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One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do to increase their chances of succeeding in business according to Edmonton bookkeeping, is learning how to read balance sheets. 50% of all entrepreneurs fail in business before their fifth year, and the second most common reason is that entrepreneurs run out of money. One way that entrepreneurs can avoid this, is by learning how to avoid the problem and acting proactively in their business to ensure that they are making sound financial decisions. Reviewing their balance sheets can significantly help with this, because not only can entrepreneurs understand the assets they have in their business, they can also see all of their liabilities that can help them make decisions. For example, if an entrepreneur can review their assets to see that they cannot afford up certain asset purchase, they can either avoid making that purchase, or come up with a plan to allow them to buy that asset in a way that will put a financial strain on their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should understand when they are learning to read their balance sheet, is how the information is organized. The top information will be a list of all of the current assets that the corporation has The second section is a list of all of the liabilities, and finally, the last section is the equity that exists in the business. Some things that can help entrepreneurs ensure that this information is as simple and organized as possible, is an entrepreneur should not have more than one bank account. They might have to if they are keeping track of their business account and their savings account. However, entrepreneurs can avoid complicating their finances and balance sheet by only having one bank account in their business.

Another thing that Edmonton bookkeeping recommends entrepreneurs do to keep things organized in their business, is avoiding filing their credit card on their balance sheet. This is extremely important because co-mingling business and personal accounts can not only create confusion but create greater problems if an entrepreneur gets audited by the Canada revenue agency. To keep things organized, entrepreneurs should never put their credit cards on their balance sheets. If they have made a business purchase on their card, rather than putting it on their balance sheet, it should be listed in their shareholder’s loan account instead.

By understanding how their balance sheet is organized, and having tips on how to keep it simple, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are creating a balance sheet that can be easy to read so that they can simply get the most important information from the financial statement as possible. Not only can this help them make financial decisions, but it can help them understand where their finances are whenever they need to review the information. Once a business owner is comfortable with reviewing their balance sheet, they can then review their income statement at the same time to get a complete picture of the business finances.

Understanding balance sheets is extremely important for entrepreneurs to help them make informed financial decisions says Edmonton bookkeeping. If an entrepreneur is not aware of the financial state their business is in, they will be less likely to be able to succeed.

information The first thing that is on the balance sheets when a business owner looks at it is the assets of the business. It starts with the cash in the bank accounts of the business, and the next item on the list is the Accounts Receivable. Edmonton bookkeeping says the Accounts Receivable is the amount of money that the corporation is owed. This is usually from all of the invoices that the business owner has created after selling the product or service. Once an entrepreneur receives payment for their Accounts Receivable, that money goes into the bank accounts and is listed as cash. Why this is important to understand, is because all of the amounts in the Accounts Receivable can indicate how much money the business is owed. The reason why it is so high can impact the business. If an entrepreneur has recently sold a significant amount of products, it is understandable that Accounts Receivable is high. However, if they notice that the Accounts Receivable has been high the same amount for several statements, it might be because they are having trouble getting payment their invoices. Not only should entrepreneurs check previous balance statements to see if this is the case, but they should also check to see if the revenue has recently increased. If the Accounts Receivable is high and so is revenue, then that is a good sign that the business is doing lots of sales. However, if it is high and the revenue is not, that is usually an indication that business owners have a hard time collecting. That can impact cash flow significantly, and the longer an account is outstanding the harder it is to collect. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be always keeping an eye on Accounts Receivable on their balance sheet.

The next thing that entrepreneurs should understand on their balance sheet in their assets is the actual owned by the corporation. These are assets that are used for business purposes. Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs can claim vehicles as long as those vehicles have been paid for by the corporation and are being used for business purposes. For example, the owner of a construction company can claim that they are using their truck to get materials to the job site and move them around, whereas a lawyer might claim that their sports car that he used to get to and from their office is a business expense when it is not. Unless an entrepreneur can claim that they need it to do their work, it cannot be counted. However, if that lawyer driving a sports car said that it was important to do sales calls or entertain their clients, it could potentially count says Edmonton bookkeeping.