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Business plans are more than just a document that entrepreneurs create in order to get financing says Edmonton bookkeeping. They are living documents that help an entrepreneur specify their business goals. And then create strategies around how they are going to achieve them.

The importance of a business plan was demonstrated by the survey commissioned by Palo Alto, the software manufacturing company. The results of their survey showed that entrepreneurs that had a business plan were 50% more likely to grow their revenue. Over the business owners that did not have a business plan.

Business plans are so important to the success of a business, that they are negatively impacting their business if they don’t have one. However, just creating a business plan isn’t enough says Edmonton bookkeeping. An entrepreneur needs to review and update their business plan on a regular basis. To ensure that they are continuing to do all of the things that they need in order to grow their business.

Not only does an effective business plan have a goal. But it also has cash flow projections and a financial plan. It will have a schedule that can help an entrepreneur know exactly what they need to do each day to succeed. And even having a marketing plan built into it. That can help them find the customers they need. To generate the revenue they need to stay in business.

When section that an entrepreneur should be sure they don’t overlook is the differentiation strategy. These are the ways that the entrepreneur’s business is different from their competition. And can help not only give the entrepreneur and identity for their business. But it can help them find their ideal and likely customers that value those differences says Edmonton bookkeeping.

It could be things such as unique features of their products or services or the high quality of their products or services. Such as a company that makes food saying that they will only use the highest quality ingredients and the freshest ingredients. Or an entrepreneur saying that they’re going to give a warranty in an industry that doesn’t typically have warranties.

They could also use their own experience as the differentiating factor says Edmonton bookkeeping. Especially if they have been in the industry for an extremely long time before they open the doors to their business. Not only will they have a phenomenal amount of years of experience. But the qualifications, training and education they have might be unparalleled.

Also, if an entrepreneur has been in Their industry for an extremely long time. they might have a certain reputation being extremely good at what they do. That other businesses aren’t able to duplicate. Or they might have significant relationships that can give them a competitive advantage. Or, they might have contracts that they are bringing to their business. Giving them an edge over other businesses.

There are many different strategies that an entrepreneur can list. That’s going to help them figure out their unique identity as a business. And how to attract ideal and likely customers.

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It’s extremely important for an entrepreneur to have a business plan that they can follow says Edmonton bookkeeping. So that’s not only do they know what their business schools are. But they’re going to be able to create a plan on how to achieve those goals.

In fact, the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is extremely high at 50%. Industry Canada wanted to find out why so many Canadian entrepreneurs were failing. And they found that 23% of all failed entrepreneurs say that they were unable to find the staff to work in their business. 29% of all failed entrepreneurs said that they ran out of money. And the number one reason why businesses failed. Is because 42% of failed entrepreneurs say that they were unable to find the customers they needed to stay in business.

All of these things that cause entrepreneurs to fail could be addressed and overcome by utilizing a business plan says Edmonton bookkeeping. Therefore, business owners should understand how important this document is at helping them not just accomplish their goals. But avoiding the things that can cause them to fail.

including the differentiation strategy is extremely important says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because it helps an entrepreneur understand exactly how they are different from the competition. And using that information to attract their ideal and likely customers.

Their differentiation factors can be extremely varied. And they can have several in their business. Ultimately, once an entrepreneur creates the list of all of the ways that they are different. Edmonton bookkeeping says they need to focus on just three that they’re going to do exceptionally well.

They might have their location being a differentiation Factor. Especially if it is a particularly good location. Such as being in a residential area if they serviced residence. Or being in a commercial Zone if they serve other businesses.

Butts also being in a stripped location, such as it’s surrounding themselves with other businesses that service the same customer. Such as opening a gym next to a health food store. But also having a business that offers free parking in an area that is known for having poor parking can give them an edge over their competition.

The facilities, equipment, and software could also be a differentiation strategy. Because they might have the newest technology, or use Leading Edge Equipment in order to get there job done. Or maybe this business owner is using software that they developed. And so customers have to go to them if they want to utilize it.

With all of the different strategies that an entrepreneur can use, it should be fairly easy for them to come up with their list. And then narrow it down to what they are most passionate about. Or what they are most experts at delivering to their clients.

Once they attract their ideal and likely customers because of these differences. Edmonton bookkeeping suggests they put these things into their marketing plan as well as their business plan to help them find even more customers.