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It is extremely important that entrepreneurs understand what accounts payable are, and how to keep track of them their accounting system says Edmonton bookkeeping. By understanding how their accounts payable works, entrepreneurs can keep track of the payments that they need to make, so that they can ensure that they are payments to their vendors are done in a timely manner, and they avoid double-paying invoices.

The first thing that entrepreneurs should understand is what and accounts payable is. It is a liability for an amount they owe to any vendor for goods or services that they have purchased and not paid for yet. It is any purchase that they have made and was not paid right away. Examples of accounts payable could be office supplies that were ordered and delivered had an invoice sent, or even utility bills and bills like phone or Internet. These are all considered accounts payable. There considered short term loans but should be kept separate from other longer-term loans such as bank loans or vehicle loans.

A business owner should expect to see the accounts payable show up on their balance sheets in the liability section. It will stay in that area of their balance sheet until they have made the payments. When they do make the payments, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they should see that while their cash on the balance sheet decreases, so should the amount owing in the accounts payable section. Any time the business owner pays their vendors, they should watch the balance sheet to ensure that the cash that has been dispersed matches the amount that they owe is decreased by.

By having a good bookkeeping process, it can help entrepreneurs stay organized so that they can have a clear view of everything that they owe, and can make their accounts payable less stressful. By keeping track of all bills that they receive, and entering them right away into their accounting software such as QuickBooks, business owners can ensure that their balance sheets are kept up-to-date and organize on a regular basis. It is important that business owners look at their balance sheet over they make any purchases, or disburse any payments, so ensuring that they have all of their bills and invoices added into their accounting software as they are received, can help a business owner ensure that they have the most accurate and up-to-date balance sheet available to make their decisions with.

When entrepreneurs ensure that their accounts payable is organized and up-to-date, Edmonton bookkeeping says that they can ensure that the payments that they make our accurate and timely, so that business owners can ensure that they are staying on top of their payments. By doing this, they can ensure that the rest of their business finances are being kept accurate, and organized that business owners can see an adequate financial picture of their business any time they need to look at it to make financial decisions in their business.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Understanding Accounts Payable

In order for an entrepreneur to ensure that their balance sheet is kept up-to-date and accurate at all times, Edmonton bookkeeping recommends business owners develop an organized system of tracking all of their invoices and bills in their company. By staying organized, entrepreneurs can ensure that their financial records are always accurate and that there able to ensure timely and accurate payments of all of the bills that they owe.

In order for entrepreneurs to have a very organized system of receiving invoices, they should understand a system called a three-way match. There are three different reports that a business owner should get when they make a purchase, at various points of the purchase. By keeping track of each of these reports, they can ensure that they are receiving products properly, and entering in what they owe to their accounting software like QuickBooks accurately and timely. The first thing that entrepreneurs should understand they will receive when they make a purchase, is a purchase order. This is prepared by the seller, and its purpose is to communicate to the purchaser what is being ordered. A proper purchase order should include a reference number, the date that the purchase was made, the company name, the vendor name, as well as a contact name and phone number. The purchase order should include specifics of the purchase such as the description of the item that is being purchased, the quantity, the unit price as well as the final price, the shipping method and the date needed by. There might be other components of the purchase order, depending on the company and the product being purchased says Edmonton bookkeeping. When entrepreneurs make a purchase, they should expect to receive a purchase order, and keep track of it carefully.

The second thing that entrepreneurs will receive is a receiving report. This is a document that entrepreneurs should expect to receive along with the product that is shipped. Should have all of the information that matches the purchase order, except when it comes to the items that were included, it should only include the items that were shipped. This is vital says Edmonton bookkeeping for business owners to keep track of because they may have received a partial order. Partial orders will mean entrepreneurs will get multiple receiving reports. When an entrepreneur receives this report, they should match it to their purchase order, and ensure that they have received all parts of the purchase.

Once all of the parts of the purchase have been sent and received, the supplier will provide an invoice to the purchaser. This is going to tell entrepreneurs the total amount that they owe, and this is the amount that business owners should put into the accounting software that they are using. They should ensure that the purchase order and the receiving report matches, and all components are received, once that is the case then they can verify the accuracy of the invoice.

By understanding this three-way matching system, Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs can ensure that the invoices that they receive are accurate, and include everything that they purchased, that nothing was left shipped and that the invoice reflects that. They can ensure that their invoices are and they can be entered into QuickBooks verifying that the amount owing is accurate.