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There are many things that business owners might want to take into consideration when creating their business plan according to Edmonton bookkeeping. One of the first things that all business owners need to know is how important it is to have a business plan at all. While many business owners understand that it is a good idea to have one. Because it will help them know what they are trying to accomplish with their business.

However, not only is it a good idea. But entrepreneurs who have a business plan are 50% more likely to grow their business. Then if they do not have a business plan at all. This is according to a study done by Palo Alto the software manufacturing company.

Also, Canadian business owners are facing a very high failure rate. 15% of all entrepreneurs fail in their first year of business. 30% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail by their second year. And 50% of all Canadian owned small businesses will fail by the time they have been in business for five years.

Therefore, it is extremely important that business owners increase their chances of success by working on and completing a business plan. Edmonton bookkeeping says it does not have to be overwhelming or complicated. As long as business owners know what they should be working on. And what we do not need to work on. As well as what parts of the business plan they can outsource.

The first thing that business owners can give up trying to work on themselves is a perfect financial and cash flow projection. Edmonton bookkeeping says that unless business owners are accountants themselves. They are not likely to end up with an accurate or realistic cash flow projection.

Many business owners work far longer than they should on their cash flow projection. When an accountant can do it faster and more accurately. Plus one of the biggest problems with cash flow projections done by a business owner themselves. It is the fact that they are very optimistic.

And while optimism is a great trait in a business owner. An unrealistic cash flow projection can spell trouble within a business plan. Which is why it is better to leave it to the professionals. So that entrepreneurs can end up with an accurate and realistic cash flow projection for their business plan.

Another thing that entrepreneurs should not spend a lot of time trying to create are establishing revenue categories precisely. Edmonton bookkeeping says that small business owners should not worry about this yet. First of all because they are not going to have enough data points to make it meaningful before they open the doors to their business. As they sell products and generate revenue. This is something they can discuss with their accountant if they should have or not.

When business owners know what they do not need to work on. And what they can outsource. All of a sudden creating a business plan becomes a less complex or overwhelming endeavor.

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There are many things that business owners should take into consideration when starting to create their business plan says Edmonton bookkeeping. And one of the first things that they need to keep in mind. Is that finishing the business plan should be of the utmost importance?

In fact, many entrepreneurs do not have a business plan for their business. Simply because they do not finish the task. Either because it is overwhelming or too complicated. And they quit before it is finished. However, while many business owners have an idea of what they want their business to look like eventually. If they do not have a business plan. They will have no idea of how to accomplish those goals and get their business to where they want it says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Another thing that business owners should do when creating their business plan. Before they dive into the numbers aspect of it. They should focus on what sets their business apart from their competitors. This means focusing on what makes them unique. And choosing three things to excel at.

It is going to help them identify what is going to help them gain customers. Because if this is what makes them different than their competition. Then there are customers who are looking for that. Because they cannot currently find it.

When an entrepreneur knows what sets them apart, and that is why they are going to attract customers. Then it is going to be a lot easier for them to come up with their problem statement. Edmonton bookkeeping says what the problem statement is, is defining what problem their customers have. That they solve when they purchase products or services from their company.

Once an entrepreneur has a problem statement. They can work on a mission and vision statement. The mission statement is a one-sentence statements about how they solve the problem that their customers have. They do not need to reiterate what business they are in. Because that is implied. For example, Palmer does not need to say in their mission statement that they are in fact a plumber.

Once they have a mission statement, Edmonton bookkeeping says they need to come up with the vision statement. Which is where they have their goal outlined, which is long-term, measurable, and time-sensitive.

There a problem, mission and vision statement all need to be a single sentence long each. And this actually becomes the focal point of the business plan itself. When business owners have this, it can help pull forward the business plan. As well as in aspire the business owner themselves.

Not only does the problem, mission, and vision statement propelled the vision forward and inspire the business owner. But what it also does is it can help build the company culture. And ensure that all of the employees are also on the same page.

Therefore, not only can finishing a business plan be very beneficial for an entrepreneur to have goals and a roadmap of how to get there. But it can also help ensure that they stay inspired to the vision that they have.