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It may be a problem that many entrepreneurs are facing says Edmonton bookkeeping. Understanding what they have to do in their business to keep great staff happy. However, not only is it a question about understanding what they can do to keep their staff, but also why staff and up leaving. When a business owner understands that, they can create a plan around what they are going to do to create an environment that employees will love looking in, and will ultimately stay because of.

Business owners should not be surprised when they learn that the number one reason why people quit their jobs, is because they do not like their employer, or the management. However, Edmonton bookkeeping says that does not mean that business owners need to cater to their staff, or avoid conflict with them in order to ensure that they are happy. It is much more important for an entrepreneur to create a cooperative work environment, that is based on mutual respect. That only will employees be happier working in a respectful environment, but a cooperative environment will also ensure that they are inspired to work harder as well. Not only that, but disagreements and headbutting is a normal part of business. Especially when an entrepreneur is growing their business, they should expect a certain amount of friction, as a byproduct of success.

Therefore, a business owner should work to ensure that they have a respectful environment early on in their business ownership. This means, not only creating a list of values that they believe is important to their organization and not only modelling those values, but communicating them consistently. But also, Edmonton bookkeeping says it is important for business owners to also be modelling the kind of behaviour they wish to see in their staff as well. This is important to do early on of the business, even before they need to hire their first staff member. Edmonton bookkeeping says that by doing this, business owners can build that into the fabric of their business, and how it be added regular part of their company culture.

When entrepreneurs are creating their business, they should have a compelling mission is going to help give them the reason why they are doing what they are doing. But also, Edmonton bookkeeping says that this compelling mission is important for employees as well. Many employees gain their motivation from understanding why they are doing what they are doing. By having a mission to work towards, not only can be a unifying goal between employer and employees, but help employees work together in order to accomplish that goal as well. By having a motivation can help employees work even harder.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners need to deliberately set this environment, so that as soon as they hire their first employee, they can have a respectful environment, where they are seeing the behaviour modelled for them, as well as being communicated on what their expectations are, and why they are doing what they are doing. When a business owner can do this, they are taking the first steps to ensuring happiness of their staff.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Understanding What Motivates Their Staff

Business owners should understand that they are not going to attract or keep great people by accident says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, 23% of failed businesses say this is the main reason their business failed. Therefore, business owners should understand that they need to take deliberate actions to build an environment that will help their employees stay.

One of the first things that a business owner should understand, is that it is not possible for their employees to like them all the time. In fact, if there is not a certain amount of headbutting, that should be a cause for concern that they are not invested in their job says Edmonton bookkeeping. Headbutting can happen when business owner asks their staff to do something they do not want to do, when they hold them accountable, or when they push them to achieve more. And while this headbutting is a normal part of work environment, as long as there is a foundation of mutual respect, it is not going to end up in the employee leaving.

However, it is important to note that business owners need to hold their staff accountable to a set of standards. This is to ensure that not only the staff know what the expectations are, but that their repercussions if they do not live up to them. And there might be natural resentment that occurs when a business owner first has to hold their staff accountable for the first time. They might feel picked on, or simply uncomfortable by being called out. However, an entrepreneur needs to understand that when they hold their staff accountable, ultimately, there is a respect their because employees will have been communicated what they should be doing. And ultimately, when other employees see that there is accountability, they will ensure that they do it they can to avoid that uncomfortable encounter themselves says Edmonton bookkeeping.

The next thing that business owners should be doing, is encouraging their staff to grow. But only can entrepreneurs business flourish when their staff learn and grow. But also, that can be extremely motivational to employees, to be able to grow themselves. Therefore, not only is it important for business owners to provide growth opportunities says Edmonton bookkeeping. But they also might need to push their staff out of their comfort zone to achieve those goals. While some employees may resent being pushed, and might end up leaving the business altogether, this should be a huge indicator says Edmonton bookkeeping that there the wrong fit to help an entrepreneur grow their own business.

By knowing what motivates their staff can help business owners create that environment, so that their staff can feel comfortable in growing, accomplishing goals, which will motivate them to stay with that employer, and see in what other ways they can grow and impact their business.