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If business owners make the mistake of hiring employees based on their skill instead of attitude, they may not be hiring the right people in their business says Edmonton bookkeeping. In fact, this is something that so many entrepreneurs struggle with, it is identified as the third most common reason why businesses fail. Industry Canada did a survey and discovered that 15% of all entrepreneurs failed by their first year in business, 30% failed by their second year in business. And 50% of all small businesses that starts in Canada will have failed by their 50 year in business. When surveyed about why their business failed, 23% of the failed entrepreneurs said that’s not being able to find or keep the right staff was the reason why they failed. This is incredibly important do understand that business owners can avoid this circumstance themselves.

Business owners need to ensure that they are hiring people based on attitude, because the right attitude will allow employees to overcome obstacles, and Achieve goals even when things are tough. Also, Edmonton bookkeeping says that when the right attitude is present, skills can always be taught to that employee. It is far more difficult to take an employee that has the skills, and try to teach them to have a great attitude, or an adversity quotient. Therefore, business owners will be farther ahead if they hire based on attitude and then teach skills periods

It’s also very important that entrepreneurs are hiring staff that believed in the mission and vision of the business, and also believe in the values of the company. Therefore, a business owner should write out the vision and mission of their business as well as their values says Edmonton bookkeeping. Ideally, the values should be somewhat polarizing. This is to say that they should not appeal to everybody equally. The right people should be drawn to the values, while people who don’t share those values will be less excited to work for a company that holds those values. This way, an entrepreneur will be able to find employees who share those values. When their employees share their values, they will be willing to work a little bit harder, and help an entrepreneur accomplish their goals and grow their business.

Another thing that business owners should keep in mind is that the traditional way of hiring people is not going to be an effective way that they hire on attitude. Therefore they can stop wasting their time with ineffective interview strategies and questions. By learning what to do instead can help business owners drastically improve the quality of the interviews they have, and have a much better chance at finding the right fit for their business. When business owners are able to do this, they will be able to hire better people, and the fact that those people will believe in the values of the business means they are more likely going to stay longer in the business as well says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Edmonton Bookkeeping | Is Skill More Important than Attitude

Many entrepreneurs wants to think that all of the hard work they put into finding their perfect employee means that they will stay forever says Edmonton bookkeeping. Unfortunately, employees will not stay forever at their employment. In fact, while great employees that believed in the mission and vision of the business will stay significantly longer than average. Entrepreneurs also need to understand that the average amount of time that employees stay with an employer is dropping and is currently at 2.3 years. Therefore, no matter what a business owner does, they are going to be faced with a higher-than-average turnover rate that they need to be prepared for.

One way that they can be prepared for a higher than average turnover rate is by holding regular interviews. Many business owners don’t see the need of holding an interview if they don’t have an immediate opening in their business says Edmontonbookkeeping. However, business owners need to keep in mind that they have no ideas when an employee is going to give notice. They could give notice at any time, because they get sick or injured, they are leaving to start a family or they are retiring. There’s a wide variety of reasons why an employee might leave that has absolutely nothing to do with a business owner. Therefore they need to be prepared for the eventuality that they are going to be given notice when they don’t want their employee to leave.

Group interviews are ineffective way for business owners to find staff members. This is because it is a very time effective way of meeting a large pool of candidates in a very short period f time. Business owners don’t even have to Read resumes in order for this to be effective. All they have to do since Edmonton bookkeeping is send each applicants an invitation to the group interview and see who shows up. Business owners can also includes a Direction for the candidates to follow, to see who is good at following directions when they show up to the interview. A common one is for business owners to ask them to bring their resume and a series of simple questions answered. This is to help ensure that business owners don’t have to ask the same questions over and over in the group interview, but that they will have them answered for them. If business owners find that any candidates were not able to follow the directions, they’ll be out of the running.

By holding a regular and ongoing group interview, business owners can meet the number of people that’s required to find the one right fit for their business. Studies have shown that businesses need to meet an average of 100 people before they find one good fit for their business. They’re for an ongoing group interview will help business owners meet that hundred candidates in a short. Of time. They might have one or two people show up to the interview but they might have 20 or more. The more often they have interviews, they increase their chances of finding the right people.