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There are many things that business owners may need to learn when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And one of the most important things to learn is how to understand business finances.

Not only does understanding business finances allow an entrepreneur to make more informed decisions. But because of 29% of all failed business owners in Canada. Attribute their lack of success to writing out of money in their business.

There can be many causes of running out of money in their business. From pricing their products or services solo that they do not cover their direct costs, or their overhead costs. Perhaps their pricing is great, but they were not able to attract enough customers.

If entrepreneurs do not understand what their margins should be at, or how to control costs. An entrepreneur might have to price their products and services so high to cover their costs. But at that price customers would not by them. They might not understand that they need to cut a lot of their costs. Such as their overhead.

Therefore, the sooner an entrepreneur can understand more finances in their business. It can help them make better decisions in their business. That not only can have them avoid failure. But can actually help them apply the information that they have learned to help increase the revenue and grow their business.

One of the important things that an entrepreneur can do to achieve this is learn how to do some basic bookkeeping in their business. By purchasing the same accounting software that their Edmonton bookkeeping company uses. Can help an entrepreneur start doing some basic things in their business. That will help them gain a better understanding.

When they use the same accounting software as their bookkeeping company. They will be confident that when they send their files to have the interim financial statements completed. There will be less errors due to switching from one software to another.

As well, when an entrepreneur learns to do some of the basic bookkeeping themselves. They will be able to understand what their bookkeeper is doing. And asked questions such as why there are irregularities on their interim financial statements month-to-month. Perhaps the bookkeeper can explain very easily. And perhaps they cannot.

If an entrepreneur is unable to get an explanation from their Edmonton bookkeeping company about why there are irregularities in their interim financial statements. It could be perhaps that the bookkeeper does not understand the business or the industry they are in.

If a bookkeeper does not understand the industry that businesses in, it could cause the financial statements to be wrong. And when an entrepreneur use them to make decisions in their business. They might make poor decisions that could be very costly.

This is why it is very important for an entrepreneur to understand some basic bookkeeping. Not only so that they can make more informed decisions. But so that they can look at their financial statements and know what questions to ask. So that they can verify that they are the most accurate financial statements for their purpose.

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If entrepreneurs open the doors to their business and lack an understanding of business finances says Edmonton bookkeeping. They may be putting their business at risk before they even are open for very long.

The reason why, is because it is very important for an entrepreneur to understand their business finances. So that before they make any financial decisions in their business. They will be able to look at the statements and understand if they can afford to make that decision.

The might also be able to look at their financial statements and realize they need to increase their revenue. And so they will put more time and effort into their marketing plan. So that they can attract more customers.

It can help an entrepreneur understand if their costs are too high. And help them understand how profitable they are, or not. And what they can do to change that.

In order to be able to learn all of that. Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs learn how to read their interim financial statements. What this will do, is help an entrepreneur understand the overall health of their business. As well as what the profitability within a certain timeframe of their business is.

The financial statement that tells the entrepreneur the overall health of their business is called the balance sheet. It should be the first interim financial statement that an entrepreneur reads. Before they make a financial decisions in their business.

The balance sheet shows a list of the entrepreneur’s assets, liabilities, and equity of the business in that order. Ultimately, if they have more assets and liabilities. That means that the business is in a positive position. And if they have more liabilities than assets. An entrepreneur should consider the nature of the liabilities.

For example, if the liabilities a business are there so that the entrepreneur could purchase an asset necessary for the business. That is a better liability. Then if an entrepreneur has liabilities because they are unable to pay a lot of their bills.

The financial statement that shows down the profitability of the business is the income statement according to Edmonton bookkeeping. This shows how much money and entrepreneur has in revenue, and what their direct and overhead costs are. This information will tell the entrepreneur if their business is profitable based on their net income and net loss.

These two statements are very powerful. That an entrepreneur should be reading them before making any financial decision in their business. So that they can understand if they have the finances to make that decision. Or if they do not, and what can they do to change that. Whether it is engaging in revenue generating activities. More calling customers who owe the money to ask them to pay.

The sooner an entrepreneur can understand these interim financial statements in their business. The sooner an entrepreneur is going to be able to make more informed decisions in their business. That not only can help them avoid failure. But can also help them be proactive in growing their business and their business revenue.