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When business owners open their business for the first time since I was in bookkeeping, they often make the mistake of thinking that they can sell to everyone. However, everyone is not a great customer, for every business. No matter how great the business is, or how great the product is, a business owner will not be able to capture every single customer that walks in their door, so they should not even try. Instead, a much more effective marketing strategy is figuring out what problem their product solves, how they are different than their competition, and who their ideal and likely customers are so that they can Market those messages to them consistently.

One of the first things that business owners will be asked when they are creating their marketing plan is who is their customer says Edmonton bookkeeping. Many business owners make the mistake of saying everyone. This is not true, because no matter how simple their product is, or how widely appealing it is, not everyone is going to be a customer. Take ice cream for example. There’s going to be people who don’t like ice cream, or who are lactose intolerant, so business owners of an ice cream shop should not make the mistake of saying everyone is their customer. They may find that their special Niche is children’s birthday parties, or selling ice cream at outdoor festivals, or providing date nights to couples who love a more sophisticated setting. Whatever it is that sets them apart, will be what business owners needed to sell to.

When’s business owners figure out what sets them apart, they need to focus on giving great customer service to the customers that they do attract. Edmonton bookkeeping says this does not mean meeting customers expectations. But it actually means exceeding those expectations consistently. If customers are able to be impressed and say wow at the quality of the product or service, and their customer service, they are going to tell their friends and everyone they meet how amazing it was. When business owners are able to do this consistently, they will start to grow their revenue and increase the sales in their business.

The sooner business owners can figure this out, the sooner they’re going to be able to make sales in their business, to help them avoid going out of business for lack of Revenue. Business owners need to understand that 50% of all businesses in Canada will fail says Edmonton bookkeeping. And the top two reasons that they fail is because they can’t find enough customers, and they run out of money. If business owners will be able to consistently Market this message of how they solve problems to their ideal customers, and give amazing customer service, they will be able to beat these odds.

It’s extremely important that business owners sit down and create their business plan alongside their marketing plan, so that they can have the answers to these questions as quickly as possible in their business. They might need to figure it out while they are in the process of developing their products and selling it. But the sooner they can figure out how they solve problems, who their ideal client is, and exceed their expectations. Then business owners will be able to have a business model that can help them increase their revenue quickly

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Should Business Owners Try to Sell to Everyone

Many business owners think that everyone is someone who can be their customer but this is not true since Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, they may end up wasting their time and energy as well as valuable resources trying to sell two customers that won’t buy. Or trying to make customers happy, that simply needs to be let go. Business owners shouldn’t have to force the sale of their product or service on people. When they have the confidence that they need to have in their products, selling it to the ideal customers will be much more easy than they think.

However, business owners cannot avoid doing sales in their business. Edmonton bookkeeping says many business owners dread the sales aspect of their business because they often see salespeople as high-pressure, pushy or aggressive. And while this is true of some sales people in some Industries, this is not how it has to be in a business owners own business if they don’t want it to be. Simply by having the confidence and their product or service, and being able to consistently send the message out to their ideal customers how their product is difference, how it can solve their problem, and exceeding expectations, business owners can represent their product well in sales.

Business owners also need to ensure that they don’t avoid sales says Edmonton Bookkeeping because their face of the business is going to be why people want to buy from them. Customers will not buy from a faceless business, and in fact many customers base their purchasing decision on their feelings. Therefore, a business owner needs to Market their own story, and be relatable. When business owners appeal to people’s emotions, and when people understand that there is a human behind the business, it will be a much more successful experience in generating sales. Therefore, business owners is simply have to be confident in their product and service, represented too. Communicate effectively, and ensure that they tell their story in order to generate sales.

The next thing that business owners needs to understand is as a small business, they are typically not trying to capture a large percentage of the market. Unless they have a product or service that nobody is selling, then it’s more possible to catch a large percentage of the market. So since a business owner will not be able to capture a large percentage, especially if they are competing against large box stores or large corporations. Therefore it’s even more important for business owner to figure out how they are different than their competition, and do that differentiation Factor very well.

When it’s a large box store or a corporation, perhaps one of the differentiating factors is going to be personal service. Maybe the differentiating factor is going to be the ability to do things that the corporations will not or cannot do cost-effectively. Then, when business owners are able to deliver that difference to an extremely high degree, it will generate sales all on its own.