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If entrepreneurs are using an Edmonton bookkeeping company, they should expect to get once or twice a month interim financial statements that show an entrepreneur the financial state of their business. Business owners may not understand why they are getting these interim financial statements, or what information is on them, so they tend to ignore them. However, entrepreneurs should be able to read these interim financial statements in order to gain an understanding of what is going on in their business so that they can make plans on what they need to do to grow their business, or avoid problems. The two interim financial statements that an entrepreneur will receive is an income statement and a balance sheet.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs tend to have a better understanding of the income statement, and therefore use that in order to make their financial decisions in their business. However, while the income statement has important information on it, business owners need to first look at their balance sheet. The balance sheet can be where entrepreneurs gain a deeper understanding of their finances and catch errors. It is possible to catch errors on their balance sheets that are impossible to catch simply by looking at their income statements. The best way to review financial statements is to read and understand the balance sheet, and then take a look at the income statement to gain a complete understanding of their finances. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs to be able to do to understand specifically what activities an entrepreneur needs to do to positively impact the finances of their business.

The first thing entrepreneurs should understand is learning what information specifically is going to be included in their balance sheet. The first thing is the assets of the corporation, and the way the assets are organized is important. The assets that are most easily turned liquid will be first so that means cash. All of the bank accounts of the business should be listed here. However, entrepreneurs should understand that there should not be very many bank accounts for their corporation. Best practices are that an entrepreneur has one corporate checking account that they use for business expenses. An entrepreneur may choose to have a savings account, but that says many bank accounts as is needed. More accounts make it more difficult for business owners to keep track of, and increases the bank expenses. Other assets listed here will be the Accounts Receivable of the corporation which is all of the money that an entrepreneur is owed for products and services that they have invoiced in their corporation and are waiting for a payment on. It is important that entrepreneurs keep track of this information as well, they do not want to have a high Accounts Receivable that has been outstanding for a long period of time.

Completely understanding the balance sheet of the Edmonton Bookkeeping corporation can help entrepreneurs decide what financial activities they need to do in their business either to avoid financial problems or to help them grow their business proactively.

Learning how to read the interim financial statements of the corporation including income statement and balance sheets is extremely important according to Edmonton bookkeeping. By gaining basic business financial literacy, entrepreneurs can significantly impact their business finances when they are able to understand what is going on financially in their business. 50% of all entrepreneurs fail before their fifth year in business, and the second most common reason entrepreneurs say their business is failed is because they run out of money in their business. By learning how to read to their balance sheet, can help business owners avoid this fate.

Their balance sheet will give an overview of all of the assets of the corporation, the liabilities of the corporation and the equity. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners should pay special attention to the liabilities of the corporation because that can help entrepreneurs understand if their business is growing, or if they need to cut expenses. The first thing entrepreneurs should understand that their liabilities will show them is what they owe in terms of bills. This should show their credit card bills and all invoices that they received whether it has been utility bills, phone, and Internet, or if they are the bills that they incurred by buying the materials for making their products. It is extremely important that entrepreneurs pay attention to this when looking at their balance sheet, and especially compare it to previous months. Entrepreneurs should not see this growing exponentially from month-to-month, because it could mean that they are unable to pay their bills. However, if an entrepreneur is able to see that this number is growing, but so was their revenue, that is an indication that they are selling more products which is the reason for the increased bills.

Other Edmonton Bookkeeping liabilities that entrepreneurs should see on their balance sheet include payroll because as much as their employees are an asset, having to pay them a wage, counts as a financial liability on their balance sheet. Loans should be listed in their liabilities including principal payments and interest charges. Any taxes that an entrepreneur owes should also be listed here. This is another area where entrepreneurs should keep an eye to ensure that it is not if an entrepreneur sees that their tax section is increasing month-to-month, it could also be an indication that they are not paying those tax bills which could be a problem. By understanding the information in their balance sheets can help entrepreneurs find out their business is increasing their revenue if they should cut expenses so that they can avoid running out of money and strategize what they need to do in order to grow their business. If business owners are not able to find out the financial state of their business, how will they ever be able to choose a direction to point their business in order to succeed?