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Business owners who are hiring staff the first time need to understand that not only is finding that stuff a huge challenge says Edmonton bookkeeping. The keeping that staff, and ensuring that they are motivated in working hard is going to be just as big a challenge. In fact, industry Canada says that with 50% of Canadian businesses failing within five years, 23% of those failed businesses say that the inability to find and keep staff as the number one reason for their business failures. Therefore, business owners need to understand that they need to help ensure that not only are they finding the best staff, but they are doing what they can to motivate their staff to work hard, and keep them happy.

Ultimately, thing that is going to help entrepreneurs keep their staff happy, and keep their staff working hard is going to be the same types of things. The first thing that an entrepreneur needs to do, is to lead their team by example. Quite simply says Edmonton bookkeeping, employees are not going to do what a business owner will not or does not do. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to ensure that they are the hardest working person organization, if they expect their employees to work hard themselves.

This means that if an entrepreneur is expecting their staff to get to work on time every day, they need to get to work on time, or even come early so that they are the first ones there when their staff walked through the door. By showing that they care about punctuality and demonstrating that, they will also inspire their staff to care about it too. Nothing is more deem motivational to hard-working employee, then seeing that they are working harder and accomplishing more the business then the entrepreneur. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that entrepreneurs are modelling this behaviour first and foremost.

The same is true when entrepreneurs are dealing with sick days. While no business owner wants to have their staff come into work when they are truly sick says Edmonton bookkeeping, it is very prevailing in a lot of workplaces that employees: sick when they simply do not feel like being there. A business owner can nip this behaviour in the bud if they end up working on days that they do not feel like being there either. If entrepreneurs have the mentality that because there the owner, they can call in sick whenever they want, they are going to model that behaviour for their staff, who will take notice. Therefore, if an entrepreneur ends up coming to work even when they do not feel like it, employees will notice, and the find that the amount of sick days that they take are minimized. By saving sick days for truly when people are sick, entrepreneurs can ensure that they can accomplish all of the goals of the business on time.

When business hours are able to lead by example, it shows that they are willing to work just as hard as the staff do, that will help inspire the staff to work hard as well. This will show them that they are respected, and valued, and it will help ensure that they work hard for an entrepreneur, so they can accomplish their goals.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Motivating Employees To Accomplish Goals

If business owners open up their business with the thought process that they are going to be able to hire employees to do everything that they do not want to, they going to find it very difficult to motivate their staff says Edmonton bookkeeping. It is much more effective if an entrepreneur learns how to lead their team by example, and inspire them to do the tasks in the business by showing them their willing to do them first. If a business owner can do this, they will find that they can inspire their staff to work hard, and accomplish a lot.

The first way that an entrepreneur can lead by example, is showing their staff respect with the way they speak to them. This is true whether an entrepreneur is having a frustrating or stressful day or not. In fact, Edmonton bookkeeping says that if an entrepreneur is having a very stressful day, and they still managed to talk to their staff with respect, and without being short or graph with them, that is going to set a culture of respect for their entire business. When employees see that an entrepreneur can still treat everyone with respect, even when they are having a terrible day, the employees themselves are going to model that respect and speak to the business owner, their fellow coworkers and most importantly their customers with respect. By treating employees with respect at all times, inspires the employees to care about the business owners business. It is also very important that an entrepreneur is communicating often with their staff as well says Edmonton bookkeeping.

One problem that many entrepreneurs have, is that the only time they really formally communicate with their staff, is once a quarter at staff meetings, and those staff meetings frequently get cancelled. Therefore, entrepreneurs should make it a point to communicate regularly with their staff as a whole, as well as one-on-one. This needs to be for more than just telling their staff when they have done something wrong. If that is the case, the staff will not look forward to these regular communications says Edmonton bookkeeping. By communicating the staff as a whole, will allow the staff to ask questions, get help with things that they are struggling with, and to give feedback to the business owner. By having regular one-on-one conversations, they give the entrepreneur a chance to thank them for their hard work, celebrate their successes, help them set goals, as well as correct behaviour that has become a problem. By not using this time to always reprimand a staff member, shows them that they are valued and respected.

Business owners need to understand that employees that feel valued and respected, are communicated with often and respectfully go onto care about the business. When they feel valued and respected, they want to do a good job, and they will work hard. Edmonton bookkeeping says that when entrepreneurs understand this, the have a better chance at inspiring their employees to work hard, and stay with them for a long time.