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Business owners need to understand the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is extremely high according to Edmonton bookkeeping. It is so high, that while 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail within their first year of business ownership. Half of all entrepreneurs that start will no longer be in business by year five.

Business owners should do everything in their power to give themselves a good chance of succeeding. And one of those things is creating a business plan. In fact, the software manufacturing company called Palo Alto wanted to find out if business plans actually were very beneficial. And so they conducted a survey. But they discovered, was that entrepreneurs that had completed a business plan. Were 50% more likely to grow their revenue and succeed in business. Then entrepreneurs started their business without a business plan at all.

With that in mind, there is fewer things that can increase an entrepreneur’s chances of success. Quite like creating a business plan. Edmonton bookkeeping says one of the reasons why entrepreneurs do not have a business plan. Is simply because it is an overwhelming task. Not only is it time-consuming. But Edmonton bookkeeping says that it is often is so overwhelming. That entrepreneurs simply do not start. Or do not finish.

One thing that can help entrepreneurs succeed however is looking at their business plan in the smaller sections at a time. Instead of one gigantic whole. By looking at it that way, Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners can figure out what parts of the plan are easier than others. While what parts should not even be completed by them. Because they do not have the expertise to complete it.

For example, while a business owner may spend a lot of time completing a cash flow projection. This is not the best use of their time says Edmonton bookkeeping. Not only will it take an entrepreneur more time than it would take a professional such as an accountant. But no matter how hard an entrepreneur works on it. It is most likely going to be inaccurate. Or the cash will projection is not going to be realistic.

Therefore, by giving up working on that. Can help an entrepreneur save their time for other aspects of the business plan. So that they are spending their time in the best way possible says Edmonton bookkeeping. So that they are less likely to get frustrated with the task and quit.

Another example of a part of the business plan that business owners do not need to concern themselves with. Is in establishing precise revenue categories. Edmonton bookkeeping says this is going to be beneficial for an extremely large corporation. Or something like a fast food chain. We are figuring out the cost and revenue for onion rings versus French fries is important to their overall success. However, for the average small business. This is far too detailed to be necessary.

By helping entrepreneurs focus on their business plan in smaller pieces. Can help them see how manageable it is to complete this extremely important task.

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Creating a business plan is an important way for business owners to figure out their vision of what they want their business to be says Edmonton bookkeeping. And how to start creating a roadmap on how to get there. Typically, entrepreneurs want to open their own business. Either because they have a great idea, or they see how certain industry is getting under serviced by the existing businesses.

However, if business owners have this idea of what they want their business to be. But they do not specify exactly what that looks like in a business plan. Or creating the tasks on what they are going to do each day in order to accomplish that plan. They may end up working very hard in their business. But not growing. Or seeing their business become successful.

This is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to create this plan. Not only so that they can solidify what their ideas are. But so that they know exactly what they need to do every day in order to accomplish their goals.

While business owners may think they have to work on the entire business plan themselves. It is much more realistic for them to look at the various sections. And understand what they can work on themselves. And what they need to get help with. From an accountant or and Edmonton bookkeeping company.

While many entrepreneurs get very confused or overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out there direct costs and average revenue. Especially when they have never been in business before. Understanding how to get that information can be very empowering.

One of the first things that a business owner should do is figure out all of their direct and overhead costs. Edmonton bookkeeping says that the direct costs are specifically related to producing their products or services. Therefore, all they have to do is find out the costs of all of their materials as well as labour says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Figuring out the overhead costs are easy as well. Business owners can use industry standards. And find suppliers for the services they need. In order to calculate their overhead costs. Edmonton bookkeeping suggests looking at average business buildings to get an average cost of rent. Plus, they should know approximately what their overhead costs will be. Including utility bills, office supplies, administrative staff just to name a few.

Once an entrepreneur has the costs, Edmonton bookkeeping says they can take the average transactions in similar businesses their size. In order to figure out the average costs per transaction. And the average revenue per transaction. Once they do this, coming up with a proposed pricing structure. It is much easier. As long as they are covering their costs.

By breaking each section of the business plan down into smaller tasks. Can make it seem less daunting and more achievable. And once a business owner completes this. They are going to be are likely at succeeding in business.