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As a new business, Edmonton bookkeeping found that one of the keys to their success was creating a time block schedule for each of their important tasks. They said that as a new business, simply having a to-do list was not enough, because they found that while they all worked very hard during the entire week, at the end of the week, they found that not only was their to-do list not done, but the most important things were not accomplished. Therefore, they worked to find a solution to help them ensure all of their important tasks were accomplished lately.

The difference between a schedule and a to-do list, is a schedule ensures that there is time set aside for all important tasks. Also, creating a schedule means that business owners can ensure that every important priority has time devoted to it. A to-do list is just a list of all of the important things that an entrepreneur needs to accomplish, with no plan on how they are going to accomplish it. Therefore, if entrepreneurs want to ensure that they are accomplishing all strategic priorities and tasks needed to get done in their business, scheduling is the way to do it.

Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs create a schedule that has all of their time blocks to for every day for an entire month. This means that even if the tasks are something that still needs to get accomplished every day or every week, they are not forgotten. Most tasks are repeatable such as payroll, meetings, and client work. Therefore, an entrepreneur can ensure once they have a working schedule, that they can repeat it every month, only having to fill in where they are going to put various tasks that come up throughout the week.

Edmonton bookkeeping also recommends that entrepreneurs set aside the morning for all of the most important tasks that require a lot of thinking. Peopleís brains are most efficient and focused in the morning, therefore mornings are perfect for independent, solo work. After scheduling a lunch, an entrepreneur can ensure that the afternoon can be full of tasks that require collaboration or take less brainpower such as client meetings. Therefore, an entrepreneur can ensure that there devoting time for clients, as well as working with their team.

Once they create a schedule, an entrepreneur should take note of how often they are deviating from that schedule. While it is okay to make changes once in a while to their schedule, if business owners find that they are not a hearing to the schedule on a regular basis, that is an indication that the schedule does not work for them, and it should be changed. It may take an entrepreneur several attempts to finally settle on the most efficient and effective schedule for them, and that is okay.

By the time blocking their schedule can help entrepreneurs ensure that they have enough time to complete all of the most important tasks, as well as having a time set aside for each important priority. A schedule can ensure that an entrepreneur is not leaving certain tasks to memory, and can help them be prepared for knowing exactly what they are going to do as soon as they walked through the door the morning.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Scheduling For Success

All businesses can be helped by creating an efficient and effective time block schedule, not just Edmonton bookkeeping companies. Depending on what industry an entrepreneur is in, they may have a slightly different schedule than other companies, but the main things to keep in mind when creating a schedule is ensuring that everything that needs to get accomplished has time for it, and enough time to complete it. This may take some practice in order to create a great schedule, but once entrepreneurs can master this, they will ensure that they are able to complete all of their most important tasks consistently.

Not only should every single task have time in a schedule for it to be completed, but Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs have a schedule with as much time to complete each task as possible. This is going to avoid them switching tasks too soon. If entrepreneurs are switching tasks too soon, not only are they simply not getting any of their tasks done, but they are working inefficiently. It takes twenty-three minutes for any brain to start working at peak effectiveness. If the time blocks are only one hour long, an entrepreneur is only working at their maximum brain capacity for less than forty minutes before they switch tasks, and need to hit that twenty-three-minute efficiency again. By having a longer time block, can help ensure an entrepreneur is completing each task, and spending as much time as possible in their reins peak efficiency.

Entrepreneurs can ensure that they are accomplishing all the most important priorities of their business by ensuring that they have time in their schedule. Administrative duties are important to schedule in, because not only do they need to get done, but when they are not scheduled then, entrepreneurs often think that will be able to get that work done in the other tasks, or in their spare time. Scheduling payroll ensures that an entrepreneur will have enough time to the bank reconciliation when the payroll and review it for errors. Setting aside time for quotes in a schedule can help ensure that an entrepreneur not only is talking to clients but has enough time to ensure that they have the information they need in order to buy from them. Every important task that needs to get done should have time set aside. Many of these tasks will be recurring, which means setting a consistent schedule can be easy.

By learning how to schedule the most important, as well as all the smaller tasks efficiently can ensure that entrepreneurs have everything accomplished at the end of their week says Edmonton bookkeeping. This way, he can enjoy their weekend, without having to put extra time at work, so that they can come back from their weekend feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new week of busy tasks.