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Learning how to read the amount sheet is extremely important according to Edmonton bookkeeping. If business owners do not have basic financial literacy in their business, they could be making financial decisions in their business that is negatively impacting their finances, and not even know it. Learning how to read a balance sheet, and how to use that information can be extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs in not only avoiding making poor financial decisions in their business but also learning how to proactive and making great financial decisions that can help them grow their business and succeed.

The balance sheet of the Corporation will show an entrepreneur all of the Edmonton Bookkeeping assets in their business, all of their liabilities as well as the equity that exists in their business. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs to get familiar with because the assets can help an entrepreneur understand the financial health of their business, how much money they are bringing in, and if the revenue is growing in their business, or if they need to engage in collection calls. The liabilities will help an entrepreneur understand how the expenses are doing in their business, if they are increasing, and if they need to cut expenses. But entrepreneurs are getting their interim financial statements from their Edmonton bookkeeping company, they will get a balance sheet and an income statement.

Many entrepreneurs do not understand the balance sheet and think the income statement is much easier to read and use that to make their financial decisions in their business. This can be a problem, because the income statement will not show an entrepreneur the overarching financial health of the business, and while used with the balance sheet, the income that they can be a great tool, a loan it will not help an entrepreneur understand the overall financial health their business.

Looking at the assets of the company, the first thing that business owners should see is the cash that they have in their business. This is extremely important to note because cash is an extremely important asset for owners to have. It is difficult garage doors to be able to get financing on operating capital, therefore business owners should do what they cannot to ensure that they have cash in their business whenever possible. The next item in the asset section of their balance statement is the Accounts Receivable. Edmonton bookkeeping says that this is also extremely important to keep track of because it can indicate how much money the business owner is over. While a high Accounts Receivable might indicate that a business has recently gone through a large growth spurt, and those invoices are indicative of selling a lot of products recently, it also could indicate that an entrepreneur has not been successful in collecting money, and the reason it so high is because the business owner is not getting paid promptly. By seeing that Accounts Receivable is high, can help an entrepreneur investigate the reason why, and react accordingly.

Raise Wentzell Portland for entrepreneurs to get into the habit of reviewing their interim financial statements as Edmonton bookkeeping, is because the second most common reason for business failure in Canada is running out of money. 29% of all failed entrepreneurs list this is the reason why their business is not successful. This can be avoided with the right business plan and by regular reviews of the interim financial statements including the balance sheet.

An important section for entrepreneurs to know about on the balance sheet is the liability section. The liabilities of the business include all of the various bills that an entrepreneur has received by way of doing business. This could be bills such as utility bills, phones, and the Internet. But also credit card bills, payroll and source deductions. The reason why it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to not only be aware of this section but keep track of it on a month to month comparative basis is that this can show an entrepreneur if the expenses are reasonable in a business. If they notice that the bills are increasing over the months, entrepreneurs should check the revenue of their business. Edmonton bookkeeping says that if the revenue is going up by the same amount, that is usually an indication that the bills increase the revenue increases because a business owner needs to purchase materials. However, if the revenue is not increasing at the same rate, it may mean that an entrepreneur needs to minimize expenses to keep those costs lower. Perhaps, an entrepreneur needs to increase their prices, to make up for rising costs of materials.

By learning not only what information is on a balance sheet, but how to read it and make determinations on what do about the information cannot only help entrepreneurs avoid financial problems, can also significantly help them be proactive in their business so that they can become more successful.

It is also important that entrepreneurs understand that should not be in certain sections business owners should avoid putting their credit cards in the liability section of their balance sheet. The main reason for this is because entrepreneurs should avoid co-mingling business and professional accounts wherever possible. If an entrepreneur has used their credit card for business expenses for some reason, rather than that on the balance sheet, they should ensure that they are listing and in the shareholder’s loan account instead. By avoiding these types of errors, business owners can ensure that they are making things easier to keep track of, which not only helps their balance sheets be more accurate, can also significantly help at financial year-end, or if they are sent an audit request by Canada revenue agency.
Learning how to read the balance sheet of the business can be very simple but extremely impactful for entrepreneurs. When they take the time to learn, they can significantly positively impact their business, which can help them not only avoid financial difficulties but help them plan in their business and grow even larger than they could before.