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Many entrepreneurs wonder how much they can take as a salary out of their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. As well as when they can start earning that income. However, they also might want to know is taking salary out of their business better than taking dividends?

This is a much more complex issue than many entrepreneurs truly understand. Because the true answer to this question is going to depend not only the financial situation of the business itself says Edmonton bookkeeping.

But also, but the financial situations of the shareholders of the corporation are as well. Some shareholders are going to need to take more of a draw than others. Because they are the only income provider and their family.

But other shareholders might have another T4 income job. And won’t need to to draw an income for quite a long time if at all. Therefore, Edmonton bookkeeping says that entrepreneurs will be better off leaving the answer to this question. To a great accountant that can help them save the most amount of taxes. By figuring out what mix of salary and dividends they should take.

The personal circumstances of each shareholder is going to impact what their tax savings can be. For instance, if a shareholder has a lot of debt, or a lot of assets. Their tax requirements are going to be extremely different.

Something else that’s entrepreneurs needs to take into consideration that will impact this situation. Is in order to take dividends out of their corporation. The business needs to be earning profits. Because Dividends are a disbursement of the prophets of a corporation.

Therefore, if a business has not yet turned a profit. Edmonton bookkeeping says that’s going to completely inhibit an accountant from being able to specify that part of their shareholder draw. Was any sort of dividends from the corporation.

Business owners needs to ensure that when they are taking shareholder draw out of the corporation. That they take a whole number consistently every month. By only taking one amount, and taking it once per month can make it easy for the accountants to track.

In addition to that, business owners needs to ensure that they do not use payroll tables in order to pay themselves. Because that will force the amount that they pay themselves to be taken out as salary. Which might not be beneficial tax-wise.

Also, Edmonton bookkeeping sense that if an entrepreneur is writing themselves a check. One of the most important things they do is be very mindful of what they are putting in the memo line on the check. Because if they put salary, then an entrepreneur is going to be forced to claim that check and any other checks. As salary instead of what’s most beneficial.

Edmonton bookkeeping recommends that entrepreneurs put shareholder draw on their check. To avoid complications at their year-end tax completion. The sooner an entrepreneur understands these things in their business. The sooner they will be able to start allowing their accountant to find the tax shelters that can help them make more money for themselves, and accumulate wealth for their future.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Is Taking Salary Better than Taking Dividends

Entrepreneurs Austin want to know when they can start getting paid from their corporation says Edmonton bookkeeping. Because often, business owners need to earn an income in order to meet all of their financial obligations.

In order to answer this question. Edmonton bookkeeping says that an accountant needs to get involved. And help understand what’s the financial situation of the business is. Because if the business is not turning a profit. Entrepreneurs cannot take dividends out of their business yet

The reason why, is because Dividends are specifically the disbursement of profits in a corporation. Only the amount that a corporation has earned in a year. Is going to be once the shareholders may take out of their corporation.

however, it’s most beneficial for entrepreneurs to take a dividend in a lot of cases. Because they don’t have any Source deductions being taken from them. And there is no tax on dividends. Until they take them out of the corporation. So I’ll definitely, Edmonton bookkeeping says it’s most beneficial for shareholders to leave their dividends in their corporation.

The rest must be taken as salary says Edmonton bookkeeping And while salary is the highest taxes that they will pee in their corporation. Because the average Canadian pay is approximately 43% in Taxes including the source deductions from their wages, GST and other provincial and federal taxes. In fact, the highest tax rate in Alberta is currently 48%.

But if a business did not earn any profits. An entrepreneur might have no choice but to take everything as a salary. Therefore, it’s a very complex question that needs to take several things into consideration including the finances of the business. As well as the personal circumstances of their shareholders.

The personal circumstances that the accountant will take into consideration are the balance sheets and income statements of each shareholder personally. This will help the accountant determine not only what their personal net worth is. But it will also help them determine what, if any money that they can take out of their personal life. In order to put into their business if that is necessary.

It will also help an accountant as well as each shareholder understand what’s their financial obligations are. as well as what expenses they can live without. So that they can end up with a number of how much money they absolutely need to live. And if their business can withstand pain that to them.

The personal balance sheet will have each shareholder lists the assets that they own. Including house, vehicles, and savings such as rrsps and tax free savings accounts. Lower down on the personal balance sheet says Edmonton bookkeeping. Is the list of liabilities, which are all of their death that might include mortgage, car payments, credit card and tax debt as well.

Next is the personal income statement. Which is going to have each shareholder list all of their fixed expenses. Meaning all of the expenses that they are required to pay every month, that never change.

The variable expenses are the things that may change in amount of money they pay each month. Such as groceries. But just like groceries, shareholders can’t necessarily stop paying them. But they have more control over the amount.

This will help an accountant figure out how much money the shareholders will need to take her to the corporation. And can help them come up with an effective strategy. Along with whether they should take dividends, salary, or a mixture of both.