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Often, when business owners start their business it is because they have a lot of passion and knowledge about their industry says Edmonton bookkeeping. And they might not have very much if any business financial experience.

That means, that entrepreneurs will have to learn very quickly about their business finances. While they are learning how to run their business. This can be very difficult to do. But there are several things that entrepreneurs can do that will help them learn this quickly.

Edmonton bookkeeping suggests that entrepreneurs learn how to do some basic bookkeeping in their business. So that they can gain a deeper understanding of important financial reports. These reports can help them make more informed financial decisions in their business.

How an entrepreneur can start to learn some basic bookkeeping. Is by purchasing the bookkeeping software that their Edmonton bookkeeping company uses. This way, when an entrepreneur needs to get their interim financial statements done. Their bookkeeper will be able to take the files they have been working on and prepare the statements.

By learning some of the features of this software. Can help entrepreneurs significantly. For example, if their bookkeeping company was using QuickBooks online. The automated features of that software can help an entrepreneur save a lot of time.

For example, it has a feature called bank feed. That allows an entrepreneur to link their bank account up with the software. And every single transaction that happens in that bank account. Is updated in the accounting software. And updated in real-time.

This can eliminate the need for manual data entry in a lot of places. So that an entrepreneur can spend more time understanding how to read their financial statements, and how to understand things like profitability, margins and pricing. As well as forecasting, and marketing.

Not only can the bank feed feature in QuickBooks online help save time. But it can help increase the accuracy of the information. The reason why is because annual data entry can have human error. Which will affect the accuracy of the information? However, bank feed is less likely to have those kinds of errors. Helping ensure the accuracy of the financial information that an entrepreneur has.

Also, if an entrepreneur learns some basic bookkeeping in their business. They will be able to understand what their bookkeeping company is doing. If an entrepreneur is able to see irregularities in their interim financial statements from one month to the next.

They will be able to ask their bookkeeper why that is. And they might have an explanation for it. Or they might not. Which could indicate to an entrepreneur that they do not have the right bookkeeper. Because they might not understand the entrepreneurs’ business or industry.

The sooner an entrepreneur can learn these things in their business. The sooner they will be able to make better financial decisions. That will allow them to avoid making the wrong decisions that could be costly. But also how to use that information to increase their revenue and grow their business.

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There are many things that can help entrepreneurs increase their chances of succeeding in business says Edmonton bookkeeping. This is very necessary because 50% of all entrepreneurs in Canada end up failing.

The most common reason why entrepreneurs end up failing is because they cannot find enough employees to work in their business. They also cannot find enough customers to buy their products and services. And 29% of all failed entrepreneurs say the reason why they were not successful. Was because they ran out of money in their business.

There are many reasons why an entrepreneur might run out of money in their business. Perhaps they did not have their pricing correct, and could not cover their expenses.

Perhaps an entrepreneur ran out of money, because they looked at their bank account, and though they had enough money to make a large asset purchase. When they had a lot of payments that were scheduled to come out of their business. And they simply ran out of money.

Business owners could run out of money because they did not understand their margins, how to control costs, or why marketing is so important. And all of these reasons can be overcome if an entrepreneur learns more about their business financing.

One of the first things that they should do says Edmonton bookkeeping. His learn how to read their interim financial statements. If they look at these interim financial statements before making any financial decisions in their business. They will be able to either make that decision confidently. Because they know they have the money for it.

Or, they will look at their interim financial statement and realize that they do not have the money to make that financial decision. And they can decide what they are going to do in order to bring that money in to make that decision.

Perhaps they need to increase their marketing or engage in other revenue-generating activities. Or, they need to do some collection calls to bring the money that they have build into their business.

The interim financial statements that will help them understand this are the balance sheet and income statement. Edmonton bookkeeping says the balance sheet will show the overall health of the business. While the income statement will show the profitability within a specific frame of time.

These statements are most likely going to come from their Edmonton bookkeeping company on a comparative statement. Which means they will see several months at a time, typically six. So that they can see trends as well as anomalies.

Learning how to read the statements can make such a difference to a business. That they can not only avoid making poor financial decisions. But using these statements can help an entrepreneur make better financial decisions. That can help them grow their business. Whether it is pricing their products better, knowing that they need to attract more customers through marketing. Or even if they need to cut costs.

By learning this, business owners can avoid being one of the 50% of entrepreneurs that fail. And be one of the 50% of entrepreneurs who can stay in business and be successful.