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Many people may not realize that they are moving expenses can be claimed on their personal taxes says Edmonton bookkeeping. And they often find this out, when they meet with their bookkeeper, in order to get their personal taxes done.

It is important for people to hire business professional to help them with their personal taxes. So that they do not miss out on important deductions that they could claim on their personal taxes.

This is incredibly important, because the more expenses that people will be able to claim on their personal tax return. The more they will be able to minimize the taxes that they will owe the government at the end of the year.

While many people may not understand that they can claim their moving expenses. There are several criteria that they need to pass. That are set out by Canada revenue agency. To ensure that people are only claiming their moving expenses if they meet these requirements.

The first requirement is that people must be moving from within Canada. Which means no foreign moves can be claimed. However, if a person moves from outside the country to Canada. And then later moves him within Canada to another residence in Canada. This can be claimed.

Another requirement is that a person cannot already have been reimbursed for these expenses. For example, if they received a promotion and their job required them to move. So they paid for those expenses.

People also need to ensure that they are moving at least 40 km closer to their new residence. So if people are moving in order to be closer to work. So that they do not have to spend so much time in transit to get there. They need to ensure that it is at least 40 km closer. So that they can be eligible to claim those expenses.

And finally, people need to ensure that if they owned the home that they lived in. That they sell it before they are eligible to claim these expenses on their taxes. However, there is an exception. And Canada revenue agency will allow people to use their moving expenses on their personal tax return. As long as they can provide documents showing that the did try to sell the home but were unable.

Once a person has met all of the eligibility requirements. Then there is a maximum amount that they are going to be able to claim on their tax return. This is limited to their net income. And if they are a student, if their income is related to any scholarships or government grants that they are receiving. That will impact how much of their moving expenses they can claim, according to Edmonton bookkeeping..

It is even important for people to note that while they are able to claim their moving expenses. They are also able to carry those expenses forward into the future year. And it may be more advantageous for people to claim their expenses in a future year. If they are potentially going to make more money in the future year than the current one.

This can be very complex for a person to try to figure out themselves. This is why it is very beneficial for people to hire and Edmonton bookkeeping company to help navigate this complex topic for them.

Whenever You Need Edmonton Bookkeeping?

The reason why many people want to know if they can claim their moving expenses says Edmonton bookkeeping. Is because the average Canadian is paying 43% of their entire income in taxes according to the Fraser Institute.

The more expenses people can claim on their personal taxes. And the less taxes they can ultimately end up owing the government at the end of the year.

However, while people can claim moving expenses. It can be a little bit of a complex issue. That is often best helped with hiring a professional such as an Edmonton bookkeeping company.

Hiring professionals will ensure that people are not missing out on important expenses that they might miss out on otherwise. This is because there is a great number of moving expenses that many people may not be aware of.

For example, people can claim utility disconnections and connections that they incur during their move. When they leave one residence, they will get a disconnection cost. And when they move into a new place, they will get a reconnection cost. In all of those costs are claimable on their taxes.

Other incidental costs that are claimable include the cost of having to get new documentation proving their address. Such as provincial identification cards, or new drivers licenses. Even if they have had to obtain a vehicle permit to be able to park in their new residence. These can also be claimable.

Other unknown moving expenses that can be claimed can be the packing and moving of their belongings. While many people higher a trucking company to hold their belongings. They might not realize that they can claim the expensive to have people pack up their belongings, and move it onto that truck.

If a person gets to their new residence and realizes that it is not going to be available for possession for a couple of days. Even the storage of those belongings in a storage facility can be claimed as a moving expense.

While many people are aware that fuel, meals, and accommodations are claimable during their move. They may not realize that they can claim things like having to buy new tires or an oil change on the journey. Or if they needed to incur some temporary living expenses. Such as when they get to their new home, and it is not ready for possession. And they may have to stay in a hotel for three days. That is also claimable.

However, temporary living expenses need to be to a maximum of fifteen days. So people need to be very aware not to exceed that amount.

Because there are so many unusual or not common having expenses that people can claim. Hiring and Edmonton bookkeeping company to help them figure this out can help ensure that people are getting the best tax benefit that they possibly can.