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Edmonton Bookkeepingis vital in that if one is doing business here in Alberta is incumbent upon them to be fully organized. Most businesses that operate especially as sole proprietors tend to fail to be organized in that regard. Receipts are lost, stolen and misplaced giving them a headache to deal with come tax time.

It is a fact, that 50% of Canadian businesses fail and only 11% seek professional help. Jim Collins is the author of 6 books and he says in one of them that “great vision with though great people is irrelevant.” This is important because the filing of transactions and if done in a neat and timely fashion demonstrates the professionalism of a business and their work ethic in order to keep, maintain and grow the business. Would you like to go to a business owner in Edmonton, that is completely disorganized and has lost many of his transactions in a lunchbox? Probably not, so this is why having a bookkeeper for a market like Edmonton can bring great success and organization to an organization that needs to be having very particular attention to detail.

The CRA is very particular about such details. The CRA will send out a letter to business owners and asked them to provide a proper statement within 30 days and most businesses fail to provide this propers the. So, what do most businesses do? They end up cramming for tax time in a rather disorganized fashion and ask for an accountant to fix everything much to their own detriment. What most business owners do not know is that the accountant will charge still good news this additional money for having to go through the guesswork of law lost stolen or misplaced transactions receipts and documents and this, in turn, will cause a headache because of the inefficiency and the issues that that such unprofessionalism will cause in the long run.

Enter Edmonton bookkeeping, as an Edmonton business owner having a bookkeeper employee revenue, can truck can be tracked costs of goods and items sold as well as expenses put into an easy to read a one-page statement for the CRA to seamlessly review and give approval of. Most businesses do not know the importance of having control of over the tax return. It is not simply just a number but rather it is a tool to engage business in exactly how well the business is doing and in what direction the business is going. A business owner can view the statement of an Edmonton bookkeeper and have a view from 30,000 feet up in the air of how their business is conducting itself rather than out of the glove compartment of a truck or simply in a mess of papers and files in confusion. So, would not it be easier if as an Edmonton business owner that you very confidently give the CRA a clean one-page statement knowing exactly what will be filed how it will be filed and in what direction your business is going?

As most people say this is a no-brainer. Edmonton Bookkeeping will think for you.

Imagine, it is tax time, you are an Edmonton business owner and all of your receipts and documented transactions or lost in or shoved into a box and you have no Edmonton bookkeeping in place to analyze and navigate this colossal mess.

The CRA will then send you a letter giving you 30 days to organize this mess and you as a business owner are now scrambling for an accountant. The accountant you hire then tells you that they must go over the mess that you made with a fine-tooth comb and thus because of the nature of the chaos you created will then charge you additional fees and cost your business even more valuable income.

This can easily be mitigated through having Edmonton bookkeeping and a good Edmonton bookkeeper who will look after your business throughout the year and keep a proper record of all of your transactions and dealings and seamlessly integrate them into a one-page statement that the CRA will easily process and give you the business owner, peace of mind. Would not that be nice? Well, it is, unfortunately, a fact that 50% of Canadian businesses fail and only 11% seek professional help and most businesses are like the ones described above, disorganized, messy, and for lack of a better term “winging it” hoping for the best but in reality asking for a negative outcome.

An Edmonton bookkeeper can keep track of your revenue the cost of goods the items you sold the expenses that you have incurred and kept you the business owner informed in what direction your business is going and even why you are going in the direction. They can give you vital information in an easy-to-read format that will organize your business with an effective statement for the CRA to review. Would not you like to know, how much you can pay yourself and your employees and have this information throughout the year to steer your company into the realm of success?

It is easy it is possible by hiring an Edmonton bookkeeper, it is also possible to save on accounting costs through having the proper people in place as Jim Collins the very famous author of 6 books has stated great vision without great people is irrelevant”. Having a great bookkeeper will be the difference between your success and your organization and your failure keep in mind that this option is readily available and very viable.
Why would you as a business owner let your ego get in the way of having one of the most powerful business tools to keep your business thriving and healthy?

Edmonton bookkeeping is the answer to the problem that many Edmonton businesses run into. So, why not go seamless this tax return and choose a good Edmonton bookkeeper to give yourself the edge over the other businesses who do not seek that help?