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It may seem like an easy task to keep organized financial information for Edmonton bookkeeping, in order to get up-to-date interim financial statements. However, it often falls to the wayside, as entrepreneurs to spend so much time working on business-building activities that they often forget about their bookkeeping. However, business owners should understand that if they hire a bookkeeper in their business, getting into the habit of being organized and sending statements off on a regular basis can help their business grow. Since half of all Canadian entrepreneurs close their business before being in business five years, and 29% of those failed entrepreneurs say the reason why they failed was because they ran out of money, business owners should take a serious look at staying organized financially, so that they can get the best interim financial statements possible.

By getting up-to-date interim income statements and balance sheets, entrepreneurs are able to have the tools at their disposal to help them run their business. The information in those statements can help them avoid running out of money, but also help them increase their revenue and minimize expenses. It should be a very early habit to for entrepreneurs to get into in their business. By learning from a very early stage how to read interim financial statements, and use them to make financial decisions in their business, business owners can avoid the problems that plague so many of their entrepreneurs in Canada.

Not only should entrepreneurs be sending their organized receipts, bank statements and credit card statements to Edmonton bookkeeping, but they also need to be setting aside time in the calendar dedicated to speaking to their bookkeeper. This is important for entrepreneurs to be able to ask questions about the statements that they received take ensure that they understand them completely. This can also be a time for bookkeepers to ask questions in order to fix errors that might exist on those statements, and for both the bookkeeper and business owner to chat back-and-forth about the finances. This does not have to be a long conversation, and in fact, by having it on the phone instead of on email or text can help shorten its length. But this conversation should be considered vital in order for entrepreneurs to have financial statements that are accurate, and that are completely understood.

Business owners should have this time to speak to their Edmonton bookkeeping scheduled into their calendar every two weeks, because if it is not scheduled, chances are it is not going to get done consistently. Staying on top of their business finances should be considered such an important part of their business but this that they should definitely make this habit.

By staying organized and having regular chats with their bookkeeper can significantly help entrepreneurs have the most current financial statements in their business. That is going to allow them to grow their business in a logical and measured way. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs, especially those who are devoted to growing their business.

If entrepreneurs are not starting out organized financially in their business, no Edmonton bookkeeping that they hire will be able to help them. Business owners should get into the habit early on in staying organized with their finances so that they can have the best information possible to operate their business. Since half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in business before being for five years, and 29% of those failed entrepreneurs say the reason why their business was forced to close was because they had no money.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should ensure that they do in their business is to open up a business bank account. It is not okay for entrepreneurs to use of personal bank account for business. The reason for this says Edmonton bookkeeping is because it is too difficult to keep personal and business expenses separate if they are both coming out of the same account. If a business owner uses a personal bank account for both, their bookkeeper and themselves are going to have to make notes for every single transaction verifying if it was a business expense or personal expense. This can take a significant amount of time that does not need to be spent if an entrepreneur is simply using a business bank account for all operating expenses.

Further to the question about bank accounts, entrepreneurs should understand that they only need one business bank account which is just for operating expenses. In addition to that one bank account, entrepreneurs should only have one credit card as well. It might be tempting for business owners to want to get more than one credit card, but the more accounts there are, the more different credit card statements and bank statements a bookkeepers going to have to keep track of in order to get that current information.

If a business owner starts off in their business by having separate personal and business bank accounts, and that they only have one bank account and one credit card, staying organized financially for Edmonton bookkeeping can be a lot simpler. All they need to do is make sure that they organize their receipts and keep notes on what was purchased for each and then send their one bank statement and one credit card statement off to their bookkeeper. This way, keeping up-to-date financial information can be much more simple than it might have been, which can help bookkeepers send business owners’ current and up-to-date interim financial statements.

The more accurate the financial statements a business owner has, the better tools they are to being able to help entrepreneurs make financial decisions in their business. By getting into the habit of reviewing the statements before they make any decisions about money in their business, entrepreneurs can be proactive in avoiding financial problems, and help grows their business exponentially, because they are proactive and it cannot only avoid errors but can see opportunities for growth.