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Many Canadian entrepreneurs don’t know how many small businesses fail in Canada per year does Edmonton bookkeeping. Industry Canada did a study and found that 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail within their first year of opening their business. 30% of entrepreneurs in Canada sales within their second year of business, and half of all Canadian entrepreneurs that started a business failed within five years. These are extremely sobering statistics, and show business owners how important it is that they focus on growing their business the right way. This means developing a great product or service, getting it in the hands of customers, getting feedback so that they can refine that product so that they can continue to grow their revenue.

If business owners try to do every single task in their business themselves, they are not going to be able to do any task well, which is going to put their business at risk of failure. Therefore, business owners needs to figure out what is important that they take care of themselves, so that they can hand off the other tasks that are equally as important that they get done correctly, but don’t need to be done by the business owner themselves. Edmonton bookkeeping says not only can this help business owners succeed. But it’s also going to help them scale their business app when they are ready to grow their business. Because if a business owner does everything, there’s no way that they can grow, because a business owners time is limited.

In order to help a business owner figure out what tasks they need to take care of themselves, and what tasks they can hand off, Edmonton bookkeeping says they simply need to consider what’s a business owner cannot hand off to others. Ultimately, taking care of their product or service is something that only a business owner should be doing. Product development should not fall to anyone else’s responsibility, because only the business owner themselves know what their vision is for their business. When a business owner takes care of their products, they also needs to take care of their customer service. This way, they can be sure that’s their product is being delivered in the way that is Meaningful to them, and so that they can solicit customer feedback. This feedback is important to help business owners continue to refine their products.

When business owners are able to take care of the most important aspects of the business themselves, they will free up enough of their time to be able to do that well. Then, they can hand off the tasks that don’t need to be done by them to others, business owners will be able to make effective use of their time. The sooner is owners can learn this in their business, the sooner they’re going to be able to grow their revenue, and overcome the extremely high failure rates that entrepreneurs face in business in Canada.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Scaling Up a Business Helps Business Owners Succeed

Even though business owners start their business extremely small says Edmonton bookkeeping, they need to always be thinking in terms of what they need to do in their business to allow it to grow. The reason why, is because business owners will never be able to scale up their business if they are always taking care of every task themselves. By knowing what tasks can be handed off, can help business owners be prepared to hand off those tasks on a regular basis so that they can focus on growing their business.

An example of a task that business owners don’t need to be taken care of themselves is the bookkeeping and accounting. These are extremely important that they get done, but a business owner does not need to be caring for that themselves. In fact, if business owners don’t have the skills to do it accurately, they may be putting their business at risk, because they won’t have accurate or up-to-date financial statements. Edmonton bookkeeping says that business owners need to be looking at their interim financial statements in order to make business decisions. And if those statements are not accurate, or not up-to-date, they may be making decisions that put their business at risk.

Business owners also Maalox the time to be able to do it accurately and up-to-date. But also, and Edmonton bookkeeping company will know how to remit Source deductions, how to calculate those Source seductions, and even know things like Labor Standard laws, so that business owners don’t have to worry about that. If they get any of these things wrong, they could be hit with financially crippling fines by the Canada Revenue Agency. In order to help a business owner avoid finds that might put their business at risk of failing, is its owners can hire an accounting company or an Edmonton bookkeeping company to take care of their accounting and bookkeeping tasks for them.

A business owner will be able to help themselves significantly by learning how to read those interim financial statements instead of learning how to create them. By looking at these financial statements, a business owner will be able to understand if I have enough money in their business to run payroll, pay bills, or purchase an asset for example. They also may be able to look at those statements to see if they can afford to hire staff or perhaps they need to lay staff off. They can also look at these financial statements in order to determine if they need to increase their revenue or even cut their expenses. So much of how an entrepreneur runs their business depends on having accurate and up-to-date financial statements which is why it is important that a business owner isn’t necessarily going to be the one 2 get them done, but they do need to be the ones to learn how to read them.

The sooner business owners can understand what tasks they need to care for, and what tasks they can hand off to others, the better. Edmonton bookkeeping says that by making better financial decisions earlier on in their business can help entrepreneurs overcome the high failure rates of small businesses in Canada and be successful where others have not been.