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Learning how to make better and more informed financial decisions is important says Edmonton bookkeeping. They can be difficult for entrepreneurs who do not have previous financial experience.

Often, business owners are extremely knowledgeable about the business or industry that they are in. But being very skilled at the business that they are in does not make them skilled at running that business. And therefore, many entrepreneurs need to learn about business finances. In order to make more informed decisions.

In fact, this is so poor and. Because so many entrepreneurs are struggling, and eventually failing due to not understanding the business finances. Industry Canada found that 29% of all failed Canadian entrepreneurs. Said that the reason why they failed was that they ran out of money in their business.

When more business owners are able to gain a deeper level of understanding about their business finances. They will be able to make better decisions that can help them avoid running out of money. As well as make more proactive decisions that can help them grow as well.

When entrepreneurs learn how to do some basic bookkeeping. They will gain a deeper understanding of their business finances. That they might not get any other way. Not only can learning about basic bookkeeping help them learn how to read their interim financial statements.

It can also help them learn about things like keeping track of their inventory, cost of goods, as well as margins and pricing. And even how to control those costs, and affect their profitability.

The sooner and entrepreneur is able to learn about this in their business. The sooner they will be able to make more informed financial decisions, that can positively impact their business.

One way they can use this information is by looking at the interim financial statements their Edmonton bookkeeping company gives to them once or twice a month. An entrepreneur needs to look at these statements critically. In order to see if there are any irregularities on them. Irregularities could be on anomaly due to something unusual happening in the business.

But irregularities could also indicate errors that the bookkeeper made on the financial statements. And if an entrepreneur uses those interim financial statements with a mistake to make decisions in their business. They might end up making poor financial decisions.

Therefore, learning how to read their interim financial statements can empower a business owner. So that they can look to see if there are irregularities. And ask their bookkeeper to explain them. If their bookkeeper cannot explain why they are there. Or if they are a mistake. And the bookkeeper makes several mistakes.

It might be that the entrepreneur needs to find Edmonton bookkeeping company that knows their business or industry a bit better. Or is a bit more knowledgeable about bookkeeping. Because an entrepreneur cannot continue to use a bookkeeper that makes constant errors.

By learning more about their basic bookkeeping in their business. Can help entrepreneurs learn what they need to make more informed financial decisions and succeed in business.

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If entrepreneurs want to positively impact their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. And overcome the significant odds and succeed. They should learn about their business finances.

Industry Canada has conducted a study and discovered that 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail within their first year of opening their business. 30% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail within their second year of business. And an alarming 50% of all entrepreneurs fail within their fifth year of business.

When industry Canada conducted a study to find out the reason why so many Canadian entrepreneurs were failing. They found that almost 30% of these failed entrepreneurs say that the reason why they failed. Is because they ran out of money in their business.

There can be many different reasons why an entrepreneur might run out of money. From spending more money than they actually had. Which is something that can happen if an entrepreneur does know how much money they have in their business. Or if they are depending on looking at their bank statement instead of their financial statements.

An entrepreneur might end up running out of money in their business, because they may not realize that their pricing is wrong. And is not covering all of their overhead expenses. Therefore, the bills continue to add up month over month. And in entrepreneur was never generating enough revenue to pay those bills.

And a third possible reason why an entrepreneur and might run out of money in their business. Is because they did not understand how many customers they needed to bring into their business. In order to breakeven, or profit. And so they did not adequately market their business to find those customers.

All of these reasons, and more can be avoided. If entrepreneurs are able to make more informed financial decisions in their business.

When way that an entrepreneur can do this, is simply by learning how to read their interim financial statements. Edmonton bookkeeping says that they should be receiving these statements approximately once or twice a month. And it will tell an entrepreneur the overall health of their business. And what money they have. So that they can make more informed financial decisions. Such as if they can afford to run payroll, pay bills, or make purchases.

The two interim financial statements that they should get familiar with our the balance sheet and the income statement. The balance sheet tells an entrepreneur the overall health of their business. While the income statement shows their profit within a specific frame of time.

By learning how to read these financial statements. Can help an entrepreneur not only make decisions that can help them avoid running out of money in their business. But also how to use those statements to be strategic on how they are going to increase their profitability. And increase the revenue of their business.

The sooner an entrepreneur can learn these things says Edmonton bookkeeping. In the sooner they will be able to overcome the high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada.