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Good morning and welcome to another episode of always up to date. I’m Denise and this is Yahweh and we are co owners of always bookkeeping here in Edmonton. And today we are going to be talking about uh, employees and specifically do employees always like their jobs. And I think we can, uh, figure out what the answer to that, but we’re going to talk about that anyway and just, um, maybe some, some, uh, insight into that. Um, so, um, today we are, um, the quote that we have today is from Jim Collins, who is the author of six books. And the quote is those who build a great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets or technology or competition or products. It is the one thing above all others, the ability to get and keep enough of the right people with Edmonton Bookkeeping.

And so, um, the stat that we’ve talked about before is that 50% of all Canadian businesses fail within five years. 23 of those, uh, failed businesses list not having the right team as the reason for failure. Um, and that’s the third highest reason that businesses fail. So companies are trying to get their, um, their team and, and they’re just not getting the right team. Um, so, you know, sometimes, uh, the story that we have is that, you know, the business owners, um, they finally get to a point where they’re hiring employees and they have these employees and then they’re surprised when the employee quits cause they don’t like their job. Um, and I think a lot of the reason that people don’t like their jobs is because they don’t really like their employer. Um, and so you as the business owner, the employer, um, have a big role to play in whether or not your employees like their job with Edmonton Bookkeeping.

So y’all way, what are some of the questions that you have for us today? So first one, is it beneficial if you, if employees like you? Uh, yeah, it’s always a good thing. Uh, if employees like you now remember we’re, we’re all human and um, like there’s lots of times that we don’t get along. Um, you know, it does help if employees like you, but we have to remember that it’s not possible to have everybody like you all the time. Yeah. I mean, it’s part of a good, I don’t know, like a part of a good relationship with Edmonton Bookkeeping. Sometimes it won’t. It won’t always be on the good side. [inaudible] you’ll have these agreements and I think it’s healthy that sometimes you have those little disagreements. Yeah. What was that code? Uh, uh, progress without friction is fiction. Right? So,

yeah. It’s just so it’s just a part of progress and success, I guess. That’s right. Yeah. Um, how does working hard to help employees like you?

So I don’t know if it really makes them like you so much more, but it probably makes them respect you a little more. Um, you know, employees can be resentful if, uh, you’re expecting them to work really hard, but you’re not working hard with Edmonton Bookkeeping. Yeah. You know, we talk about that myth about the employer sitting on the beach with their laptop and there were at Creighton, um, you know, if the employees see you like that, they’re going to resent it because they’d like to be sitting on the beach doing their work too. Um, so I think working hard helps to, um, for employees to respect you and so then they’re gonna like their job a little bit more if they respect you more if they don’t respect their employer.

Yeah. And hate their dog. Yeah. And again, as the employer, you set the tone, you set the culture, right. You’re the one who builds it. So, um, if you’re expecting them to come early and you’re not, um, that’s gonna be a little bit hard.


So it’s just one thing I guess, um, in setting up the culture, um, if, if your employees see that you’re doing what you’re expecting them to do, it’s a little bit easier for them to swallow it.


Um, how does having values and being consistent to the values help employees like you?

Yeah, so again, having values and being consistent to those values. Um, first of all, again, it gives respect. Um, and also it, it lays it out for the employees so they know what to expect. They’re not coming into work each day wondering what they’re supposed to do or, um, you know, you have values. If you have your values set out and you’re consistent with those values. Um, not only are the employees going to like you, but they’re gonna like their job cause they have those boundaries with Edmonton Bookkeeping. They know exactly what is expected of them. Um, not all employees are gonna follow those, those standards. But when you co, you know, call them to task on that, at least they know this is, this is what we expect from you and you’re not doing it. So it’s not a surprise to them when they, when, when you say something about it. Yeah.

Or whatever. Yeah. And I mean, even if it’s the same industry, every company has their own set of culture and its own set of values that they have in their company. So you always want to have your values set and clear to each employee so that they know what’s expected. They know, they know what they need to follow. So

when I’ve been an employee, I, if I know what I’m supposed to do, what’s expected of me, I’m way happier at my job than if I go in. Just think, well, I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this or not, but, and it makes you a a, if it makes you make a decision, exactly whether that’s a company for you or gets a company that that’s fine. That’s not for you with the greatest Edmonton Bookkeeping. I mean, that’s not always a bad thing. Um, but, uh, there’s a lot of advantages when people actually quit. Um, if they quit, that means they can, uh, they can, they won’t be able to scale you, uh, scale, uh, help you scale your business. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, well, having a compelling mission increase boss iTivity in the workplace. Yeah. I think it will. Again, people want to know why they’re at work.

I mean, most people, yeah. The bottom line is that they need money to pay their bills. Um, but if you have a mission set out and you’re, um, you know, excited about your mission and it’s a compelling mission, the chances of you keeping your employees are way higher. They’re going to, um, enjoy being there. They’re going to, especially we talked about, um, the interview process and the interview questions to ask. And so if you find the right team, they’re gonna want to help you implement that mission and help, um, work on that mission to get to the goal that you’re looking for. And, and you know, that’s going to help them enjoy their job more with Edmonton Bookkeeping. Yeah, absolutely. Um, what is the natural reaction when people are held accountable to set standards? I think that, um, the natural reaction for most people is that they’re going to resent you.

They, um, they don’t want to be held accountable. They don’t, um, sometimes they don’t think they did anything wrong or, um, you know, maybe they think you’re picking on them or, or whatever. But again, um, if you’re holding them to those set standards and you have those sad standards set and they already know what they are, um, when you hold them to it, I think you’re gonna find the respect. Again. They might not like you, but they’re going to respect you. And again, um, you know, some of them might leave some, some employees may leave because of it. Other employees, they may, um, realize that this is the standard and that they don’t have the chats in this workplace to, to goof off and not do what we’re, what’s expected of them. And so they might just grow from that. Yeah, absolutely. So what is the natural reaction when you push people to achieve?

Again, there’s some people that when you push them to achieve more, um, they just walk away. They just can’t deal with it for whatever reason. Um, other people, when you push them to achieve more, you see them grow. You see the areas that they Excel in. Um, you know, and sometimes it’s not even where you think your business was gonna go. Um, but you see the person come out maybe as a leader or um, you know, they just Excel in a certain part of your business and it’s important to, um, to push people to achieve those goals that use Edmonton Bookkeeping. Again, I think a lot of people when they’re pushed to achieve that and they see that they can grow in your business and help you grow the business, that’s going to help them have more satisfaction in their job.

Yeah. If they’re valued at work. Exactly. Uh, absolutely. And again, uh, people are always resentful to change, so that’s not going to be the best, um, when you’re trying to implement these values. Um, if you had those values set up at the beginning, when you’re doing the hiring process, it would be a lot easier for you to carry it on. But, um, if you don’t have a culture that’s set up yet and you’re trying to do, build a better culture for your, um, for your employees, then, um, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be tough and there’s going to be a lot of, uh, some resentment. And I know there’s, um, a lot of us wants to be the best boss because the reason why your me become business owners is because we want, we don’t want to listen to somebody else. Right. So I’m sorry. So, um, being, uh, on the position of your old boss, it’s a little different, right? So, yeah. Yeah. It’s not always easy. Yeah. If, uh, so if you don’t push people to succeed, they could resent you anyways. Yeah. So,

you know, that’s the whole thing. If you don’t push them to succeed, um, they still might not like you. They still might not like their job. You know, it’s, it’s so hard to know. So you might as well try pushing them. You might as well try to get them to succeed and put them again. You know, some people may not stay, they may not like it and they may leave your job, uh, may leave their job, sorry. And your business. I think that, um, that’s a chance that you take, once you start hiring employees. Not everybody is gonna fit into the, the culture that you set up.

They, they might not stay for longer than you should. But again, talking about your business, your training, grow your business, where you want to put it into the direction that you want, uh, to succeed. Uh, yeah, succeed at. So, um, it’s one of those things. This is the, the business that will set your, um, that will keep your family’s, um, earnings, right? So it’s very important. So there are amazing people that’s gonna end up leaving you because they don’t fit, fit your values. At the end of the day. It’s business. It is important that you value your employees. Yes, definitely. But they should have, uh, they should be walking towards the same directions that you’re, uh, that you’re walking to. Yeah. Uh, what happens if you push employees to achieve more and they succeed?

So again, I think at the beginning they, they struggle with it, but then eventually they see the potential that they have. Again, they might not like you at the beginning and you may, they may struggle. Um, but it’s, it’s fun to see people succeed and to see where they can go. And I think it’s good for them, for their self esteem, for, um, just seeing the potential that they have. I think actually about myself and, um, working at the accounting firm, um, I got pushed so much to do things that I’ve never done before. And, um, you know, I, a lot of times I thought, Oh, I can’t do this. You know, I, I just, I don’t have the qualifications. I, and I was pushed and pushed and now I’m a co owner of a Edmonton Bookkeeping company. Like just to see this, the success there. And yeah. So I think it’s exciting to see people where they can go and what they can do, but they may never have dreamt of doing. Absolutely. I get growth as one of the main motivators of, um, of people. That’s right. Yeah. So, yeah, Denise and I worked at the same accounting firm and it’s, um, we were always pushed to work harder and [inaudible] and it’s not a bad thing without Edmonton Bookkeeping.

I mean, if, again, if the values are set and you’re expected to know what are, you know, what’s expected of you, then,

um, it’s, it’s an easy Paik. That’s right. That’s right. Exactly. And there was nothing keeping us here, like, um, or at the accounting firms, we could have quit and gone on and done other things, but, um, again, we both chose to stay and we’re seeing the benefits of that. So I think that, um, you know, when you push your employees to succeed with Edmonton Bookkeeping, they start to enjoy their job more when they see what they can accomplish. Absolutely. If they can see that they can grow in the business and there’s more reason for them to stay. Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

So, um, I think that’s all the questions we have for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the, uh, this episode of always UpToDate. Please hit like and subscribe if you like our videos. And also if you have some ideas that you want us to talk about, please comment down below and we’ll see you guys next time on our next episode.