepreneurs never really know when a staff member might give notice says Edmonton bookkeeping, by having weekly group interviews can help an entrepreneur be ready with applicants for that eventuality. Even the best employee might leave the organization through no fault of anyoneís such as an illness, injury or a spouse getting transferred for example. Instead of starting the hiring process from scratch, an entrepreneur already has weekly interviews scheduled, with applicants slotted in, which increases their chances of finding the right person sooner.

It also saves time by meeting several people at the same time. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs read out to the company values in a group interview so that all applicants know what the company stands for. If the company values are written in a way to not appeal to everyone, they stand a better chance of attracting the people who hold the same values as they do chances are those applicants will indicate that in the group interview so that entrepreneurs can be certain that those are a better fit for the organization.

They also should ensure that all the applicants get the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want so that they can feel comfortable that they have found out as much information as they want that can help them decide if that is an organization they like to work for. Since many candidates often have the same question, it can cut down on the repeat questions that may have a one on one interview. And some candidate’s questions will trigger other questions from other candidates. This is an important part of the interview that an entrepreneur should be sure not to skip.

At the end of the interview, Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs should have one question prepared to ask each applicant. Make sure the one question is going to tell an entrepreneur a lot about the candidates and to keep the type of answer they would like to hear in mind. This way, if one of the candidateís answers that way it is much more easy to identify.

Ultimately, at the end of the interview, an entrepreneur might have some favorites, but the only way that a business owner is going to be able to tell if they actually are going to be right fit for their business is to bring them in on a job shadow. This way, not only can the entrepreneur see their work ethic is, they can also see their personality to determine if they are going to be a great fit for their business or not.