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The reason why understanding the balance sheets of the business is so important says Edmonton bookkeeping, is so that entrepreneurs can gain an understanding of the financial state of their business. If entrepreneurs are not able to understand how their business is doing financially, they will not have any ideas on what they need to do in their business whether it is growing it, or cutting expenses. However, when entrepreneurs learn how to read this important financial statement, they can make an informed plan of what activities they need to do in their business in order to grow, or avoid financial problems. Entrepreneurs tend to ignore their balance sheets because they are not sure of the information in it, or how to read it. However, by answering some important questions that entrepreneurs often have, they can gain a deeper level of understanding of their balance sheet, so that they can use it to make more informed financial decisions.

When looking at the liabilities section of the balance sheet, many entrepreneurs ask if a personal credit card can be on the balance sheet. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is not something that entrepreneurs should get into the habit of doing. It is very important that entrepreneurs ensure that they are keeping their personal and business accounts separately. Because of that, entrepreneurs should not be using their personal credit card to pay business expenses, therefore it should not be listed on the balance sheet. However, business owners from time to time may make purchases for the business on their personal credit card. How they should ensure that is getting tracked is through the shareholder’s loan account, and not on the balance sheet. Business owners should get into the habit early on in their business of keeping their personal bank account and personal credit card separate from their business accounts and credit cards. This is especially important in case an entrepreneur gets audited by Canada revenue agency says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Another commonly asked question about the balance sheet is what does the equity section of the balance sheet mean? This is at the very end of the balance sheet, and Edmonton bookkeeping says that the information on this section should show the value of the shares in the business, and all of the money that the business owner has taken out of the corporation including dividends paid. The reason why this is important to look at and the review says Edmonton bookkeeping, is because it will show an entrepreneur how much they are taking from the corporation. Taking more than the business can afford can be a problem, or business owners can also look at this and see if they actually are able to take more money out as well. By looking at the assets and liabilities of the corporation, a business can gain a greater understanding of the equity in their business.

Learning how to read the balance sheet is extremely important and can help entrepreneurs have a deeper understanding of the finances in their business so that they can choose what activities they need to do in their business to impact their finances positively.

50% of all entrepreneurs end up failing within the first five years of opening their business, Edmonton bookkeeping says that the second most common reason that entrepreneurs give us the reason why their business fails is that they run out of money. This is extremely avoidable, not only with the right business plan but also if entrepreneurs are able to get into the habit of reading their balance sheet on a regular basis. This can help give them important insight into the financial state of their business. By getting into the habit early on in their business ownership in reading their balance sheet and reacting accordingly can help entrepreneurs not only avoid running out of money in their business and being more likely to succeed, but also being able to proactively grow their business so that they are not just avoiding running out of money, but they’re actually increasing their business and succeeding.

The most commonly asked question about balance sheets is what information is on a balance sheet? Edmonton bookkeeping says there are three main sections on the balance sheet, and those three sections are assets of the corporation, liabilities of corporation and equity in the corporation. This is important for entrepreneurs to know because they will be able to keep track of if their business is growing, or if they are increasing the amount of money that they owe.

Once an entrepreneur understands the information that is listed on the balance sheet, the next question is what does the balance sheet tell us. Ultimately, this is an overview of what exists in the corporation, all of the assets that the corporation has in addition to what an entrepreneur should expect to their corporation is bringing in. All of the invoices that they have generated and are waiting to get money in on, the state of what they owe others and what the equity is in the business.

Entrepreneurs often want to know what Accounts Receivable and accounts payable are. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the Accounts Receivable is the amount of money that is owed to the corporation. It is all of the products and services that the business owner has generated, and is waiting for payment on. The opposite of Accounts Receivable is accounts payable, and that is the amount of money that an entrepreneur owes others. This is in the form of bills and invoices as well as taxes, loans, and payroll.

By understanding the balance sheet on a deeper level, can help entrepreneurs understand what is going on financially in their business so that they can make plans and what they need to do next in their business financially. It can help them understand if they need to generate more revenue if they need to have an employee make some collections calls, and if they are taking too much money out of their business or if there able to take more. Understanding all of the business finances can help entrepreneurs be more proactive in their financial decision-making.