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Many people often do not understand that personal taxes make up one of the most significant costs that they will pay even when compared to their house says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, Canadians on average pay 43% on personal taxes including income tax, CPP EI, fuel taxes, GST just to name a few. Many people do what they can in order to minimize the personal taxes that they have to end up paying. One way that people can do this, is by considering what the threshold is to become a proprietor, and filing taxes as a proprietorship.

Many people are not sure what a proprietorship is said Edmonton bookkeeping, and it is essentially a business that is unincorporated, that retains the business owners tax obligations. This means, that the taxes that a business owner pays personally, must also include the tax return for their proprietorship. However, what is known to even fewer people, is what the threshold for being a proprietorship is. Any income that a person earns, that is not a result of their typical employment. The income has to not be taxed and can include everything from low-level activities like housecleaning for friends occasionally, for cash to people who take on clients in their own house for extra money such as hairdressers, or music teachers. This also includes the level of business like an unincorporated contractor. Since there is no minimum amount that needs to be made in order for a person to be able to claim that they are proprietors, this can work for a wide variety of people.

Once people have established that they have earned any kind of income that has not been taxed in the previous year, they are able to file their personal taxes as a proprietor. What this means is Edmonton’s bookkeeping, is that they need to fill out a special form in addition to their personal tax forms, called the T2125. They file this along with with their personal tax forms, and any expenses that they are claiming. While Canadians usually have to have their personal taxes filed by April 30, proprietors are granted a forty-five-day extension, so they have until June 15. One thing that is important for people to keep in mind, is if they owe Canada revenue agency any money, they start accruing 1% interest as of April 30, instead of the June 15 deadline. However, it is also important for people to remember that if they file late, as a proprietor they can expect to see a sharp increase in their interest that they owe.

By learning what they need to do to claim that they are proprietors, can help people minimize taxes in their personal tax return, which can be very beneficial. Edmonton bookkeeping says anyone who has earned any additional income, can do this, and save money on their personal tax rate. Since Canadians are already paying such a high tax rate, this can be very beneficial, and help them save a significant amount of money.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Saving Personal Taxes By Filing As A Proprietorship

Often, business owners receive their T4 and at the end of the year and realize that no tax has been deducted says Edmonton bookkeeping. Now, these people have no option but to pay their tax and the full amount when they file their personal taxes. However, people can use this circumstance as a way to file their personal taxes as a proprietor, which can help them save personal taxes in a variety of ways.

In order to be of the claim that they own a proprietorship, people need to understand that a proprietorship is an unincorporated business, and any amount of money that is generated for a person that has not already been taxed can be used to claim that they have a proprietorship. If people file their taxes as a proprietor, they will be able to claim all sorts of business and personal expenses, which can help minimize the taxes that they have to pay.

Edmonton bookkeeping says that many people are concerned that by reporting this type of income to the government to force them to have to pay GST as well, however, this is not accurate, because there is only one thing that will require a business to start collecting GST from their clients and submitting it to Canada revenue agency, and that is if they start making over thirty thousand dollars or more.

One of the benefits that people can get once they have established that they can claim their personal taxes as a proprietor, is that if they have a spouse, that spouse will be eligible to also claim as a proprietor. This has benefits outside of just being able to make use of the later filing period. The benefits of that include being able to utilize income splitting to help minimize the taxes that they have to pay, by allowing the spouse to be able to claim some or all of the additional income that is earned. The goal says Edmonton bookkeeping would be to ensure that neither person gets bumped up into a new tax bracket and that they are paying the minimal amount of taxes on that income as possible.

In addition to the income splitting, people who have proprietorships can start to claim a variety of business and personal expenses they would not have otherwise. Expenses such as claiming the business portion of the trip that they took, rental from their home office, meals, and entertainment as well as mileage. It is extremely important that if people are doing this, they need to ensure that there keeping very accurate records in case Canada revenue agency audits them or asks for additional proof, such as a mileage log. Edmonton bookkeeping says that when counting mileage, it cannot be a typical commute to and from work, and it has to be business related.

When people are able to claim that they are proprietors, it will be able to utilize income splitting, and claiming personal and business expenses in order to minimize the taxes that they have to end up paying.