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It is not just enough for entrepreneurs to understand what the information on a balance sheet says Edmonton bookkeeping, but also what to do with that information. By completely understanding not only what is on a balance sheet, but how that impacts and entrepreneurs business can significantly help entrepreneurs make more informed financial decisions in their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should see on their balance sheet is a list of all of their assets including the cash that they have in their bank accounts. One of the first things that entrepreneurs should know when it comes to their bank accounts is that they should have one or maybe to business bank accounts and that is it. One should be the checking account where all of the business transactions have been. The other account should be a savings account that entrepreneurs can use to help save money for various reasons says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Once an entrepreneur understands how much cash they have in their business, they can use that information to make decisions like if they have enough money to make asset purchases, or if they can afford to disburse payments, pay vendors or run payroll. The reason why it is so important to know this, instead of looking at their bank account, for instance, is because while the bank accounts will show the amount of money that is currently in the account at that exact moment, it does not take into consideration any outstanding transactions that still need to clear. Transactions such as cash disbursements, or checks that are waiting to be cashed can significantly impact the business owner says Edmonton bookkeeping. If an entrepreneur looks at their bank balance and then decides to make a significant asset purchase, they run the risk of triggering bounced payments, which could significantly impact the finances of their business.

Also listed in the balance sheet under the asset section, is the Accounts Receivable of the corporation. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the reason why business owners should be aware of this is that this is the amount of money that an entrepreneur is owed. They need to ensure that this is not growing exponentially because they need to be able to stay on top of that amount of money and ensure that there able to collect it. Also, entrepreneurs need to know if this has recently jumped up in the amount an entrepreneur is owed. If it increases the same amount as their revenue, that is good because it is an indication that business is generating more invoices in their business. However, if an entrepreneur does not have this amount jump up in the same amount as their revenue, it could be an indication that a lot of businesses are not paying which could be a problem.

By understanding not only the information listed on the balance sheet, but actually what an entrepreneur can do with that information, can help a business owner make proactive business decisions that can help them not only avoid making financial mistakes but actually can help them proactively grow their business.
Edmonton bookkeeping | understanding a balance sheet

50% of all entrepreneurs fail in the first five years of their business, and Edmonton bookkeeping says that 29% of those failed entrepreneurs say that running out of cash in their business is the reason why they failed. By understanding the balance sheets of the corporation, can help entrepreneurs significantly make financial decisions. Not only is it enough for entrepreneurs to get into the habit to review it, and understand the information that is on the balance sheet, business owners also need to understand how to use the information.

The second thing that entrepreneurs will find on their balance sheet, is a list of all of their liabilities. The liabilities include all the bills that an entrepreneur needs to pay, their credit cards, payroll as well as all of the taxes that an entrepreneur owes the government as well. Edmonton bookkeeping says that which part of the liabilities that are most important to track is the accounts payable section. This is all of the money that an entrepreneur owes, and what many business owners think that it is less important that they stay on top of the amount of money that they owe other companies, the reason why it is important to keep track of is because it can help an entrepreneur understand if their expenses are starting to increase. Expense minimization is an important task of any entrepreneur, to keep their costs low and their profit margins hire. If they notice that their bills have increased and their revenue has not, that might be an indication for entrepreneurs to double-check the expenses of their business. By doing that, entrepreneurs can avoid running out of money in business because their expenses had jumped up and they were not aware of it.

Other ways that entrepreneurs should be aware of the liabilities section of their corporation, is by understanding that their credit card should never show up here. Even if an entrepreneur uses their credit card for some business purchases, all that is extremely frowned upon, it still should not make it onto the balance sheet if it was utilized in that way. A better way for entrepreneurs to keep track of any business expenses that they made personally, is in the shareholders’ loan and not in the balance sheet of the business.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is extremely important for business owners to not only get into the habit of reading balance sheets of their business but understanding them and finding out how they can use that information to make better financial decisions in their business. Not enough for entrepreneurs to read that information as much as they need to learn how to use it. When entrepreneurs are in the habit of critically reviewing this information, and making informed financial decisions, that is when their business can start to grow in an impactful way.